Although he is a highly advanced piece of technology and can comprehend human emotions, David still finds himself learning on that particular subject- especially now that he can easily observe human behavior on a subconscious level. It's only been six months into the mission, but he'd already learned so much more about humanity from studying the completely unaware crew than the vast database of information stored on the Prometheus could ever teach him.

Today he's decided against his usual favored subject for observation, Dr. Shaw, and opted to observe a more familiar face. Casually David stood over Meredith Vickers's stasis pod and studied her prone features with a mild curiosity. He finds that her features are quite peaceful in the slumber of stasis, though it's a look he hasn't often come to associate with her.

His fingers fiddled with the controls of the immersion helmet before slipping it over his head and stepping into Vickers's unguarded unconscious.

He finds himself standing in the halls of what appear to be a hospital, the crowded voices of the medical staff and low hum of machines filling the space around him. Interest piqued, he passes through the crowded hallway like a silent ghost, his hand grazing over carts of medical supplies and people that pass him by. His journey ends at an open door with a file folder labeled J. Vickers. He walks in and his head tilts to the side to stare at the patient lying dormant in their bed. A teenage Meredith Vickers sits in an uncomfortable chair next to the patient, her hand grips at the side railing with a tight fist while she desperately watches the patient's face.

He takes a step forward to get a better look at the woman comatose on the mattress, but Vickers's head shoots up at the sound of his approach and she looks right at him. The fact that she has managed to detect him is amazing in itself, seeing as no one else had yet to discover him watching their dreams.

A flurry of emotion passed quickly over her face and he cataloged each one: pain, shock, and the most prominent of the bunch, rage. She stands so quickly that the chair she'd been sitting on fell on its side with a loud clang.

"Get the fuck out of my head David!" Her voice is a roar in his ears. She takes a menacing step toward him but he doesn't move, just watches patiently as she inches closer. She comes close enough to touch and slaps him hard across the face, causing his head to jerk to the side with the blow. When he doesn't react beyond that, she starts pounding on his chest with her fists.

"Get out! Get out get out get out…" She starts to sob and her knees buckle. He wraps his arms around her as she falls against him, gripping her tightly against his chest, one hand running soothingly down her back.

Her cries are almost inaudible over the flat line alarm blaring.