When people say life is short. What the hell? Life is the longest damn thing anyone ever does! What can you do that's longer?

The club is filled with gyrating bodies of people dressed in exposing attire. The women are wearing demeaning clothes that play out bare to be objects of men's desire. I, one of the few adequately clothed is wearing a simple dress that covers me and due to that fact, I stick out like a sore thumb. Sighing to myself, I can't wait until my shift is over to go home. Pulling me from my thoughts, my boss, James calls me over and orders me to take drinks to one of the rooms upstairs. Elixir is a club that has a turndown service in it; but the turndown service is that of sexual favours usually with high class people. For months, my boss has been trying to get me in the service to which I have refused. I occasionally take things upstairs but not for the turndown service. I walk into the room and I am startled to be pulled close by a man with bronze hair with a ravenous look in his eyes.