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My- No, OUR Princess's and Prince's!

Haruhi Fujioka, a 17 year-old commoner that lives in her small cramped apartment with her dad, who is a transvestite that works all day. Not that she had a problem with that. She goes to school anyways, so she doesn't feel lonely, especially with her best friends by her side.

"Mom, Dad, I'll be off now!" The brunette slipped on her loafers, grabbed a piece of toast and waved before running out the door.

Ranka stuck out his head from his room and sighed, "We love you too honey! Be careful!" He yelled, not-believing that his daughter heard it.

She was growing up so fast, and so beautiful. He thought. Her face has certainly become way prettier and sharper since two years ago when he joined Ouran. He even heard from Kyouya that some people were starting to notice her as a girl, but of course that was denied.

He remembered that once when he was doing their laundry, that her bra size went up 2 sizes and he was depressed that she didn't bring him to bra shopping with her! They could've brought much sexier bras rather than those plain nude ones!

Since she grew to a C and her curves were somehow Beyonce-like curves, probably because of those trainings that Mori and Huni were giving her since she was attacked at the beach, Haruhi started wearing ACE bandages and the uniform she had was baggy on her, since their wasn't really anyway to hide curves unless you wear something bigger than your normal size.

He was still amazed on how none of the hosts noticed this, in particular that they were with her during the years she grew, but he's not that surprised seeing that his daughter still hardly cared about her looks, which was a big let down to him because he totally wanted to dress her up!

Oh and did he mention that Haruhi started wearing a wig similar to her pixie cut?

Are you asking why?

It's because Ranka wouldn't let her cut it! She had a woman's body, so why waste it by cutting your hair?!

By the way, the host club doesn't know about that either, because if they did, he was sure that blonde idiot that calls himself 'king' will 'accidentally' rip it 'off'.

He surely wouldn't be bewildered that all of the hosts fall in love with her. She is an intelligent, beautiful, caring and funny (because of her bluntness) type of girl.

Squealing, Ranka day-dreamt on how his son-in-law would be a rich bachelor! He was totally hyped up!

"Almost there! Come on Haruhi!" The intelligent girl panted. She was used to this, but today she had to run extra fast because she stopped by at the shop to get some instant coffee for the costumers today.

Going pass the slow steady flowing river, Haruhi heard children screaming and crying at the bottom.

"Help, please help!" The little girl, who was holding the other 3's hands were shouting as loud as she can.

Haruhi looked around and saw that people just walked straight pass the commotion! Heartless bastards! It would even be worse if they were rich. She angrily thought.

Without thinking about the grocery she was carrying, she dropped it on the pavement, letting the glass which held the grinded coffee crack, and ran to the children, taking off her blazer, bag and shoes on the way, throwing it on the grassy ground.

At least she can swim.

So that's exactly what she done.

Letting school slip off her mind, she quickly dove in the calm deep fresh river, letting her clothes get soaked and swam to the floating wood that amazingly held 4 children like they were nothing.

Haruhi looked up and saw that they were younger than 5 years old. What kind of stupid parents do this? She could clearly say they were abandoned because of the state they were in right now.

Putting her thoughts aside, she tried to pull the wood, but it suddenly got caught into the long-branch that was hanging at the side. She growled, why now?

"Please listen, I need to get two of you to safety first okay? And then after I'll get the other two, understood?" She instructed them nicely, with a smile on her face.

The children felt instantly calm and protected when they saw her face. They thought she was such a pretty and kind woman.

"Okay sweethearts, which two are going first?" Haruhi asked, holding the 4 children's hands comfortingly.

"Onee-chan, can Sana and Aki go first? So if you leave them for a minute Aki will be able to protect Sana!" The little girl who yelled help earlier suggested shyly.

Haruhi grinned, ignoring the fact that the water was freezing cold and the air was starting to get a bit breezy. "Of course sweetie, grab my hand Sana-chan and Aki-kun. Please bear with the cold for a minute until I get you safely on the ground, Kay?" She held out her pale white hands and the boy and girl held it.

Haruhi grabbed them and held them by their waist while swimming to the green grass as fast as she can.

When they reached it, Haruhi quickly gave her blazer to the shaking children and sat them under the Sakura tree.


The brunette quickly turned around and saw that the wood was starting to break loose. If it does then it'll be trouble, since the flow of this river is the way to the sewer.

Haruhi hurriedly jumped in and swam to the other two, just getting there in time she grabbed their waists, pulled them into her arms and held them above the water while she swam back to land.

As they reached the ground, Haruhi panted. "Are you 4 alright? Are you hurt? Are you hungry?" She panicked, checking the children for any cuts and bruises or some big injury.

The 4 got on their feet, wobbled a bit and walked their way towards Haruhi, hugging her tightly as her wig fell and her hair went down, showing her shiny long mid-back wet brunette hair.

"Thank you, nee-chan." The girl whispered in her ear thankfully.

Haruhi's heart melted at the children's action and she hugged them back.

"Brrrr..." The little girl, Sana, all of a sudden gritted her teeth.

Haruhi unlocked their arms around her and remembered that she had a blanket with her. Truthfully it was for Huni-sempai, but these kids needed it way more.

Grabbing her bag, she shuffled through it and found 5 packets of Skittles 3 water bottles, 2 small pillows that can unfold and the big bunny blanket.

Haruhi inhaled and exhaled, thankfully she had enough things for the kids.

Laying out the 2 pillows, Haruhi told them to put their heads down, and as the kids rested, she threw on the blanket over them, making them murmur a thanks to her once again.

Picking up the packet, she gave one to each of them and told them to sit up while eating and drinking for a few minutes.

"Are you sure, you kids are alright? Can you please tell me your names?" Haruhi asked.

The little girl who was the only girl, who talked since they met, introduced for the rest. "My name is Hana, Onee-chan!" She grinned cutely, showing her 2 front teeth being toothless.

"This is Sana, my twin. She doesn't talk very much though." She pointed at Sana, then pointing to the boy on Haruhi's left side.

"He's Cain, he's our younger brother!" She told her and then finally landing her small chubby finger in front of the boy who looked a lot like Cain.

"And He's Aki, Cain's twin and also our brother!" She said and pointed at her this time.

Haruhi understood this gesture but let Hana talk, "What about you Onee-chan?"

"My name is Haruhi, sweetie." She softly said, ruffling everyone's hair affectionately.

"Mommy." Cain mumbled and Haruhi turned her attention to him, not catching what he said.

"Sorry Cain, can you please repeat that? I didn't hear." She asked him to repeat and Cain's head lowered.

"Mommy..." He said clearly and water came down from his cheeks.

Mommy? But I'm not their mother. She sadly wondered.

"I'm sorry-"Haruhi got cut off with a pair of arms around her neck, and the sound of sobbing filled her ears.

"I want you to be my mommy!" Cain cried in her chest and Haruhi looked at him lovingly and hugged him back, "But you've only met me..." she whispered.

"We want you to be mommy!" Aki soon joined after, with Sana, then Hana.

What kind of hell did these sweet kids go through? She pondered, let the four of them rest on her lap.

After an hour of crying and hugging, the 2 sets of twins slept on her lap with the bunny blanket around them.

With everything that happened so far, she forgotten about school... SCHOOL! It suddenly screamed in her mind and she gasped. She completely ignored the fact that she had school. But she believed that these kids, were way important than school right now.

She rested a bit and thought that she couldn't go to school today because she couldn't leave the kids alone...

Looking down at them, she looked at their peaceful smiling faces. She studied them and noticed that Sana and Hana both had a head of raven hair with a full fringe that fell on top of their forehead and they were clearly identical. Haruhi giggled, like Hikaru and Kaoru she thought.

She could tell Sana and Hana apart easily though. She was sure that they were so much different than each other. It is pretty obvious is it not?

She then gazed at Cain and Aki, and again, they were also identical and they had the same colour of hair as their older siblings. Their hair was going sideways though. Which she thought was pretty cute! She smiled and kissed their foreheads.

From what she knows so far, they were a lovely bunch of kids. But what grudge did the mother have on her own children? She thought.

Not even noticing the time pass and flow by, she herself fell asleep and the new family lay against the soft grass looking like a family that was painted and hanged onto the museum wall.