This is just an announcement, and a bit of a reminder, about the story.

First of all, please do not worry because I will not, more likely never, going to delete this story. But I am sorry if the chapters are a bit late. I always try to find time creating and posting one every day.

Second of all I will tell you that I will put up a poll of asking who Haruhi should end up with, like I have been saying in all of my chapters.

Third of all I created this story with random ideas, bunching them together to make a plot, for this completely plot-less story, and to be honest with you, I don't really know where this is going, but I do have a few ideas!

So if you have an idea for it, please share! I am trying to fit this story in with a bit of everyone's own idea, after all it isn't just my story, it's yours as well. :~)

Fourth of all, I'm thinking of making a new story, but not until I get this one finished. My new story might be a KyoHaru pairing, because I love this pair (_), and the main guy character is pretty much like him, but with a little twist! I'm also thinking of putting a pair of twins in that one too.

I just don't know yet, but what I do know that it's going to be something similar to the manga 'Love So Life!' Let me tell you, that this is where I got the idea of twins from. I don't know why but I just adore twins!

And lastly, I hope everyone is enjoying reading it!

P.S. PM me if you have any great ideas for the 'My- No, OUR Princess's and Princes'!' story it would be great to know if you want any of the characters do something, or something to happen. :~)