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Isaac tries to keep his eyes from glinting amber as anger courses through his body. He's in a defensive position, slightly crouched in front of the opposing player. The Cyclones were tied with the Beavers at 10-10 and it wasn't looking so good for the Cyclones. The Beavers had a team member who looked like a meathead hopped up on juice. He was knocking down and injuring players left and right.

"Stilinski!" Coach Finstock called, startling Isaac. "You're up!" The blue-eyed teen looked up to see the pack members on the team snap their heads in the direction of the coach. Isaac tensed, not comfortable with the alpha's mate in potential danger, and he could see the others felt the same. His grip on the stick tightened and kept his eyes on Stiles.

The whistle blew and everything felt as if it were in slow motion. The curly-haired beta knocked into the player ahead of him, causing him to fall onto his back. Isaac used his speed to try to get to where Stiles was, determined to protect him. McCall was ahead of him and about to reach Stiles when the meathead player of the Beavers body-checked Stiles' right side. The brunette fell sideways, his hands out to break his fall as he landed on his left side.

Isaac's vision turned red as he saw his pack mom roll onto his back, clutching his left wrist to his chest. He charged at the player who had knocked into Stiles, clutching him by the throat and growling deeply while his claws extended, poised to slash his throat. Scott and Jackson ran to the edge of the field, holding the alpha back as his eyes glowed red and his fangs came out. Erica hovered by, making sure none of the humans witnessed the alpha change. Lydia, Allison, and Danny kneeled beside Stiles as the Sheriff tried to break through the crowd to get to his son.

Boyd forced Isaac off the human with one arm around his waist and the other across his chest. He snarled at the frightened human and tried to thrash out of Boyd's grip.

"I'm fine!" Stiles cried, forcing himself up. "You guys, I'm fine! It's just a sprain." he spoke to the pack as the medics tried to get him to sit back down. Isaac calmed some as a medic wrapped Stiles' wrist. Boyd dragged him to the edge of the field and behind the bleachers where Scott and Jackson held Derek.

"Derek!" Scott grabbed the front of the alpha's shirt, forcing him to look at the Head Beta. "He's okay! He's barely hurt. You need to calm down." Derek only snarled louder, but remained still. Stiles came running around the corner, stopping when he saw the older male with his eyes red and fangs out.

"Stiles," the alpha breathed out, the tension melting from his body. He pushed Scott away in his haste to get to the human. Stiles smiled reassuringly at Derek as the alpha hugged his mate close and buried his face in the human's neck. Stiles wrapped his arms around Derek and murmured quietly. "I'm okay, Derek. I'm okay." The older male pulled back, and Isaac was surprised to see tears in the alpha's eyes.

Stiles turned to the others and opened his arms. Isaac was the first to curl into Stile's arm, snuggling closer and marking him with his scent. The rest of the pack followed, surrounding the alpha's mate and making sure he was okay. Derek pushed his way through, claiming the spot behind his mate and wrapping his arms around his waist, burying his face in the short hair.

Isaac felt a stab of jealousy at the affection, wanting to find what his alpha and his alpha's mate had together. Stiles rubbed Isaac's curls, smiling when he nuzzled his hand. The blue-eyed teen turned his head, eyes catching Erica's chocolate ones as she smiled sweetly at him. Isaac felt his heart stutter and he was almost certain he knew why.


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