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Evil Goober

Brittany's other hand disappears between her legs only to come back out with two fingers glistening in their combined orgasms.

It's an offer. An invitation.

One that Santana can't resist. She takes both fingers into her mouth as her hands move to hold Brittany's, giving her a bit more leverage to angle and suck, running the length of her tongue over Brittany's long fingers. All the while, her eyes stay on Brittany's dark blues, watching the way they stare back at her, the way her chest moves just a little faster the moment Santana smooths her tongue over the valley between her fingers.

She lets go after a minute, the weight in her chest building and the tension in her stomach tightening until all she- or Brittany for that matter- can do is pull each other close, until they're pressed together, lips crashing, tongue dancing.

It's never felt this way before, not with anyone, Santana wants in a way that she doesn't understand, she wants like it's never enough.

Brittany's a little taller so she has to stand on her tippy toes to kiss the younger girl, running her hand through blonde wet hair but she doesn't mind. It's getting cold so they press together even more, kissing away until Santana feels like she's going to pass out from it all. She pulls back slowly, giving an apologetic sort of kiss to Brittany- a small peck on the lips and they just stare at each other- not knowing what else to say.

"We should put on some cloths," Santana says after a while, feeling the arms around her goosebump.

"Don't wanna," Brittany smiles toothily, "Lets stay in here forever and become shower mermaids."

Santana can hear the message beneath the adoring innocence, going out there is a reminder that Santana is the substitute coach and Brittany is the student, going out there is a reminder that Santana is a whole six years older, out there the whole professional world doesn't understand.

Why should they? How could they? Guilt finds its way into Santana, rational coming back to her even as her member stands semi hard. This is just another student-teacher case, one that violates her contract with the school and everyone's respect for Brittany. Was it worth it? The voice in her head asks loud and clear, subcumming to her urges and having sex with a student- even if she was willing, even if she had instigated it- was it worth-

"What are you thinking about?" Brittany whispers, pressing their foreheads together, still smiling softly.

Santana shakes her head, willing the worries away. "Nothing." She turns back on the water, already cold but warming quickly, "Wanna shower?"

"No..." Brittany's eyes trail down to her lower waist, "There's something else that we could be doing..."

And that's all it takes. One look from Brittany, one pout and a wandering to stroke at her swelling member and all the guilt and reasoning fades into the back of her head. Brittany drops butterfly kisses here and there and juts her hips on Santana's thigh leaving a trail of arousal and she's so far down the rabbit hole again that she doesn't care about the rest of the damn world or the thunderstorm that's raging outside.

Santana kisses back, losing herself in Brittany like all those times before when she stood silently watching the blonde perform. Her mind swims with thoughts she can't tie down and she-

"You want something," Brittany says pulling apart and looking at her, "What do you want, San?"

Santana's startled at the blonde who seems to read her face like a book. She smiles sheepishly, "I was thinking that I wanted to take you from behind."

Brittany lifts an eyebrow and smirks, "You don't have to ask for something like that." She grins and turns around, bending her back and sticking her ass out. "I'm not going to break if you handle me harder."

Santana can only groan out a response the sight in front of her.

Already at full length again, she reaches out gently running both hands along Brittany's side, rubbing circles with her thumbs. She takes her time feeling every inch of skin presented to her, loving the slight definition of muscle on the flawless back, wanting to run her tongue on the pearly skin. Santana's hips work without her knowledge, joined at Brittany's ass, member between two cheeks and she's unconsciously thrusting as she's admiring Brittany's back.

It's not until Brittany almost commands her to put her dick in that she remembers to halt her bucking hips.

Santana is gentle when she does push inside and at every twitch Brittany gives, she stops. They were rough, Santana was rough before, rougher than she had ever been with any other girl and while it felt great for her, she knew Brittany is probably sore.

She's wrong though. Santana's not even half way in, with the water cascading down her back and steam floating off the floor when Brittany loses her patience and growls, telling her to fuck her like she means it.

"I don't want to hu-Brittany!" Brittany doesn't wait for her refusal, she thrusts her hips back and takes all of Santana into her, squeezing her walls tightly as Santana squeals, "Britt!"

The blond gasps, smiling in relief from being filled so fully, "I like it when you do that,"

"When I'm rough?"

"That too," Brittany nods as Santana slowly begins working herself in and out of her, "But I really like it when you call me Britt."

Santana moans in acknowledgment and gulps, feeling lust consume her body. It's so hard to keep her head on straight with Brittany beneath her, with Brittany around her and squeezing and telling her to go faster and harder.

"Come on, San," Brittany is almost begging after only a minute, "Give it to me like before."


"Like before," Brittany demands even as Santana slowly speeds up her pace, "Lose control, San, just let me have it."

"Britt, oh God, Brittany." Santana is moving faster, and yet even faster still at every word the blonde drops from her wonderful mouth.

"Fuck me, San." Santana plunges deep, "You're filling me up so good, don't stop."

"Y-you're so tight..."

"Thats because your dick is so big," Brittany moans in pleasure, "Come. On. Harder!"

Santana bends to lick and bite on the blonde's shoulder, using the newfound leverage to give her a little of what she wants. Looking over, Santana can see Brittany's face contorted in pleasure, gritting her teeth and shutting her eyes tight. She's drawing this out, purposefully making the girl frustrated, loving the way she assumes command and is practically ramming her own hips back onto to Santana's thick and long cock.

"If you don't fuck me faster, San," Brittany has a dangerous glint in her eye that turns her on beyond belief, "I'm going to lay you down on the benches and ride you myself."

This earns a well placed thrust directly on Brittany's g-spot. She screams out Santana's name in return.

"You're so sexy," Santana loves how slowly, one by one, her fantasies about Brittany are coming true. One hand falls between the blonde's legs and starts rubbing her hard nub as she evens her thrusts, slowing down. Beneath her, Brittany squirms, frantic to just be fucked into a mindblowing orgasm again. "You feel so good around me."

"Stop, stop rubbing me, San," Brittany's voice is almost an octave higher, whimpering at her, "I going to cum and I want it to be, ah, because of your, ah, cock."

Santana's hand stops, both coming up the girl's torso to her breasts, groping them with insistence. "I'm going to fuck you now," she whispers to Brittany, voice low and sultry, "I'm going to fuck you rough and hard, just how you like it, Britt."

Brittany screams when she rams her cock into her, angling upwards to hit that special spot of Brittany's. She goes it again and again, at a pace she didn't even know she possessed, does it until her muscles ache and until she has a grip so hard on Brittany's hips that it's probably going to bruise tomorrow. Santana fucks Brittany, hard and fast, shoving in and pulling at the hips to meet her, pressing Brittany to the shower stall's wall with water splashing everywhere and still, Brittany is asking for more.

Brittany is begging for more.

The craziest part is, the part that makes Santana a little worried, is that she tries to meet every request, tries to go faster even though her stomach and legs burn from exertion, pushes deeper when Brittany tells her to even though she's already buried at the hilt, she tries even harder even though she's already giving it her all- because Brittany is asking for it.

"Yes, oh God, fuck, fuck, fuck," Santana has never met such a vocal girl in her life, especially one that can still manage to speak even when Santana is trying to fuck her senseless. "Deeper! San, fuck, yes!"

"Britt," Santana pants, feeling her head spin, mesmerized by the sight of Brittany's perfect ass and the throbbing pussy taking her her dick in all the way. "Britt, so fucking good."

Brittany lets out a series of hiccuping moans everytime Santana plunges in, sporadically panting praises. They're at the edge fast, so close to that edge but then Santana teasingly slows down much to Brittany's dismay. As she's opening her mouth to complain the door to the locker room opens.

It's an obnoxiously loud door, making clicks and scapes as someone turns the doorknob and then squealing in a high pitched noise when it's pushed open. Santana's never been more glad for it.

She pulls out of Brittany quickly, grunting. In front of her, Brittany stands back up to full length panting, a faint red imprint on the side of cheek obviously from being pushed against the shower stall. Santana's hand grazes the spot before putting one silencing finger atop those pink lips.

"Is someone in here?" Santana calls out just as the intruder, in a deep feminine voice, asks the same question.

"Coach Lopez," she answers, turning off the water. "I'm showering."

"Ah!" The voice sounds embarrassed and scuffling can be heard, "I'm Coach Beiste. For a second I thought you were a student, they're all supposed to be home because of the storm."

Santana audibly snickers just as Brittany pulls their bodies closer, peppering kisses on her ear, cheek, jaw line and kissing lower still. "Sue called me personally to tell me to keep practicing with the girls in the gym."

"That Sue is something else," Brittany is sucking at a spot that's making her mouth slack in pleasure and even those hands running innocently up and down her back are distracting. " Do you mind locking up then Santana?"

"No." Brittany's slowly sinking down to her knees, still kissing, hands groping her ass now. "I...ugh..." The sight of the blonde looking up at her is distracting and she knows if Brittany goes any further she'll probably wouldn't be able to talk so she stops her, both hands coming to rest on Brittany's shoulders and gripping them. Above, Santana pleadingly shakes her head.


"No." This is directed at both Beiste and Brittany.

"You won't lock up?" Santana wants the other coach to just disappear because speaking is seriously a hard thing to do when Brittany is ignoring her and teasingly licking at the head of her dick.

"No..." Santana closes her eyes hard, "..I mean, no, I don't mind locking up after you."

"Oh, well thank you, Santana." Brittany cranes her neck, taking the head of her cock into her mouth and suckling gently. Santana nearly falls to the ground.

"Yeah. Sure." Somehow, the hands trying to still Brittany's ministrations are now buried in blonde hair, trying to push her away and pull her closer. "Anytime."

"Is there anything I can do for you before I go?"

No, Santana thinks, hell to the fucking no. She just wants her to leave so she can fuck Brittany like before or have Brittany suck her off or fuck Brittany's face- or she can't think any further because the subject of her thoughts just shoved her face halfway down her raging hard on, teeth scraping on the sensitive meat.

"Nothing!" she wheezes, "I'll, I'll just-"

Fuck the shit out of Brittany until they're both sated and bone tired.

"I'll be fine!" Santana insists, looking down to link eyes with the blonde, those baby blues twinkling in mischief as lips wrap tightly around her member.

"I'll leave you to your shower then." Coach Beiste says, opening the loud door. "Oh and Santana?"

"Yes?" Brittany's mouth just hit the base of her penis and she stays there, swallowing and working her throat muscles to wrap and press down.

"I forgot the mention, the janitors will be here soon so..."

"I'll be quick." Brittany is still swallowing.

"Thank you, see you around Santana." Bieste leaves without another word.

Santana doesn't let herself moan or say a word until three moments after she hears the door click shut. Then she tightens her grip on blonde hair and shoves forward.

"Such a bad girl," Santana whispers. Off handedly, she wonders how soundproofed the locker room is because not half an hour ago, Brittany was almost screaming, "Bad, bad girl."

Brittany pulls back, taking hold of her throbbing member as it pops out of her mouth. "Do I get punished?" She rubs gently, "Bad girls should definitely get punished."

Santana chuckles then pulls the blonde up to meet eager lips. Again, Brittany is pressed against the wall though with her back this time as Santana takes hold of her penis, positioning it at Brittany's entrance.

"Punish me?" Brittany asks.

She nods her head in response, lips curved upwards to a wicked smile. With her other hand, she pulls Brittany's folds apart so she has her clit in full view.

"Coach don't..." Brittany is pouting but nonresistant. "Put it in me, please."

Santana refuses, taking the head of her cock and purposefully running it over the throbbing bundle of nerve.

Brittany gasps.

Santana's cock throbs, feeling the small nub run over her slit. She does it again and again, with more pressure, faster, starting at her tip and following the friction down to a third of her length then back up. It's almost an out of body experience for her, watching Brittany jump at every move, seeing her take her bottom lip and bite down, knuckles white as her fists clench against her sides. Looking down, she sees her raging hard on, thick and oozing precum and utterly begging for release with its dark violent pink color but Santana doesn't feel the need to get off.

Not much anyways.

"Fuck me, please," Brittany chants, "Want you inside. Fill me, Coach."

"Naughty girls should get punished, don't you agree Ms. Pierce?" They slip into this roleplay so easily- maybe because it's the fact that they are teacher and student- but it makes everything hotter.

Brittany feverishly nods in agreement, "Punish me Coach. Fuck me hard, I've been a bad girl."

"I highly doubt that would be punishment for you," Santana teasingly presses the head of her dick inside of Brittany before pulling out and resuming her rub and tease. "I think you'd like my huge, long and thick cock inside of that pussy."

"I'll," Brittany whimpers, "I'll suck you off, please, you can fuck my throat, Coach, please, ugh, please, I can't, ugh stop, my clit, please."

Obviously, Brittany's a clit really is sensitive place since this would be the second time Brittany has asked her to stop.

She doesn't.

"Please, please, please, " Brittany's hips are thrashing to meet her but Santana buffers it with sharp nudges against her clit even as nails bite down in her shoulder. "Fuck me, please, San, I want your, ah, fucking dick fucking me, please."

Precum is covering Brittany's engorged clit, almost burying it in the white substance. It's only when Brittany is on the precipice of her orgasm that the blonde gains an extraordinary amount of strength, shoves her off to the other side of the stall. Santana thuds against the wall, surprised and thoroughly turned on, back rebounding off of it audibly. She doesn't have time to gasp in pain even if she were in pain becuase a desperate Brittany is already in front of her, groping her ass and heaving her upwards.

Braced against the wall, Santana groans disapprovingly, losing her control as Brittany, with one hand placed squarely beneath her thigh to hold her up, aligns her member with her dripping pussy and pushes in.


"Thats it, Coach!"

Automatically, Santana's legs wrap around the blonde's lithe waist. She's never been put in this position before, never with anyone else had they taken her instead of the other way around. But here is Brittany now, holding her up and against the wall, forcing her cock to go inside of her and practically bulldozing Santana's pelvis with her own.

"Your cock is so good, Coach, I can't get enough of it!" Santana is in another world, feeling Brittany ride her cock with abandonment. "Do you like my tight pussy fucking your cock? Does it feel good San?"

"Yes!" Santana gasps, never before being put into such a submissive position. She has no power, no control and it's turning her on. "Keep fucking me, baby, fuck, yes!"

"Take it, ugh, San, love fucking your huge cock!"

Frantically, Brittany angles her hips, takes Santana to her hilt and more, purposefully rubbing her slit on her skin. Her hips pump fast and short movements,to the point where Brittany is almost just humping Santana's dick and grinding her clit on her skin until they're at that edge again, Santana's balls tightening, Brittany's walls gripping.

Then the door creaks open again.

Brittany nearly wails in frustration as her hips still. They both visibly stiffen.

"Who's there?" Brittany says, which is good because Santana may have lost her vocal cords from the hotness of being banged against the wall.

"There's someone here?" It's an unfamiliar female voice.

"It's Brittany, I was just finishing up a shower Mrs. Kelly." The blonde mouths "janitor" to Santana.

"Dear, do realize it's way past school hours and you're not allowed to be in here unless there is a coach around."

"Oh there is." Brittany juts her hips, "I'm sure my Coach Lopez is in...or around here somewhere."

"Well I'll step outside until you're done then..."

They couldn't finish afterwards. Brittany wanted to do a quickie but Santana, with her raging hard on, denied it because when Brittany had pulled away she had winced. Winced in pain, face turned in discomfort. Santana said she did want to hurt Brittany, she told her she wanted to be more than those guys at school. Brittany smiles sweetly at that, kissing her cheek before getting dressed.

They leave through the two different exists of the locker room after hurriedly dressing and giving into a quick, three minute make out session where Brittany all but humps her leg.

"I'll see you tomorrow for Saturday practice, San?" Brittany asks, now clothed in a t-shirt and short shorts, just before they part.

Santana nods, licking her lips in hopes of tasting Brittany again. Her heart falls upon the realization that they actually have to separate. It makes her feel a little embarrassed because they've only been together for not three hours (technically).

They kiss again.

"See you."

Its Saturday when Santana realizes that this student-teacher/coach relationship is going to be a lot harder than she had thought. Especially when it is half way through practice and all Brittany has given her are flirty glances. It's not like she can blame the girl, she just wishes the entire world would disappear and she can take Brittany properly.

That's the worst part. Since Brittany, something broke in her. As in, she can't get off. She imagines Brittany but her hands are nothing compared to the girl and every time she brings herself to that familiar edge, it just fades away leaving one very sexually frustrated Santana Lopez.

Brittany also doesn't help with the sidelong glances and the skin tight workout or the way she walks or the way she licks her lips as she talks or the way her hips move when practicing. Santana keeps drinking cold water in hopes of quenching the fire inside of her.

It's that Monday that Santana feels like a fool, thinking maybe their student-teacher relationship may not exist at all. She comes in at six thirty, hoping Brittany would be there a minute or two later but she doesn't. Brittany is the second to last to come followed by a puppy eyed Sam fucking Evans.

She realizes that she had never gotten a straight answer as to what happened between the couple. She realizes that Brittany had never said she liked Santana, not liked-liked, she just said a lot of hot stuff that made her hot and bothered. Was she wrong to have assumed they were...something after the shower incident? She's an idiot, she thinks, Brittany may have just wanted a fuck buddy and-

"Coach?" One of the girls asks, they're all standing there and waiting for her order.

"Yeah? Um. Warm-up." She says, not meeting Brittany's eyes. "Lets do the usual warm ups."

They finish practice early and Santana returns to her- or Sue's office really- disheartened. This doesn't usually happen to her, she's a fucking stud, she's bedded girls, she's gone out with girls but her chest shouldn't ache like this. It feels like at some point she's going to throw up her heart because the pressure at her chest is almost crushing it.

There's a knock at the door but she just pretends to not hear it.

Thankfully, Sue had scheduled Monday afternoon practice for some reason so she doesn't have to deal with looking at Brittany for the rest of the day. Class goes by easily, there's not a staff meeting she has to attend, the day would have been great had she not seem Brittany again, between passing periods walking down the hall with Sam Evans carrying her books. Inside her, anger brews and she'd attack the poor boy had it not been the fact that her career is dependent on her not assaulting adolescent teenagers.

When the final bell rings, Santana is putting up the track and field equipment leftover from the class she had taught. It takes her awhile to find the right key to the storage room and clammer the stuff in so she leaves the school late. It only so happens that she passes by the music room that she happens across a familiar blonde.

And she's singing.

And dancing.

Santana may have stopped walking and stared because a short brunnette is approaching her now, walking briskly with a waddle that reminded her of a penguin. A plaid wearing penguin.

"You must be the new coach." The girl says, smiling a creepishly wide smile.

"Just substituting for Coach Sylvester," the brunette makes a face. "Who is out for maternity leave."

"I am well aware of that fact." The whole group is gathering at the doorway, Brittany at the front staring at her with hope. "Would you like to partake in our Glee club?"

Santana is about to disagree because a Glee club just doesn't sound like a place for her to hang out in. In every single club like this, it's always filled with misfits, awkwardly meshed and held together by some weird understanding. She can live without it.

Then she looks at Brittany who is literally beaming at her.

Her heart nearly melts at the sight.

Dumbly, Santana nods and says she'll stay for a couple songs. The teacher leading the group is Will Schuester, who happens to be the laughing end of the faculty's jokes as of late because he can't actually teach the spanish he's supposed to. No one says a word to him about it though because they all either take pity on him or care too much, Santana concludes.

They meet and shake hands, Santana sits on the stool way off to the side as the brunette from before hollers out "A Little Too Late" by Jojo.

One third way in and Santana realizes that not only is Brittany in this club but so is a couple of the most notorious persons in school, including one Sam Evans. There's Sugar, who is the school's the walking ATM, the paraplegic nerd whose name escapes her, as well as Noah sleep-around-a-lot-Puckerman and Finn Hudson.

Mostly, she notices that Brittany is sitting between Wheelchair Boy and big lipped Sam.

The club sings, and sings, Will writes words on the board and they discuss its significance, some of the member dedicate songs to each other, they're a talented bunch but she'd never say that aloud.

She ends up leaving after a five songs in when Brittany had danced with Sam and then the asian boy was pulling her into a puedo tango-waltz sort of dance. Not that she would have stayed anyways.

It's Tuesday, the only day that the Cheerios don't have morning practice so she gets to come in later. She doesn't know how to approach Brittany. Thankfully, by the end of third period, she doesn't have to because her door flies open three seconds after the bell had signaled.

"Brittany?" Santana's surprised, looking up from her computer as she's putting in grades. Brittany locks the doors and pulls the blinds closed, turning off the light.

Santana gets up and meets her three steps from the door, keeping distance between them. Brittany only smiles as the last of the blinds shut.

When Brittany leans to drop a kiss on her lips, Santana pulls back.

"Brittany..." Santana says in her sternest voice possible but it doesn't sound that way.

Arms wrap around her tight and her knees wobble, it's been almost five days since Brittany has been this close to her and she's hating the part that's enjoying the closeness. "You're silly you know?" Brittany presses a kiss to the side of her head and whispers in her ear, "You're really silly but also sexy when you're jealous."

Santana blinks and the picture of Sam Evans pops into her head. That makes her stiffen. Brittany notices.

"You're like...a really silly panda for ever being jealous of anyone," Brittany cues, holding her tighter.

"Why?" Santana croaks.

"Because I wouldn't ever look at anyone else if I have you."

That lump in her throat disappears finally.

"Let me prove it to you?" Brittany whispers, hands coming down to grope her ass.

Santana shakes her head, "You have to go to class-"

"- I have lunch right now."

"Don't want you to be hungry," Santana insists.

"I'll have something to eat."

At that, Brittany manhandles her over behind her desk where she roughly palms her. "Britt! I won't if you're still sore!"

Brittany giggles, delighted. "I'm not but that's not what I have in mind..."

With one swift tug, she pulls Santana's tracksuit pants down along with her underwear. Arms wrap around her waist from behind, pulling her down so they're both sitting in her chair. Santana kicks off her bottoms as Brittany commands her to brace both feet up on the table's edge, legs spread wide.

Brittany slides the chair back, giving her more room so her legs can stretch a little until the chair's legs hits the wall. It's almost the perfect length away from the desk where Santana can have her legs up and spread without stretching too far but not too close where it would be uncomfortable..

Wasting no time, Brittany wraps both hands around Santana's dick and pumps, hard and fast. Santana lets out a suppressed groan.

She hasn't gotten off since the shower incident. She can't. And with Brittany's hands wrapped securely around her cock ,she all but cries out in pleasure.

"You're so cute when you're jealous, San." Brittany whispers behind her in a singsong voice, contrasting to the two hands that are working up and down her length. "But Sam's just a friend."

"Not, fuck, Britt." Santana gulps, "Not what I've heard."

Brittany stops her hands' movements and squeezes pleasurably. "Rumors," she says. "Sam's family is having problems so I dropped by his house and I drove him to school the other day."

Short nails scrape up her member and Santana can't look away. Brittany's scent is around her, Brittany's voice is in her ears, Brittany's hands are between her spread legs, working wonders. She has to fight to not cum on sight because it would be sincerely embarrassing.

"I'm glad," Santana moans, craning her neck back so Brittany can bite and nip at her skin.

"It was so fun to see you jealous though..." The hands start stroking her again, slow and steady. "Did you really think I wanted another warm body when I have yours?"

"No..." Her voice betrays her.

"Can I tell you a secret?" Brittany whispers as if completely ignorant to what her hands are doing.

Santana nods, unable to find her vocal chords.

"I masturbated to this. Three fingers inside of me, yesterday, pretending it's your huge, thick cock." Brittany draws back the foreskin and rubs her slit where precum is oozing nonstop. "But..."

Santana grips the armrest of the chair harder.

"...I couldn't stop thinking about how you'd rub your hard dick thinking about me the other day." Brittany takes the shell of her ear into her mouth, "Where you did shoot your load, hmmm? Inside your pants, on your desk, maybe you used some napkins. I just couldn't stop imagining you fucking yourself for me."

"Do you want to see it?" Santana rasps.

"No." Brittany growls, speeding up her hands. "I want to make you come with my hands."

Santana groans, "You will-"

"Not yet." Brittany orders, giving Santana a hard squeeze. Maybe it would have been painful or at least uncomfortable in any other situation but, in the heat of the moment, it only brings her closer to dropping her lets out a thin whine, biting her lips hard as Brittany continues stroking. Her legs tense and push against the desk, which miraculously doesn't scrape forward with the all the force Santana is putting on it.

Brittany just smiles as she watches her coach struggle, feeling her body crush between Santana's and the chair. Quickly, she spreads the oozing precum thats pooled at the tip threatening to dribble down over Santana's hardened member. The burn between her legs flare upon hearing a low groan from the older woman, the spanx of her cheerleading uniform flood with her own arousal even at the slightest sound Santana makes.

"I've never let anyone come inside of me, San." Brittany says, knowing it'll only tease and spur Santana on. "But I couldn't help myself, I wanted you so bad and after tasting you, I couldn't stop myself."

Santana's hips pump, her body writhing in Brittany's lap and thats enough of a reply for her.

"I've never liked cheer," Brittany drops an open mouth kiss to Santana's neck as she continues slow, calculated strokes up and down her cock, not wanting to overload Santana and causing her to cum. "But the school doesn't have a well known dance program and my parents said that I'd have a better chance at college if I cheered. But I never liked it until you came, San."

Starting at the base of Santana's penis, Brittany trails one single teasing middle finger from the underside all the way to the tip. When she stops and presses into the slit, Santana lets out a gasp of air.

"But I love it when you watch me, I love it when I catch you staring and you're trying so hard to hide your huge cock thats throbbing just for me." Unable to resist, Brittany flicks more precum from the tip of Santana's dick and brings it to her lips to taste. "Mmmm, only for me, right?"

"Only for you." Santana husks.

Delighted, Brittany continues her strokes until Santana begs her to let her cum.

"No sweetie,." Brittany feigns hurt, "A little more, please?"

Santana grunts because even as Brittany is saying that, she's also gripping tighter, pumping faster. She nearly shrieks when Brittany releases one hand only to have it slide down and begin massaging her tight and cum filled balls. Santana's so ready, already bursting at the seams with the abundance of precum that's dripping down her hard cock, rolling over her balls, being spread by Brittany's hand and soaked up by the chair and Brittany's skirt.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, Brittany..." Santana pants, feeling herself be drawn tighter than ever before. "Shit, so fucking close, so fucking, shit, shit, you've gotta let, fuck..."

After a minute, Brittany relents. With feet planted firmly on the ground, she pushes up until they're both unsteadily standing, pressing Santana against her desk. She pumps as fast and hard as she can, towering over Santana, grinding her hot core onto her delicious ass cheeks.

"Britt, fucking, Britt." The brunette wheezes, slumping slightly over the table and gripping it's edges as Brittany humps her ass and rubs her slick, throbbing member as fast as she can. The sight of creamy white hands furiously running up and down her cock thats almost resting on the table, just above attendance sheets and graded papers. The jarring sight and the inappropriateness of their activities combined with the fact that Brittany is a student turns her on even more, if that were possible. "Please, Britt, I can't..."

With one last kiss and lick on Santana's velvety, soft skin behind her ear, Brittany turns her around completely and drops to her knees. In half a second, she's facing Santana's nine inch erection, standing out proud and baring a small glint of reflected light from the precum covering it.

Brittany smiles up at Santana who is desperate and gasping, hair in disarray, hands already palming the back of her head.

"Give me all you've got," Brittany says, attaching herself to the head of Santana's cock.

That's all the consent Santana needs.

It takes a hard suck and a single pump. That's all it takes before Santana completely gives, orgasm hitting her as if from left field. Santana has to muffle her almost scream in pleasure and release as Brittany milks her for everything she has, working her throat muscles and bobbing her head as she swallows.

"Britt, Britt, fuck," Santana mumbles, "Brittany..."

On her knees with both hands groping two very soft cheeks, Brittany can almost orgasm from the sensation of Santana blowing her load inside her mouth. The first time was frantic and desperate, this time the amount of liquid spurting into her mouth is so much more and she has time to enjoy it, despite the burning between her legs. Brittany loves it. Loves the way Santana taste, the consistency of her cum, it's warmth, everything. Once in a while, her cock would twitch a little and Brittany would be almost giddy feeling the effects she has on Santana, especially when it's inside her mouth.

"I don't get how you can do that..." Santana whispers looking down at her, body tense as she comes down from her orgasm.

Brittany pulls back, purposefully clamping down her lips tightly from base to tip, making Santana groan. She swirls her tongue around the head for good measure and lets it go. To her surprise it's still standing erect even after feeling it soften in her mouth.

The hands that are at the back of her head pull her back up and she complies easily, standing up straight and facing Santana. With the utmost care, Santana reaches behind her and undoes her already loose ponytail. Instinctively, Brittany leans on the palm that cups her face, thumb brushing past her cheekbone.

"I want you..." Brittany starts, taking a deep breath, "More than I've wanted anyone else in my life."

Santana nods and that coil of nervousness around her heart begins to dissipates.

"I don't want you to think it's about the sex." Brittany guides the cupped hand down to her chest, over her heart. "Sex is a way that I show I care but you make me feel..."

Brittany's words linger in the air, as if she had no words worthy of describing and she's letting the thunder of her chest pound out new letters, with different grooves and curves, pulling them together into something deeper, something new and rare and with more depth than a word in English has.

Santana responds in kind, lacing their other hands together, bringing it up and over her heart as well.

"...Just as fast as yours, Britt."

They come together in unison, Brittany taking Santana's plump bottom lip between hers. It's deep and slow unlike their first heated kiss. This one is about enjoying it, about meeting and taking and feeling without the desperation before. Brittany doesn't shove her tongue down Santana's throat trying to seduce her, she has Santana now and she wants to enjoy every nook inside her mouth, every curve of her lips, every curl of her tongue as it slides luxuriously against hers.

Brittany's arms come Santana's waist, pulling her closer. They go from zero to sixty in the half second they take to part and breath, then they're kissing again and again and again, becoming more passionate, sloppier, needier with every passing second until Brittany's hips press forward, thigh brushing past Santana's hard on.

Suddenly, she's pressed toward the table,Santana's grip on her sides tightening as she lays kisses and nips down her neck and shoulder. Brittany walks back exactly two steps before her ass makes contact with the table and Santana is still pushing until she's laying on the table, hair haloed around her face, cheer uniform wrinkled and splayed out on the table.

Santana's kisses are loving but growing more and more urgent by the second, she kisses to her should then down to her knuckles, giving each of her five fingertips a butterfly kiss. It makes the swirls in her stomach turn faster, especially when Santana's body dips lower, hands rubbing up and down the outside of her thigh.

Brittany's breath hitches when Santana stops at her knees, pushes forward slightly and kisses her clothed center. Even through two layers, she can still feel the brush of her lips and the tongue poking out to lap at damp spanx. She has to bite down a loud gasp when Santana buries her nose further, bumping against her clit and inhaling deep.

"You smell delicious," Santana praises, "Delicious enough to eat."

Squealing in mixed delight and surprise, Brittany's hands come down stopping Santana."As much as I would like to, San, and I really really would like for you to. I'd really love for you to finish what we started last Friday."

Santana halts at the suggestion, as if playing with the idea and letting it sink in. She halts and then she turns fervent, hands reaching up to pull Brittany's spanx and panties off, kissing the inside of her thighs and down further, guiding the soiled piece of clothing off of her leg.

Her fingers circle the pink on Brittany's knees, undoubtfully caused from their previous activities. She kisses them lightly and, as if it were an off handed thought that happened everyday, tells Brittany that next time, they should do a different position so her knees wouldn't bruise.

It makes that something in her chest tighten, because it sounds like Santana care, as if she'd always cared and it's something natural for her to say.

The pressure against her center brings Brittany out of her daze and she looks up to find that Santana's up and ready. Then the full force of what she's doing hits her. She's on Sue's desk, Coach Sylvester's desk, the woman with no soul that she would never dream of crossing. But here she is now, ready to fully christen the desk and not giving half a damn of Sue or anyone for that matter.

No one but Santana.

On her elbows, she smiles and nods. Licking her lips seductively and then telling Santana to give it to her hard and rough.

"Depends," Santana's figure hovers over her, one hand holding herself up over the table and the other still holding her full sized cock. "Are you going to be loud?"

"No," Brittany tries to sound convincing because loudness isn't really her concern when Santana is about to fuck her.

Santana locks eyes as best as possible as she's laying down, then enters her wet pussy with a single forceful thrust. Brittany has to bite her lips to keep from moaning because even though she's gotten used to the throbbing need between her legs, the shear amount of relief and pleasure from the single, pivotal movement nearly sends her over the edge.

"Want me to fuck you, Britt?" Santana teases and seeing the brunette looming over her, gripping her hips hard with confidence sends a jolt right down to her dripping core.

"Yes." Brittany manages as Santana begins to slowly thrust in and out. "Make me yours, San."

Santana does, she does because three minutes into it and Brittany can feel her orgasm already building but Santana is still so hard and not even showing any signs of coming any time soon. So Brittany does what she knows must be Santana's weakness; dirty talk.

"Fuck me, San, fuck me!"

"I am!" Santana insists with a hard thrust inside of Brittany and keeping herself inside for a moment before pulling out and resuming her mad and rough thrusts in Brittany. She can't get enough of feeling Santana like this, feeling like Santana is taking what she wants and what she wants is her pussy with a huge cock inside of it, pounding it relentlessly.

"More! More!" Brittany frantically grasps and crumples the papers beneath her as her cheer skirt is soiled again with their fluids. "What are you? An experienced, ah, high school boy?"

The moment those words leave her mouth, fear settles in with sexual frustration in her stomach. She's never seen Santana's competitive side, the side that's always trying to prove itself but she knows it's there and always ready to accept a challenge. She's seen the glint in Santana's eyes during the basketball games, seen how even through her cool composure hides a raging fire of passion. She wants that passion, wants it directed towards her.

"You're not." Brittany says, buffering her almost insult when Santana's hips stop, challenging brown eyes meeting her blue. "You're not a boy or inexperienced. You're beautiful and sexy and I know you can fuck me five ways from Thursdays with that huge cock so fuck me."

"Fine." Santana says, angling her hips slightly and thrusting in. It's such a small change but when she enters, it scrapes just on Brittany's g spot. She nearly cries out in pleasure had it not been for the obvious need to look and sound inconspicuous. "You want it hard, fast and rough? You want it like you're..."

"A slut for your huge cock." Brittany finishes, smiling because she can feel the dick inside of her jump. This is the last straw, the last push Santana needs.

Santana begins thrusting without rhythm or style, all furious and almost beating her with her large piece of meat. Not that Brittany minds because Brittany right now? In cloud twenty seven fucking thousand.

The brunette pulls out just as things are going from awesome to unbelievably amazing, as if they were being interrupted by a janitor or another person again. Brittany swears she's about to kill the next person to interrupt when Santana just flips her over on her stomach and pulls her down a little. Then hands are pushing one leg onto the table, bent, and guiding her other leg down until her foot touches the floor.

Santana is back in before Brittany can complain about the emptiness, rough and fast and hard and giving everything just as Brittany wanted.

"It's all about the, ugh, positions baby." Santana gasps, "Fuck, and from here, I can fuck you until the next year!"

As if to prove her point, Santana shoves inside, aimed at that special spot inside of Brittany that makes her bite her forearm to hold of the scream of pleasure.

"You like it, slut?" The name coming from Santana's lips have a different meaning, as if she's calling her sweetie-pie, dirty girl, honey and sexy ass all in one word. "Like my, ugh, enormous cock fucking your sweet pussy?"

"Fuck, yes, yes, San. I love it when you, ah, make me your slut."

It has the desired effect, making Santana lose even more control. She's close now and Brittany can tell because she's not pulling out as much anymore, barely retracting two thirds of her length only to sink back into her.

"Take it, Britt. Ugh, fuck I'm so close, take my huge dick you whore." Santana reaches under and into her skirt, finding her clit with expertise and begins to frantically rub it.

"Ah! San! I-"

"-Have to be quiet, Britt. Let me rub your pussy baby, I need to, ugh, so bad but you need to stay quiet."

Brittany goes back to biting her skin and clawing at the desk, trying to contain herself. It's only when Santana, with sweat running down her neck and back, begins to hammer into her that she announces she's close.

"Fuck! Brittany, you're such a slut for my cock huh? Nuggh! Fucking take it, I'm gonna fill you up so deep with my cum!"

"Yes!" She's trying to stay quiet but it's so hard with Santana pounding into her. She can hear the table squeak with resistance, the wet sound of their skin slapping together and then apart, even Santana's breathing and raspy lowered voice. "Fill me up, make me drip for you San!"

Then Santana does something she's been dying to do, does something that Brittany's never experienced. She takes the hand that isn't furiously rubbing Brittany's clit and circles Brittany's asshole. It makes her muffle a yelp in surprise. Santana keeps teasing the hole as she's thrusting and rubbing until they're both at the edge.

In one fluid movement, she pushes into Brittany, throbbing cock into her tight pussy, two fingers scraping Brittany's clit and a digit sliding into her ass.

Brittany has the most overpowering, sensual and resounding orgasm she's ever felt. It feels like release and something more, waves of pleasure rolling through her body all the way to the tips of her fingers and toes. If it were anywhere else, she would be hollering out Santana's names but as it is, the sound that Brittany makes is something like a sharp whine mixed in with a shriek.

Feeling Brittany's walls contract, Santana lasts only a few more short and frantic thrusts before she drops her load as well, fingers still rubbing swollen clit and knuckle deep in Brittany's ass. She cums, spurting thick white cum inside of Brittany and she keeps pumping, slower, drawing out both their orgasms.

Santana collapses on top of her after a moment, softening member still inside of Brittany. It should be uncomfortable with her cheer skirt pushed all the way up the her waist and sweat making them sticky to their cloths and each other's skin but Brittany doesn't think so. Numbly, Brittany feels Santana gather her by the waist, pulling her back, plopping both of them on her chair, Brittany curled in her lap.

"I can't..." Weak and nimble arms try to wrap around Santana's neck but Brittany fails, still breathing deeply from her orgasm. She settles with a hand on Santana's shoulder, mindlessly thumbing the sweat ridden shirt and her neck. "...we just... San, you were..."

Santana nods in response, in a daze herself.

"We just..." Brittany twists and leans into Santana's shoulder resting her suddenly heavy head, "We...on the school's table...amazing..."



The bell rings but they're too thoroughly fucked to even startle. Santana just half heartedly insists that Brittany needs to go to class, to which she replies that she would if she could use her legs.

"I can write... you a late pass," Santana offers, running a hand up and down Brittany's smooth and toned thigh while the other one acts like support, weaving around her waist to keep her seated in her lap.. "We were..."

"Fucking like rabbits, doggy style against the table." Brittany adds, smiling wide when she feels the dick that had slipped out of her twitch again. Santana moans.

"You can't say that, Britt, unless you want round three."

"I want round twenty with you." Brittany husks, "Then I want round twenty one...then twenty two...and twenty three..."

Santana turns her head, smiling sweetly at Brittany before kissing her. "You're silly you know that?" Santana echoes Brittany's words from before.

"A very silly goober."

They stay quiet, enjoy the last of their post orgasmic bliss that ends just as the late bell sounds. Brittany is slow to get up and retrieve her spanx as Santana puts back on her pants. The table is a mess of crumpled paper, stained with their fluids that makes Santana hard again as she searches for her pad of late passes.

Mischievously as Santana is scribbling down a note for Brittany and asking her which class and the room number and teacher, she stuffs her thong into Santana's pocket. The woman down at her pocket then up at Brittany who is shyly tightening her hair and brushing out the wrinkles on her skirt.

Santana quirks an eyebrow.

Brittany only smiles bigger.

"You're evil. Silly evil goober."

"The evilest." Brittany confirms.

Automatically, Santana's eyes fall from her face down to her chest and lower, appreciating the blonde without feeling inappropriate for the first time. While the wrinkled top can pass, the skirt is absolutely ruined. It looks like Brittany either got crazy with white paint, her lotion smeared or...

"I have a spare in my locker, San."

"Can you always read my mind?"

"Maybe." Brittany singsongs, smiling even more as Santana leads her to the door, handing her the bright yellow late pass. They kiss, pressing together one last time.

Hands unlocking the door and turning the handle, Brittany winks at Santana.

"See you at practice, Coach."

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