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Tied By Fate: Chapter 1 - FRUK

My name is Arthur Kirkland, I am currently fourteen years old and I'm currently attending a high school in London. My father owns a large company so we get a great deal of income into our household, life was brilliant but all that changed quickly. My mother had a very frail and weak body, so she would become sick a lot. My father would always be on her side and wait for her to get better, but one day she became in credibly sick and passed away. About a year later the company filed for bankruptcy and was forced to close down, my father had nothing left. We moved into an apartment so that we could save money on gas, and I had to attend a new school while my dad when to look for a job. With his experience he found one pretty quickly, he got a job at an office building to help serve a few clients there.

While I attended school I got bullied, I wonder why there were so many damn French people there, and I hate them all. They piss me off, thinking that they can say whatever they want, like calling me 'bushy brows' and saying 'that's a nice sweater, did your grandma make it for you?' they are so inconsiderate, and rude! The bullying got very physical later on, but I don't want to go into detail on that. A year passed and my father lost his job again, the building was burnt to the ground, so everyone knew that they got laid off on the spot as they gazed at the burning inferno. My dad had enough income for us to stay at our current location without any problem, but my father was so devastated by the fire they he became an alcoholic. Every day I came home from school he was drunk and would start yelling at me for the most ridiculous reasons; I would hide in my room until night so that I could eat in peace without succumbing to physical abuse, getting beaten by a drunk is not pleasant. I took a part time job to pay for the food that I would eat since my father would rarely go grocery shopping.
We were running out of money fast, so I recommend to my father that he should attend an AA (alcoholics anonymous) meeting. I arrived home from school hoping that it turned out well; when I arrived I found that my father had brought home a woman from the meeting that he attended. Being the gentleman that I am, I warmly greeted her, it seemed as though she had taken a liking to me, I'm glad I could make her feel comfortable… but I knew from the moment I saw her, I knew that she was a French woman. Luckily she was very kind, so I had no concern about her seeing my father. I'm glad that my father had decided to date again instead of greave over mother's death, just as long as he's happy.

After many months of looking for jobs my father got a job and was quickly moved to boss of the company. Everything was going great, that was until I heard that the woman also had a son, he was seventeen years old so he was close to my age, she hoped that he and I would get along, I'll just try and be as nice as possible and then nothing could go wrong. My father and I moved out of our apartment since she already had a house, she had a driver take us to her home… I always knew that she wore expensive looking clothes, but I didn't realize that she was a millionaire. I gazed in awe at the magnificent building, it was a beautiful sight! There was a large gate framing the view of the land space, there was a stone path that went through a small forest area then the path split into two different pathways that circulated around a large fountain in front of the large house. The house was a three story, with pillars at the entrance, there were some plant life groaning on the sides of the building, but it made it look more like a classic old style house with a modern twist. I looked around a bit more before I walked through the door, and found the main area with shiny flooring and wonderful red carpets throughout the area including the stairs, How much money did this woman have? This looks like a stereotypical aristocrat home, even my father was never this rich a few years ago. I looked above me and found an amazingly large chandelier glowing, it must have cost more than my old home, and my old home was anything but small. Across from the entrance was a large staircase where my father's fiancé walked down. They gave each other a deep kiss which was something I didn't really want to see, but I'm glad that my father is happy.
"Oh, Arthur! I told Francis to wait for you upstairs to greet you, please be a dear and see him" She said, as the waiters took our bags. I accepted her request graciously and walked up the stairs to meet her son, all though I'm not entirely happy to do so.
I opened the door and I immediately regretted it. He wore bright clothes and had wavy blonde hair up to his shoulders, his blue eyes met with my forest green ones. I have heard that most people are not that good at making first impressions but I'm certain that he wasn't planning it when he said "What a dull outfit, are you currently homeless?"
I wasn't planning on being nice anymore "Oh I'm sorry, I'm not particularly into circus clothing like you are"
We exchanged sharp glares, then as though on instinct we dashed towards each other clenching our fists preparing to beat the lights out of each other. I threw a fist aiming for his face and I missed just as he evaded my attack then he tripped me. By reaction of the fall, I grabbed what was close to me… unfortunately it was his sleeve, and I pulled him down with me as I hit the floor. I scrunched my face from the impact of the floor to the back of my head, I slowly opened my eyes only to find Francis over top of me pinning my wrists to the floor. I tried to lift them off, but I wasn't even able to make them budge in the slightest. There was a small smirk on his face "What's the matter Arthur?" He lowered himself to whisper in my ear "Do you love being forced down by a man?"
A blushed creped onto my cheeks "Shut it you bloody twat! Get the hell off of me!" As much as I tried to get him off, he just wouldn't move. He chuckled at my attempt to escape as my blush intensified from embarrassment, then the door swung open and Ms. Bonnefoy walked in the door and gasped as she placed her hand over her mouth in surprise. "F-Francis! You shouldn't be doing things like that with your half-brother!
"My eyes widened in shock and apparently so did his. "Oh, I didn't tell you? Mr. Kirkland and I are going to get married!" Our faces just grew pale, and then we slowly looked at each other. "Be sure to play nice if you are going to mess around, ok?" Ms. Bonnefoy left out the door with glee not caring what we were doing or at least what it seemed to her that we were doing. Frankly we were too shocked to care about what she said, we continued to stare at each other in shock then we returned to our glares even darker than before.
"Tea loving buffoon"
"Sex pixie"
Francis finally released me then taking his distance, I got up and walked to the door, I gave him a sharp glare before leaving to find my room. I refuse to let that 'wine loving tool' get the best of me, I won't ruin my father's hard work to get this far. How can I get along with that bumbling idiot, he insulted me first, there for I don't need to apologize for anything. It's not like I'm going to run into him often in this large house anyway, he seems like the type of person to go out a lot. I was quite impressed with my room; it had a large king-size bed with curtains surrounding it which were currently tied to the bed posts. Beside the bed was two comfortable chairs, it looked like a great reading area, there were two dressers across the bed room and there was a large mirror in between them, right across the door there was a pair of glass doors that led to a small but very nice balcony with a beautiful view of the backyard. I've never seen such a large garden before, it was covered in different kinds of flowers ad there was a fountain every few yards. There was also a garden for fruit and vegetables behind the flower area. I walked out to the balcony to admire the lovely view, just then I heard a knock from the bed room door. "Arthur it's me, may I come in?"
"Oh Ms. Bonnefoy, please come in" I went back in my room and closed the balcony doors as she walked in; we took our seats on the chairs.
"I hope the both of you are getting along well, I'm so sorry, he's very…affectionate with people he takes interest in"
"Oh I see…" affectionate? Hardly! He's just a horny Frenchman born with a silver spoon in his mouth!
"…Did you two have an argument?" She seemed a bit concerned. The question startled me a bit, I would say that it was much worse than an argument, but I didn't want her to worry too much.
"I suppose we had a small dispute with each other…"
"I hope you two get along well, I really want this marriage to work for your father and I"
"I do as well,… I just want him to be happy" She smiled at my reply, and thanked me as she left through the door to be with my father. Asking for Francis and I to get along will probably start a war in the household, I don't really want to get along with him at all in the first place but if it's the only way that Ms. Bonnefoy can be happy with me then fine. I'm sure we can put aside out differences after we have a discussion just between the two of us. I'm not entirely sure if he wants to get along with me in the first place but I guess I can still try… I really don't want to see him right now though.