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Tied by Fate 9


After a long week of hard work and planning it was finally the day of my mother's wedding. Normally I would be happy that my mama found love again, but I'm more concerned about what I said last night…

"You don't have to if you don't want to Arthur, I'll be alright with the relationship that we had before, I don't want to cause you any trouble"

I panicked, but I really wanted to know his answer. Oh I wanted to touch him so much though, his skin was so soft, his cheeks were so red, and his eyes seemed to gleam; I've never been turned on so fast, I hope he didn't notice. I shook my head to rid of my perverted thoughts, as I got dressed and ready, that image of him still remained in my mind. I hope Arthur is feeling better; I wouldn't want him to be sick during the ceremony. Mama must have been up all night; I hope she's well.

Lily knocked on the door and let herself in "Breakfast, sir"

"Lily, you're supposed to knock!" I smiled

"I'm sure that you wouldn't be bothered if I saw you in the nude sir"

"Of course not, some people travel far and wide to gaze upon my beauty~"

"Well sir, your 'beauty' won't make up for what happened to Arthur last night"

I felt like hitting my head against a wall "You heard that?" I spoke quietly.

"If Ms. Bonnefoy hears about this, she won't be happy" She gave me a worried expression.

"She won't find out, I'll make sure of it"

"…Francis, you haven't been doing well this week at all"

I smiled " Calling me so formally…" I paused "Arthur is…more delicate then most people, I don't want to hurt him"

"You're wrong"

"What do you mean?"

"I think Arthur is the strongest out of all of us, and I think he has also noticed how you have been acting… you haven't been yourself lately. Everyone is worried about you, you haven't been this stressed out in a long time."

"I'm alright"

"Don't be ridiculous! Everyone wants you to go back to your old self"

"My old self?"

"Yes, a pervert that loves to cook"

I chuckled "I suppose I could do my best"

"If Arthur doesn't like you for who you are, then don't bother worrying about him: your better off looking for someone else" she smiled.

"Thank you"

"Your welcome, now hurry up and eat, Ms. Bonnefoy is going to be stressed to the max" she bowed and left.

"She really knows how to cheer me up," I said to myself. I quickly finished breakfast and put on a tuxedo that my mama bought during that horrid shopping experience…well I wasn't too terrible, since Arthur was there… I haven't called him cute in a while; No not cute, beautiful is a better word for him. He got mad at me a lot too; I guess he doesn't really mind it after all if I act as myself, and teasing him was fun too. I finished putting it on and I thought I looked marvelous, as usual. I walked toward the lobby and right at the stairs I met Arthur who was also in his tuxedo. "Well don't you look handsome~" I winked. I he quickly faced away from me and mumbled something along the lines of 'bloody frog'. I want to hold him so much, but I'll hold back for now. "Are you ready? It's going to be a long day"

"I'm alright, I'm not feeling ill right now" He smiled "Umm about last night…I-"

A maid came in through the front door " Sirs, the limo is ready"

"N-never mind" he said

I pouted from disappointment as I walked with him to the limo. The drive was short since the church wasn't that far away. It seemed as though the size of the church didn't faze Arthur too much. The limo dropped us off and we made our way to the church entrance. As soon as we entered both of us looked at the ceiling gazing at a very beautiful and large crystal chandelier. "That looks expensive" Arthur commented "I don't even want to know how much money this wedding has cost."

I smiled and nodded as we were guided to the back rooms where my mama was.

When we walked in, she looked beautiful. She wore a lovely silk mermaid style dress with a red ribbon going across her waist that showed off her slim figure, and had a gorgeous rose in her hair. "Mama, you look so beautiful!"

As she turned around, her eyes were gleaming; she walked towards us hugging us both. It's easy enough to tell that she is very excited about this. "Arthur, your father wants to see you in the next room over"

"…Right" he said quietly. He walked to the other room and closed the door; this reaction did cause me to worry.

"Are you and Arthur getting along well?"

"Yes, why?"

"I just want this marriage to work out, I want you to be happy too"

"Thank you mama, but I'm alright. Don't worry about me, this is your special day, so focus on having a good time"

"You're such a good boy, thank you"

Everything seemed to fly by as I gave my mother away again to another man. It all happened so fast and before I knew it, it was the Wedding Social at my home. I knew that my mama always had a strange liking towards Victorian Style Clothing, and these costumes that she bought during her shopping trip look more then good enough for the part. I'm so glad that the ballroom we have is large enough for celebrations like this. I walked out of my room into the lobby; I saw all of our guests wearing lovely Victorian attire. I wasn't interested in them right now, I wanted to see Arthur, and so I walked by the lobby and knocked on Arthur's door. I didn't hear him welcome me in, so I let myself in and then my heart skipped a beat. He looked absolutely gorgeous in that long red coat and ruffled white shirt. "I didn't ask for you to come in" he glared lightly.

"You look wonderful" I complimented

"Hardly, this hat looks stupid!" He said as turned away to face the mirror to fix the position of the hat.

"I think it looks fine, it goes very well with the outfit," I said as I stood behind him fiddling with the feathers on his hat.

I noticed that he looked to the side to avoid eye contact through the reflection. I smiled and smoothly wrapped my arms around his small shoulders "What are you doing?"

"Sorry, just let me be like this for a short while" I hugged him a bit tighter. In felt him gently placing his hand over one of mine, and we stayed like that for a few minutes. He feels so warm, and my heart is beating so fast, I wish I could stay like this forever.

"Francis, your mother is probably looking for us"

I snapped out of my imaginary world "Right, of course" I backed away from Arthur to notice that he had a very light but noticeable blush on his cheeks.

"Lets go then" He walked past me quickly towards the door

I chuckled quietly to myself as I followed him toward the ballroom.

Two maids greeted us as we both walked through the door. A large chandelier much like the one in the church and a few candles on the tables lit the room. In the corner of the room there was a large stage with an orchestra playing while everyone sat in their seats and mingled with one another in their classy Victorian clothing. I noticed a few glances in our direction as I walked with Arthur to our table. My mama and her new husband shared a long table to themselves on a higher up section of the floor, which was only slightly separating themselves from their guests. As we sat down I examined the lovely work done on the table. A lovely vase with a dozen roses decorated the center of the table; the white silk tablecloth went beautifully with the silk red napkins along with the silverware. The music went quiet and than my mother stood up holding a microphone "Ladies and gentleman, family and friends. I thank you with all my heart for joining me in celebration of this wonderful day, it means so much to me. The head chef and kitchen staff as well as my only son, Francis, made all of food. Please enjoy."

Everyone clapped and the music started again with the waiters coming out with the prepared foods. "You helped to prepare all that food?" Arthur asked.

"Well no, the hot beverages were made today, but the other food items were made by me the day before. I can't work in the kitchen during my mama's special day you know. The food also took a long time to make my arms still hurt from making all those different kinds of bread, but it was really fun"

"You really love to cook," he said with a smile as he turned his attention to his glass of water.

"Yes, I really do" But I love you so much more…you have no idea how much.

Dinner went by quickly, and as expected, the food was delicious. A few moments later, many couples walked towards the center of the room and began to dance. While everyone was dancing I pointed out to Arthur some of my relatives. "Arthur, did any of your family members come?" I asked

"No, my father's side is too busy managing their companies and my mothers side… well I'm not seeing them anymore, I haven't seen them for a long time"

"I see, sorry for bringing that up"

"It's alright"

Just after that, one of my many cousins walked up to Arthur.

"Hello, may I dance with you" She asked

He smiled "certainly" He stood from his chair and took her hand leading her to the dance floor. As they walked she turned her head to face me and gave me a devilish smirk.

I refuse to accept the fact that I'm envious of that she-devil, I continued sitting alone, staring at Arthur, who seemed to be having fun, I want to dance with him too. Which reminds me, when we both danced together yesterday, I never had so much fun. His expressions are so amusing and his eyes seem to shine whenever he's embarrassed, and how could I not try to kiss him after showing me such an arousing face. I shook myself out of my thoughts and decided to walk around the room, about three songs passed since Arthur joined hands with that witch. I glanced over the crowd to look at them; I over heard her saying that she was going to get a drink and left Arthur for only a moment. I took it as an opportunity and quickly walked towards him and grabbed his arm "Follow me".

"W-what? H-hey let go!" He said as I dragged him to a balcony, with the doors hidden behind large red curtains. The balcony was a nice large size with a nice soft, black leather bench on the side. I stopped in the center of the balcony and let go of his arm "What the bloody hell are you doing? It's rude to leave a lady like that all of the sudden" He was about to walk away, but then I wrapped my arms around him preventing him from leaving. "Francis your acting like a child, let go!"

"I WON'T!" I shouted


"I want you to have fun and be happy, but when your having fun with anyone other than me I feel unbearably jealous. I want to be the only person that can make you happy, make you cry tears of joy, give you pleasure" I slowly released him. "I love you so much, but if you want to leave me then it's alright. We can go back to how it used to be" I turned around and waited for him to leave through the door, while trying to hold back tears.

Then I felt frail, but firm arms wrap around me "At first I thought you were just a perverted git, now you're just a poetic fool" His hold tightened slightly "I love you too"

I immediately turned around "Really?! Truly?!" I grabbed hold of his shoulders.

He began to laugh, "You look like you're about to cry" I turned around and rubbed away the tears forming in my eyes but they wouldn't stop flowing out. "You are crying"

I turned around to say something, but then I realized that he was crying too "Why are you crying?" I smiled

"As if I'm crying you git!" he turned to the side to wipe them away. I placed a hand on his shoulder causing him to turn to me then I pulled him close. "What the hell are you doing, you idiot?"

"I want to be like this for a minute, please" I spoke quietly.

We both stood there holding each other close until our tears went away. I still wanted to hold him longer though. "Want to sit down for a while?" He asked.

"Yes." I replied as we both sat down on the leather bench. We gazed at the moon; the light emanating from it gave Arthur's eyes a mysterious color. "Arthur, can I kiss you" I leaned towards him.

"What the hell kind of a question is that, idiot"

I chuckled "I'll take that as a yes, coming from you" I said as I wrapped an arm around his waist. He wore a shy expression while trying to hide it with anger, so adorable. "I love you," I repeated

"Shut it already, you've said that plenty of times" Even though he said that, I noticed his face was turning color to a deep shade of red.

"And I will never get tired of saying it" I smiled staring into his beautiful emerald orbs. A man in the dancehall announced that this would be the last song for the night. Arthur and I got up peaked inside; everyone inside got together with their partners and other loved ones and cleared the area for my mother and her husband to dance. Of course usually the married couple dances first, but my mother wanted to dance last for some reason, but no matter. I pulled at the curtain from the inside of the dance hall to hide us.

"Francis, you're not going to watch your mother dance?"

"No, my mother has danced at in her weddings plenty of times, and I'm glad that she found love again, but right now I want this to be a moment about us" I lead Arthur to the center of the balcony again. I kneeled down and gently took his hand "Will you dance with me Arthur?"

He was slightly startled by the question and he tried his best to fight the rising blush on his face. I could feel his heart beat though his hand, it was beating so fast. "Git, how could I say no,"

I smiled "Merci" The music could be heard clearly from where we stood. We both held hands; he placed his other hand on my shoulder while I placed mine around his waist. Our feet moved to the music, and we never lost eye contact once. "You're dancing away with my heart, mon cher"

"What a cheesy thing to say"

I laughed "Sorry, I just wanted to say it" As the song came to an end, I dipped him low, and he wrapped his arms around me just like he did in his room yesterday. "I hope we don't get interrupted again"

He slid his hands down and cupped my face "Then hurry up" his voice sounded a bit strained, probably from the embarrassment.

"Yes, Captain" I winked.


I laughed as I pulled him up, I wrapped both my arms around him then I finally kissed him. It didn't last long unfortunately; I didn't know how far I was supposed to go.

"You can do better then that" He said

I smirked "Yes I can, but can you handle it?"

"Of course I can, git"

"Very well then~" I lifted his chin and kissed him again, as we pulled back for air I immediately kissed him again, sliding my tongue inside. He let out a surprised sound as he tightly gripped my shoulders. I used my tongue to feel all around his mouth then swirl it around his wet muscle. It took Arthur some time, but then he began to fight back, as our tongues battled for dominance, but I quickly won. We pulled back for air again; as I was breathing we gazed into each other's eyes. Arthur's lips were wet from the kissing; his cheeks carried a heavy blush and his eyes shined beautifully in the moonlight.

At that moment a large light lit the sky in a lovely red "Your mother prepared a fireworks show too?"

"Apparently she did" I smiled. Arthur and I held hands and walked passed the people began to walk onto the balcony to watch the fireworks show. We walked down the halls then past the lobby to the front of his room door.

"Now what?" he asked quietly

"Arthur, I want to make love to you."

He gripped my hand tightly "Uhh B-but I…"

"I won't until your ready though, but I want you to know something. I don't think I have ever loved someone this much in my life, so I want you to feel the same, alright" As I began to walk away, Arthur's grip didn't loosen. I stopped and turned to face him. His face was so red and he was holding onto my hand tighter then necessary. His eyes were tightly shut, but once he opened them he showed me a face that no human would resist.

"I want you, Francis"

I used all of my effort to keep my composure "A-Alright"

We walked into the room and closed the door, quickly locking it afterwards. We both hung up and put away our coats, shoes and hats in the closet, and then stood beside the bed. Arthur crawled onto the bed and lay down, and I soon followed him. I crawled over him and gazed down looking at his nervous expression. "Are you sure about this?"

"Yeah I'm sure, but if I find out that you're just playing with me, I'll castrate you"

I smiled "Please do so if I ever do something like that, because I would have lost my mind" I bent down and kissed him gently while I opened up the ruffled shirt revealing his rose colored nipples. He clutched the edges of his pillow as I licked and sucked them, I could hear his quiet moans and his breathing becoming heavy. I slid my hand to his waist caressing the soft skin as I licked along his neck.


"What is it?"

"It…kind of hurts down there" He looked away attempting to hide his face from me.

"Sure, I'll help you with that" I winked. I undid his belt and pant zipper; I took them off Arthur and threw it onto the floor, leaving him with only his boxers. I took off the boxers revealing his impressively hard erection "When did this start?" I teased as I threw his boxers in the pile with the pants.

"Right after you kissed me, now hurry up you pervert!"

I chuckled then scanned over what was in front of me, his white ruffled shirt was the only article of clothing on him, perfectly decorating his shoulders and arms in the smooth fabric. His gaze revealed his impatience as his member stood tall in between his legs. "You're so beautiful"

"I'm not, quit saying such things"

"But it's true, and by the way, you have the most gorgeous pair of legs I have ever seen" I grinned.

"I do not you perverted frog!" I could feel the heat from his face intensifying. "...and you still have too much clothes on" he mumbled.

"Oh do I now? I'll have to take care of that" I stood on my knees and gave my lover a bit of a show. I unbuttoned my shirt and slid off my pants throwing both articles of clothing into the floor leaving me with just my boxers. I glanced at Arthur who was defiantly staring at my body, silently admiring it. "Do you want me to take care of this now?" I pointed to his erection. He nodded; I smiled and licked along the length making him moan out as he quickly grasped the sheets below him. I swirled my tongue around the tip then took his member into my mouth. I felt a hand grip my hair tightly; I looked up to see that his other hand was over his mouth muffling his sounds. I pulled away and took his hand in mine "I want to hear you, mon amour"

I felt the hand that was once gripped onto my hair slide down onto my cheek, I gazed into my lovers gorgeous emerald eyes and sighed "You have no idea how beautiful you are, Arthur" I closed the gap between us with a kiss. I slid my hand up his thigh to his member, lightly stroking it. He moaned into the kiss then pulled back for air, I nipped at the skin on his neck, and then lightly bit down on his collarbone causing him to shiver. I began to stroke the hardened member faster causing Arthur to come onto my hand. "That was fast" I chuckled.

"Shut it beard face, it's been a while" He said while catching his breath.

I slid off the bed and walked over to the closet searching for something in my jacket pocket. I found what I was looking for and crawled back onto Arthur.

"You were confident enough to put lube in your pocket?" He asked with an un-amused expression.

"Well I wasn't too confident, but even if there was a slight chance I would still like to be prepared"

"I suppose so" He tensed slightly

I cleared my throat "Umm Arthur, I need you to…"

He nodded nervously and slowly spread his legs, not being able to look at me from the embarrassment.

I felt my cock throb painfully, but I ignored it for the time being. I poured the substance onto my fingers allowing it to warm a bit before preparing my beloved. "I'm going to start now" He nodded trying to keep his composure as I slid the first finger inside and he tensed up immediately. "Try and relax, Arthur"

"Sorry, just keep going, I'm fine" He clutched the sheets.

"Alright…" I slowly moved my finger in and out of him and I noticed him begin to relax so I slowly added another. It escalated to three fingers and Arthur began to move himself down onto them, while doing so I began to look for that bundle of nerves. Once I struck a certain place, I heard a loud moan and felt his body relax immediately.

"Hurry up dammit"

"Right, right sorry" I slid off my boxers and I let out a relieved sigh, finally freeing my erection from it's clothed prison. I slicked it with lube and lifted Arthur's legs into my shoulders. "Arthur, I'll start slow ok?" I smiled.


I slowly began to press inside, I felt the smooth walls constrict around me as I pressed myself in farther and farther. Eventually I was all the way in, and Arthur moaned and whimpered as he covered his eyes with his forearm. "Arthur…Are you alright?" I shivered slightly from the incredible warmth.

"I'm alright, just move"

"No Arthur, I won't move until I know you're alright, so please look at me"

He took a few breaths; I slowly slid his arm away from his eyes revealing their intense glow. "Please move, Francis"

Without even thinking, I pulled back and pushed in again making Arthur gasp as he suddenly threw his arms around me. The rhythm was slow and sweet, Arthur asked me to go faster turning it into a rough and passionate dance. Gasps, heavy breathing and loud moans filled the room. Arthur came again onto both of our stomachs and I finished shortly after, shooting my hot seed inside my love.

After a minute or two of rest I spoke "Arthur, that was incredible"

He huffed "You're responsible for taking care of me if my arse hurts too much for me to walk"

"Of course" I held his hand watched him as he slowly drifted to sleep. I cleaned him up as well as myself; we were still going to have to have a shower in the morning, but until then I held my love in my arms and fell asleep.

the end

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