Chapter 5- Farther Away- Evanescence

(I'm numb to you

Numb and deaf and blind

You give me all but the reason why

I reach but I feel only air and night

Not you, not love, just nothing

I run to you

Call out your name

I see you there

Farther away)

Sunny rushed back to Bobby's, praying Dean was still as she left him; asleep and oblivious. Slowly, she opened the front door and slipped in, holding the doorknob until the door was fully closed, before quietly turning it to secure the lock. The lights were still off and the inside remained silent, allowing her to breath a sigh of relief. So far, so good.

She stood at the doorway, looking into the middle room, where Dean was snoring on the couch, and smiled weakly. She felt dirty after sneaking out to meet with Damien and allowing herself to fall victim to his demonic seduction. Could she really blame Damien alone, though? She couldn't quite understand why she felt the way she did, whenever the demon prince was around her, but was it really just a spell, or some kind of mojo making her feel attracted to him? She wasn't obsessed with him, like she had been when Cupid made her and Sam 'fall in love', and she didn't seem to think much of Damien when she was with Dean. She couldn't help but feel clueless.

Sighing, she made her way towards Bobby's study, remembering what Damien had said before she left his little basement apartment.

You smell like a Chiznaw demon.

She scanned the bookcase quickly, her finger running over the spines of the books lined up in rows. She found a book on demons and pulled it from its spot, hoping to find some information on the demons from earlier, at the restaurant.

"Chiznaw..." she mumbled, flipping through the pages and skimming the contents. "Yes."

She found the name of the monsters and flipped to the chapter, proceeding to read the page.

Green eyed demons with grey-white flesh...takes human form...eats human flesh and travels in large groups. Extremely strategic and intelligent...Are known for their ability to organize public gatherings, intending to trick their prey...

She skimmed through the short chapter, looking for something she didn't already figure out when she confronted them.

Not much else is known about the Chiznaw demon, other than its only weakness is silver. (I.E: Silver blades, silver bullets, etc.)

"Nothin' I don't already know." she sighed, sitting back in her seat.

No first appearance time frame or where they originated from, just obvious trivia answers. She needed to know more. Where do they normally nest? How many in an average nest? Where did they come from? These things were too smart and too organized to just blow off. If she and Dean hadn't accidentally ran into them, who knows how many innocent, unsuspecting people would have died...or have already died before the hunters came and killed a restaurant full of them. Who knows how many more were out there, eating innocent people, as she sat, reading.

"Can't sleep?" a groggy voice sounded from outside the study.

Sunny's eyes darted toward the doorway, at Dean, startled by his breaking the dead silence and her thoughts.

"Uh, yeah, I just couldn't stop thinking about those monsters from before." she smiled, weakly.

"I see." he nodded, spying the open book in front of her. "Any luck?"

"Actually, yes." she replied, tilting her head. "They're called Chiznaw demons and they're great at throwing parties."

"That's, uh, helpful." he said, squinting his eyes in confusion. "That's all?"

"Apparently, not much is known about them." she grumbled, looking back down at the page. "Book knows just as much as we do, unfortunately."

"So...what, you just sat here all night, looking through books until you found Waldo?" he asked, arching a brow.

Of course, she had to lie. He couldn't know that it was Damien she had learned the monster's name from.

Sighing, she gave him a shrug and shook her head, "I just had to know what they were and if there are more...too bad I only got half-ass answers."

"Mm, well, you got something." he yawned, "Back to bed now, please? I feel weird sleeping alone."

She smiled at his pouting and got up from the chair, walking into his arms and lightly kissing him. She was ready to leave Damien behind, at least for now, and enjoy her last few years alive, with Dean. He was the one she wanted to be with, regardless of how he'd react to her selling her soul and keeping it from him all year.

As she followed him to the couch, she realized she would have to tell him the other secret she'd been hiding; her refusal to get pregnant with Munro again. She knew if selling her soul didn't make Dean crazy with anger, turning down a chance at having their son back, definitely would. Maybe she didn't have to mention that, though. Cas hadn't actually mentioned any other secrets, when he told her to tell Dean about her deal. Did she really want to pile them all onto Dean at once? No matter what, it was going to end badly...she just couldn't decide.

We'll see how he reacts to my deal, she thought. Then I'll decide what to do.

She snuggled up against Dean, on the couch, his arms- once again- wrapped around her waist. He kissed the back of her shoulder before whispering 'goodnight' and she prayed he couldn't hear her heart thumping, in her chest. She was terrified, to say the least. Terrified of upsetting him or angering him beyond repair. Terrified that he would look at her differently, and not in a good way. Terrified that he would never trust her again. Her worst fear was losing him completely and she didn't know how close she was to just that.


Sunny never wanted morning to come...but it did, much too quickly. She could smell fresh coffee before she even opened her eyes. Stretching her arms, she realized she was alone on the couch and took advantage of the moment. Sleeping in one position, cramped against another body, all night, was torture and her body was paying for it now. Eyes still closed, she could hear Sam's voice in the kitchen- probably talking to Dean. He sounded tired and sad, still reeling from Roxie's lack of memory of him, and their life together prior to her resurrection.

"It's gonna be okay, Sammy." she heard Dean say, "We'll do whatever it takes to get her memory running again. I'm here for ya."

She smiled at that, curled up on the couch and finally comfortable. As crappy as Roxie's situation was, it was nice to have something else to think about, keeping her mind off of her own dilemma. As if on cue, the young blonde appeared on the stairs, stomping her way down to the first floor. Sunny popped open an eye and watched as she made her way to the kitchen, a not so pleased look on her face.

"These are my clothes?" she demanded, out stretching her arms in gesture to her overall appearance. "These are the kind of clothes I used to wear?!"

"Well, yeah." Sam answered, furrowing his brows at her. "What's wrong with them?"

She gave the taller hunter an incredulous look, her eyebrows raised and her mouth gaping open. The expression remained as she looked down at her attire: A black form-fitting tank top that exposed major cleavage, at least in her opinion, her neon purple bra straps exposed and a pair of ripped, skin tight jeans with magic marker writing all over them.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" she squealed, "This is the closest to 'normal' I could find in that mess of a wardrobe- and I'm being generous!"

"You don't like 'em? Fine." Sam shrugged, "We'll go to the department store and get you some new clothes."

She opened her mouth to argue, figuring he would give her a smart-ass comment, but closed it instead. Realizing she had nothing more to complain about, at the moment, she huffed and crossed her arms.

"Fine." she shrugged back.

Dean watched the two adults, observing, his expression a cross between mildly stunned and curious, as his eyes shifted from one to the other. He watched as Roxie made her way back upstairs, mumbling under her breath about her fruity sneakers.

"Goddamn, is she unpleasant." Dean stated, releasing a sharp outtake of air.

Sam barely heard his brother, he just stared after his 'ex' girlfriend and swallowed hard. He had tried to jog her memory all night, asking her questions only he and Roxie would know the answers to- to no avail. He read her entries from her diary but nothing from the scribbled pages rang a bell. He told her stories of past hunts and stopping apocalypses, hoping something would click, but she just dismissed every try, even bitched that reading her journal was totally creepy and invasive. Trying to convince her that she used to tell him everything anyway, was useless. He told her she was a prophet and used to have visions of the future, she flat out dismissed him.

It was as if she didn't care or didn't want to bother with trying. It was frustrating and painful, having her back but not having her back. To have to refrain from holding her, kissing her, being hers, for fear of being cold clocked and shrieked at. She wouldn't even let him sleep on the bed with her.

He tried to tell himself it wasn't her fault, she didn't ask to have her memory blocked or to be brought back at all, and acting like her comments and complaining didn't phase him, was killing him. He wanted to scream and throw things and tear his hair out...but that wouldn't help anybody, especially Roxie. After a whole night of failure, he was almost convinced nothing would work. Well, besides finding that memory spell.

"Hey, you okay?" Dean asked, shaking Sam from his thoughts. "Sam."

"Yeah." he nodded, blinking several times. "Yeah, I'm good. I just...wish I knew how to fix her."

Dean nodded, sticking his lip out, thoughtfully, as he looked over at the couch, in the next room, where Sunny was.

"Well, if it were Sunny who lost her memory, I know what I'd do." he offered, shrugging a shoulder.

"Yeah?" the younger man asked, furrowing his brows. "What would you do?"

He wasn't above hearing his brother's thoughts and advice. Hell, he could use all the help he could get at this point, whatever it was that Dean would do, it couldn't hurt to try himself- given it wasn't something like "fucking her so hard it'd shake her memory loose" or anything that would involve using his penis. A serious theory was most definitely welcomed.

"I would get her to fall in love with me, all over again." Dean said, matter of factly. "I did it once, I could do it again...and so could you...with Roxie, I mean."

Sam was actually impressed by the idea, though he wasn't sure if it was because Dean had thought of it or because he hadn't, but regardless, it was worth a shot. There was one big problem, however, and that was the fact that the girl he had fallen in love with, wasn't the girl upstairs, currently grimacing at her wardrobe. If he did succeed at making her love him again, it wouldn't be the Roxie he fell in love with. It'd be like falling in love with someone completely different, but who looked exactly the same.

Not that he was doing that good of a job, so far. She didn't seem interested in him at all, in fact, he didn't know anything about her. Everything he brought up, that she had previously enjoyed, were turned down flat- with catty remarks of distaste. She seemed to be the exact opposite of who she once was. Deeply aggravating.

"You're seriously gonna take her shopping?" Dean asked, scoffing.

"I guess." Sam replied, sighing. "They're just clothes, Dean."

"Right, yeah." the older brother, nodded. "No big deal."

"Right." Sam said, giving his brother a confused look.

"Okay, then." Dean cleared his throat and pushed himself off the counter's edge, proceeding toward the middle room, where Sunny was still curled up, on the couch.

The last thing that should've bothered Sam was Roxie hating her own clothes...but it did bother him. Roxie loved her clothes, she wouldn't have picked them out and worn them if she didn't. Her clothes were an expression of who she was; bright, fun, sexy and a little crazy. As weird as it may have sounded, Roxie's clothes were the only thing Sam had left that hadn't changed, while the girl who once adored altering those clothes, was gone. It was as if Roxie was still gone and a total stranger had taken over her mind and body, like a really rude and whiny demon. Her personality was different, her outlook was different, and now her clothes would be different too. Damn right, it bothered him.

Dean approached the couch and sat down, next to Sunny, offering her a cup of coffee. Smiling, tiredly, she sat up and accepted the mug, giving him a quick kiss.

"Did you sleep as crappily as I did on this thing?" he asked her.

"Crappier." she mumbled into the cup, as she took a sip.

"I have always wondered, if it was possible to get even closer to you..." he joked, rolling his shoulders and receiving a loud crack. "I guess it is."

She chuckled, inwardly, as she stared at him, her fingers curled around the handle of the cup. She wasn't sure when she was supposed to tell him about her deal, it definitely had to be that day, but she wanted to drag the day out, wait until the very last hour. Would Cas allow her that? Would he be making an appearance any time soon? She wouldn't want the angel to mention anything, before she'd get the chance. It would make her look horrible, like she was never going to say anything at all...which was actually true, for the most part, but still. She had to be the one to tell Dean that she sold her soul and reveal that it wasn't Cas who brought her back from the future. That it wasn't a made up, alternate universe, it was the actual future. How would she start? How would she find the right time to tell him?

"We have any plans today?" she wondered, yawning.

Before Dean could make a suggestion to match the smirk on his face, Bobby walked through the living room, his cordless phone in his hand.

"You do now." the old mechanic replied, hanging the phone up.

"What's goin' on?" Sunny asked, looking up at him.

"That was one of my regulars." Bobby explained, "He's backing off the case I gave him, next state over."

"Well, what happened?" Dean questioned, furrowing his brows.

"Couldn't handle the job." the older hunter shrugged. "Friggin' dumbass begged for a more 'challenging' case...and I give 'em one, just to get a phone call and earful of cryin' and yammerin', the next damn day."

"What was he hunting?" Sunny asked, arching an eyebrow.

"Vengeance Demon."

"Is that all?" Sunny asked, a little amused that one of Bobby's regulars couldn't handle something as simple as a V.D case. "He knows who it is?"

"Yep, he did all the head-work, but couldn't do the leg-work." Bobby frowned, "Once he confronted the thing, it went full fledged monster and attacked him. He says he barely made it out alive but he wasn't hurt. I don't know..."

"Sounds like a real winner." Dean grinned, cheekily, shaking his head.

"Well, not every hunter is a lean, mean, monster-killing machine, like you, Dean." Sunny pointed out, smirking.

"Damn right." the smug hunter nodded, winking at his girl.

"Besides, Vengeance Demons are nasty bitches." she added, muttering, "So, I guess we should pack up and get going then."

Sunny sighed as she sat up, not too excited to have to work a job, after already taking out a nest of newbie monsters the night before, but on the upside, it was a pretty decent excuse not to tell Dean about her deal right away.

"Hey, Sammy!" Dean called to his brother, "We got a job in the next state, let's go!"

Sam appeared in the doorway, responding to his older brother's call, and cleared his throat.

"Uh, I'm sorry, guys." he said, shaking his head. "I can't go on this one. I gotta stay here with Roxie and look out for her."

The others stared at him, slightly taken aback by his decision. Sam hadn't stepped away from a case with Dean since...they didn't even remember when. Possibly since before the young Winchester left for college. Ever since Roxie woke up and they discovered she lost her memory, he had been obsessing over her, and it wasn't the same obsession he had when he was trying to find a way to bring her back to life. No, this was way more disturbing. It was like he was babysitting the blonde ex-hunter.

"Sam, you have to come." Dean argued, crossing his arms. "We hunt together, we're a team. Bobby can keep an eye on Roxie, right, Bobby?"

Bobby didn't get a chance to reply, as Sam cut in before the older man could even open his mouth.

"Dean, she needs me, okay- I can't just leave her." Sam refused, scoffing. "I'm getting so close to cracking that lock in her memory...I can feel it."

Dean chuckled, incredulously, at his brother's naivety. Was he serious? He wasn't getting close to cracking anything- other than his own skull, with the way Roxie's been acting and treating him since she woke up. He could deny it all he wanted, it wasn't happening. At least not anytime soon.

"You know that's bullshit, Sam." he said, bluntly. "She's not gonna remember you after one friggin' day. She's not even trying to remember, dude. She doesn't want to remember us, or you. She doesn't want to remember her life!"

"Can you blame her?" Sam countered, defensively, giving his older brother a hurt look. "I mean, really, can you blame her for not wanting to remember all the crap she's been through? All the pain and suffering and fighting monsters her whole life? Hell, if I could forget this life, I would."

Dean went to argue further, but stopped, realizing what Sam had just said. He was quiet for a moment, staring down at the floor then back up to his brother, before speaking.

"Including me?" he demanded, "And everything we've been through and accomplished together? As a family, who've saved hundreds- fuck- billions; the entire planet! And that means little to you?"

Sam looked in his brother's eyes, his jaw clenching as he thought, carefully, about his reply.

"Of course not." he finally said, feeling everybody's eyes on him, and their judgment of him. "I just...don't want to leave Roxie, okay? I take it back, I don't want to forget anything, I just can't leave her behind...alright?"

Looking down, Dean nodded. He avoided looking in Sam's eyes, in his direction generally, as he made his way past the taller hunter and left the house. Sunny and Bobby both stood, awkwardly, in the living-room, not knowing what to say.

Sunny could see Sam was torn up about what he said and was struggling with everything else going on on top of it. She felt bad for him and knew she would probably do the same thing, had Dean been the one with severe mind blockage.

"Don't worry about it, Sam." she insisted, "It's not that big of a case, anyway. All we gotta do is find the demon and kill it. Won't take as long with the information from Bobby's guy. We'll be back by supper time."

She gave him a smile, assuring him that she wasn't upset he wasn't going with her and Dean. It helped that not everyone was mad about it, but the fact that Dean was, was enough to make Sam feel like crap. He didn't mean to hurt his brother's feelings, he didn't really think about it the way Dean did; about their life, about what it meant to be a hunter. He knew he had helped save countless, innocent people and played a part in adverting several apocalypses. He knew doing those things, with his brother by his side, made everything worth it in the end...but along with the feelings of accomplishment and pride, came the feelings of dread and physical and emotional suffering. Knowing they couldn't save every innocent person, that there were still hundreds, even thousands, of people being killed, used as vessels and eaten by monsters and demons, everyday. Feeling like the entire planet was relying on him and his brother, at all times, the weight of all the guilt, responsibilities and death on their shoulders. It was enough for anyone to want to forget it all.

"Just take care of her, okay?" Sunny added, before heading upstairs to grab the weapon duffel.


Sunny grabbed all the information Bobby had written down for her, regarding the Vengeance Demon; the city where it was last seen and the address to a bar, where it supposedly frequented. Since Vengeance Demons were unable to switch vessels, Sunny and Dean's only problem would be if the demon decided to flee the state, but since they're also cocky creatures- and this one just happened to scare a hunter away, earlier that day- it was unlikely.

The hunters packed up the Impala and were out of the salvage yard within minutes. They were in Wyoming within an hour and a half, due to Dean still being in a bad mood and being a little accelerator happy.

"Dean." Sunny started, her voice soft and sympathetic, but he just shook his head. "Don't take what Sam said so personally. You know he didn't mean it like that, how could he?"

"Really, Sunny?" he snapped, though it wasn't directed at her. "Do you really believe he didn't mean what he said? About wanting to forget everything we've been through?"

"You know what he meant, Dean." she insisted, "He meant he would forget all the bad things that we see and live through everyday. The pain, the blood, the deaths, the monsters, the evil we're forced to fight. It wouldn't be so bad to forget all that crap, for at least a little while."

"No, it wouldn't be so bad, but that's not what he meant." he argued, "He said that, at the last minute, to cover his ass. I know what he really wants."

"And what's that, Dean?" she mused, her brows furrowing in faux concentration as she looked at him. "Educate me on the wants and needs of our little Sammy Winchester."

"You think this is funny?" he demanded, "Is this all a big joke to you or something?"

"Oh, no, of course not." she gasped, sarcastically, "Sam wanting to live a normal, monster and pain free life...what a bastard!"

"What the hell is your problem?" he asked, dumbfounded by the way she was acting.

"My problem?" she scoffed, her brows raised, incredulously. "I'm not the one making up a stupid reason to be mad at your brother, when you and I both know what the real reason is. And you know it's stupid, otherwise you wouldn't have made up such a bullshit excuse."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" he demanded, alternating looking ahead of him, at the road, and at her- a confused and bewildered expression on his face.

Sunny rolled her eyes and sighed in exasperation, as if he could honestly be that dumb.

"You're mad because Sam wanted to stay with Roxie and not come with you to hunt." she explained, "And you know getting bitchy about that would make you sound like, well, a instead, you're bitching about him wanting to forget about all the shit we've been through."

He was silent as he, again, glanced at her with the same confused expression.

"Of course, using that excuse doesn't make you sound any less bitchy." she added, muttering.

Another look was directed at her at that, only this time it was a look of incredulity.

"Oh really?" he chuckled, "Is that the real reason I'm bitchy? Ms. I-Know-Everything?"

"Admit it, Dean." she coaxed, giggling at his defensiveness. "You're jello."

"I am not jeal- wait, Jell-O?"

"That's right, you're jello." she stated, matter-of-factly. "Lime green Jell-O, to be exact, you're jealous of little Roxie."

"I'm not jealous, you're...fuckin' weird." he stammered, not quite sure how to respond to being called a fruity, gelatin dessert.

"C'mon, Dean." she joked, "You're feeling a little ignored since Roxie came back, she's getting all of Sammy's attention and now she's keeping him from going on hunts with you...? Sounds like jealousy, to me." she sang the last part.

His brows were practically in knots, with the way they were furrowed between his eyes. His hazel-green eyes concentrated on the road in front of him, as he listened to his fiance' poke fun at his jealousy of Roxie, calling him Jell-O, for God's sake!

"Okay, shut up-" he tried to sound serious but couldn't hold it in anymore.

The couple began laughing at each other and had to pull the Impala over, from the intensity of the humor. Dean actually had tears in his eyes and used his knuckle to rub them away.

"There's..." he fought back another fit and shook his head, "There's something seriously wrong with you, you know that?"

"Always have, I'm engaged to you, aren't I?" she retorted, sticking her tongue into her cheek as she smirked.

"I love you." he said, softly, once they calmed down.

"Likewise." she winked, sitting back in her seat as they returned to the road, and continued the drive to Wyoming.

They were calm moments later, quiet as they continued driving. Sunny looked out her window, wondering if she and Dean would laugh this much again, after she told him the truth.

"So tell me..." he began, turning the car as they got off the highway. "What exactly does a Vengeance Demon do? Is it like a vengeful spirit?"

"Not quite." she replied, sighing. "Vengeful spirits are ghosts that were killed in a moment of evil or hatred, as you already know. They come back and wreak vengeance on those who have wronged them in life, in most cases, their killers." she went on, "Vengeance Demons are solid creatures, who pose as friendly civilians, gaining one's trust. They can sense a person's urge to seek revenge, when they've been wronged; i.e. a bad breakup, a backstabbing best friend, a perverted employer..."

"Yeah?" he arched a brow.

"They appear to these victims and somehow get them to make a wish regarding the ones who've wronged them." she explained, "Once the wish is made, depending on the wish itself, the demon makes it come true and, normally, likes to twist the wish into something much worse than what the victim had in mind, making the outcome bloody and it usually ends with someone being ripped limb from limb."

"Sounds brutal." he said, releasing a large amount of breath. "Can't wait to meet it...Where are we meeting it?"

"Well, where do the angst-ridden typically end up after a bad day?" she quizzed, quirking a brow at him.

"Ahhh, very clever." Dean nodded, knowing exactly where they were headed.


Going by Bobby's notes, the hunters found themselves at a local and popular bar near their motel- which they had purchased prior to the investigation. The place was named 'Lucky's' but in this case, it was anything but for its regulars and self-medicators. Although it would be a Vengeance Demon's lucky day, walking into a place that reeked of victims seeking vengeance. It might as well of been an all you can curse buffet.

Standing outside the small bar, they went over the plan; to act like normal people looking for a good time, after a bad day. According to the hunter, who backed out of the job, the demon was wearing a pendant that had a blue-ish purple orb in the center. The orb contained the demon's power and with it in tact, the demon was invincible. Once they found the demon, they'd track it later and get it alone- to avoid any innocent people getting hurt- then, they'd grab the orb, destroy it, then kill the demon with the ever so simple: silver-blade-to-the-heart. It sounded easy enough.

As they made their way to the door, however, it suddenly flew open and a man rushed out, panting and gasping. He held his jacket over his head, causing him to bump shoulders with Dean. Upon impact, his jacket slid off his face, slightly, and the hunter noticed the man's face was bloody. He reached out to stop him, instinctively, but the man tugged away and ran across the street.

"Hey!" Dean called after him, realizing the guy couldn't have looked before he crossed, with the jacket covering his head. "Dude, wait!"

"Shit." Sunny hissed, noticing the 18 wheeler barreling down the street and just seconds away from smashing into the frantic man. "There's no time..."

Dean decided to take that chance and dove into the street, reaching for the guy, but only managed to snatch the jacket as the man threw himself in the truck's path. Suddenly, everything seemed to go into slow motion, as Dean looked up at the man's face. The smeared blood came from huge, boil-like wounds, that grew all over his face and head. They looked like mutant zit volcanoes, as blood and puss spewed from the inside.

"What the-"

He suddenly felt himself get pulled backwards, by his shirt. Bewildered, he watched as the grill of the massive truck slammed into the man, killing him instantly and leaving a bloody trail up the street, where the truck finally pulled over.

His mouth gaping open, he turned to Sunny.

"Vengeance Demon?" he asked, his voice hitching.

Glancing at the scene, she nodded. "Looks like."

"Oh, my God!" they heard a shrill, female voice cry from behind them.

A young, blonde, girl gasped as she spotted the man's bloody corpse a few yards away. She pressed her hand to her mouth, tears streaming from her perfect blue eyes and a strangled whimper struggling to pass the hand.

"This can't be happening to me." she sobbed, her words muffled. "Not Ryan. He can't be- Oh, God, what did I do?"

Sunny and Dean glanced at each other, this was definitely the work of a vengeance demon, and this girl had made a wish against this guy, Ryan.

Sunny, subtly, scanned the area, full of bystanders and rubber-neckers, for anyone wearing a pendant. The crowd was growing with ambulances, coroners and policemen arriving on the scene, but she didn't see anyone wearing the jewelry described. It was strange for a Vengeance Demon to not want to witness their handiwork and the aftermath. They were terribly prideful demons and normally liked to baste in their glory. Sick fuckers.

They immediately talked to the girl and told her they were the feds and knew Ryan's death was no accident- at least the events causing the sudden death wasn't- but they couldn't talk in public because it risked her own safety. She quickly agreed to meet them somewhere safe and she'd tell them everything that happened up to the time of Ryan's death. They got her address and phone number then departed.

Once the hunters were back in the car, Dean suddenly realized the girl's life could already be in danger- since she was the one who made the wish.

"Won't the demon go after her now?" he asked, "Now that she knows it made her wish come true?"

"Uhh, Vengeance Demons don't normally go after their clientele, they're the source to all their power, at the least the wishes are." Sunny replied, shaking her head, slightly. "That and the pendant. Believe it or not, they actually sympathize with their clients and genuinely want to help them...they just put their own really awful brand of evil in the recipe."

"And...these 'clients'- what- they don't realize these wishes they made are coming true?" Dean asked, "They don't see it as really fucking weird that the person they wished harm on, were...y'know...harmed?!"

"I don't know." Sunny scoffed, shrugging. "Maybe...maybe some don't even know their wishes came true. Maybe some claim it's coincidence, or karma. Humans can be really vulnerable, mentally and emotionally. They don't want to believe that magic and demons and 'evil wish granters' are real. I can imagine a lot of these clients deny it had anything to do with them, but deep down know it's the truth- that it's their fault."

"But it's not their fault." he stated, glancing at her. "It's the demon's fault. The demons and the douchebags in the world who hurt the people who love them, for no damn reason."

"True." she nodded, smiling weakly. "I can't say I never wished something bad would happen to someone who hurt me."

Dean glanced at her once more, but didn't say anything as he turned his attention back to the windshield. He turned the key, in the ignition, starting the car.

"I'm just glad I never made those wishes in front of a Vengeance Demon." she added, muttering.


"I swear, I never meant for it to happen." Blondie cried, her voice small and mousey as tears fell from her eyes.

"We know, Hailey, just start from the beginning." Sunny requested, giving her a sympathetic smile. "How did you end up at the bar in the first place?"

Hailey was 19 years old, and much too young to drink legally- especially in a bar- but her boyfriend, Ryan, was a bartender at Lucky's and she was able to drink there without being carded, or thrown out. Apparently, Ryan was very popular with the ladies, especially Hailey's roommate and sorority sisters who frequented the bar 'just to see him.'

"I caught Ryan and three of my sorority sisters going at it, in the bathroom, back at the sorority house." she admitted, sniffling. "I took off but he followed me, told me he was tricked into it. He said Samantha told him I was in the shower, but she knew I was making up an exam for Professor Shane at the library." she said, bunching up a wad of tissue paper. "He said when he got in the bathroom, he thought I was in the shower and decided to 'surprise me'...then the girls appeared and that's when I walked in."

"Okay, so you're boyfriend cheated, then followed you to the bar?" Sunny asked, getting dizzy from all the college drama.

"Yeah, I told him to screw off but he kept swearing that he loved me and only me." she shook her head, new tears streaming down her face. "Maybe I should have listened to him, believe him, y'know? He seemed so...scared. Like he knew I would never forgive him or take him back. I don't know."

"I don't know either, what happened next, Hailey?" Sunny rushed, clenching her jaw in frustration. "How did your wish come up?"

"I sat down at the bar and the girl Ryan hired, last week, poured me a shot." Hailey replied, "It was like, she knew I was upset and wanted to make me feel better. She went on about how guys suck and she told me about her ex, how he cheated on her with her best friend. She said everyday she would wish his balls would just fall off and explode at his feet."

She giggled at the memory, then timidly looked up at the hunters, posed as feds, before shrugging.

"I thought it was funny." she explained. "So I made my own wish..."

"What does she look like?" Sunny asked, "Did she have a necklace? A pendant with a blueish purple orb?"

"Yeah, I remember seeing it." Hailey nodded, "How did you know that?"

"What does she look like, Hailey?" the huntress asked again.

"She's young-ish, maybe mid-20's? Brown hair, green eyes. She a little taller than me." the young blonde listed, "Oh and she has a nose ring."

"Awesome." Sunny muttered, absently, as she scribbled in her notepad. "You wouldn't happen to know when she's working, do you?"

"She works everyday." Hailey answered, "From, like, open to close. It's like, she doesn't have a life outside the bar."

"Okay, great." Sunny sighed, standing up and shaking the sorority girl's hand. "Thank you for your cooperation and answering our questions so willingly. We're truly sorry for your loss."

"I just hope you're able to figure out how she was able to make my wish happen." Hailey said, hugging herself. "I mean, I'd hate for something like this to happen to someone else- or something worse's so scary. It's impossible."

Hailey showed them to the door and said goodbye, waving her hand as the hunter's stepped outside. She went to close the door when Dean stopped and turned back to her, a curious look on his face.

"What is it?" she asked, leaning against the door frame.

"I was just curious...what was your wish?" he asked, shrugging as if it were a casual question.

Hailey shifted her weight, uncomfortably, before letting out a mournful whimper.

"I wished herpes would spread all over his face."


Once they got back to the motel, Sunny and Dean gathered the necessary weapons to take down the Vengeance Demon. They decided they'd have to go back to the bar and confront it before it left town. Now that it had killed another human, it knew more hunters would be gunning for it, and as prideful as the demons were, they knew when it was time to flee.

The hunters quickly left the motel, their weapons duffel in tow, and got in the Impala. They didn't speak much, as they mentally prepared themselves for the fight ahead. It wasn't going to be easy, Vengeance Demons were known to be quite tricky and elusive. As long as they wore their pendant, they were virtually invincible. The pair would have to somehow take the pendant off the demon's person and destroy it, before it destroyed them.

"You ready for this?" Sunny asked, looking at Dean with an arched brow.

"Yeah." he nodded, hesitantly, before looking back at her. "You?"


They got to Lucky's minutes later and hastily made their way to the entrance. The police were still littered along the street where Ryan had been hit, police tape lining the area where blood had been spilled. The ambulances were gone, as well as most of the rubberneckers, but everyone's attention remained on the blood soaked street. Taking advantage of this, the hunters sneaked around back, toward the back entrance and carefully picked the lock.

They were inside in seconds and quickly, quietly, searched for the bartender in question. Surprisingly, there were lots of people sitting and drinking, as if a horrible accident hadn't taken place outside, just under an hour ago. Dean scanned the bar, looking straight to where the bartenders were supposed to work, pouring drinks or cleaning glasses, but didn't see any brunette women. In fact, there was no one manning the bar, at all.

He glanced at Sunny and shook his head, they didn't exactly have another lead and he was afraid they had been too late, the demon could be miles away by now. Sunny shrugged, defeated. They had no idea where to look now, had nothing to go on beyond their only lead. They turned to exit the bar, when suddenly, a fist connected to Dean's jaw. The hunter hurtled onto a cheap, wooden table, breaking it in pieces on impact. Sunny swiftly turned toward the assailant, dodging a punch, and delivering her own attack; kicking the attacker in the stomach.

Brown hair flew in the woman's face as she stumbled back, green eyes glowing as she glared at the huntress who struck her. That was their demon, alright. Bitch came out of fuckin' nowhere, too. Dean was back on his feet and by Sunny's side before the demon began to speak.

"Sunshine Thornhart and Dean Winchester." she snarled, eyeing them from head to toe, then back up again, her upper lip curled in distaste.

The hunters whipped out their silver blades, holding them up in front of them, in a defensive stance. The demon scoffed, rolling her eyes and shaking her head at the feeble humans, thinking their little knives would do any good against her. She opened her red-painted lips to speak, but stopped when her eyes landed on Sunny, a look of confusion washing over her pretty, human features.

"Wait..." she urged, cocking her head to the side and narrowing her eyes, a sly smile forming. "What's the deal with you, missy?"

"What're you yammering about?" Dean demanded, looking at Sunny then to the demon, who looked like a child in a candy store.

The demon caught on quickly, that Dean had no idea Sunny's soul was tagged. Sunny's eyes went wide, with sudden realization, and she swallowed hard, shaking her head. The bitch knew. She knew! God, she was fucked. She knew the demon would take advantage of this, using it as a way to distract the hunters and make her escape.

"You don't know." the demon stated the obvious, clicking her tongue in amusement.

"Know what?" Dean shouted, growing more confused and irritated by the second.

"Well, from what I can see-" was all the demon was able to get out, as Sunny lunged toward her and ripped the pendant necklace off her throat.

"Bitch!" the demon growled, clawing at Sunny to get her orb back, and missing by mere inches.

Dean moved forward, and grabbed the demon's arms, stopping her long enough for Sunny to drop the pendant and stomp on it- smashing it into tiny pieces. The orb made a loud pop, followed by a small, glittery explosion at her feet, as the power from within was sucked out of it. The demon screamed, in anger and pain, as her body went pale-gray and her eyes went black. Wind swirled around her, rapidly, until finally, she turned into a pile of black ash.

"Whoa." a drunken man groaned, blinking his eyes hard as he tried to figure out whether or not the actions that just happened, actually happened.

The rest of the customers bolted after watching the craziness and, without another moment wasted, the hunters were gone and back in the car, headed to their motel.

Once there, they packed up and headed back to Bobby's, arriving at the salvage yard just before sunset.

"Back so soon?" Bobby greeted them, from the front porch.

He lifted his bottle of beer to his lips and took a quick swig, as the young couple dragged themselves up the front stairs, their eyes half open and glazed over from exhaustion.

"Please, tell me we have booze." Dean sighed, rubbing his hand over his face.

"Where it always is, son." the old man replied, following them inside.

Sam held his hand up, in greeting, as his brother and Sunny walked into the kitchen. Roxie was nowhere in sight.

"Where's the grinch?" Dean asked, puling a bottle of beer from the fridge.

"Sleeping." Sam answered, tensely.

"I'm guessing you had just as much fun with her, as we did with the Vengeance demon." Sunny smirked, tiredly.

"What happened?" Dean asked, sitting across from his brother, at the table, and popping open his beer.

"Alright." Sam began, taking a deep breath, and setting down his own bottle. "So, I took her shopping, for new clothes, y'know, tried to stay on her good side, maybe she'd lighten up, a little..."

"I'm guessing that was a fail." Sunny commented, taking the seat between the brothers.

"Oh yeah." Sam nodded, his eyes widening in exasperation. "We get to the store and she's looking at the clothes- there are lots of different styles and plenty of things to choose from- and she still has a problem with liking something." he shook his head, it was apparent reliving the whole episode was making him frustrated all over again. "She couldn't find anything she liked. I made a few suggestions, pointed out a few things, and she totally flipped out! Made a scene in the middle of the store. Finally, she settles on an entire wardrobe, and accessories, and we get to the checkout to pay... and she disappears on me."

"Where did she think she was going to go?" Dean shrugged, giving his brother a confused, yet sympathetic, look.

"I don't know." Sam shrugged, "I found her, all the way across the plaza's parking lot, trying to hitchhike. I had to pick her up and drag her into the car. She's worse than a child."

Sunny looked down at the table and sighed, softly.

"What are we going to do with her?" she muttered.

"I can't take any more of this, guys." Sam admitted, "It hurts, so much. It's like something evil, and horrible, came and tore the love of my life out of her body, and took her place. Everytime I look into her eyes- Roxie's eyes- I see someone totally different."

"I know, Sammy." Dean said, softly, and sighed. "We'll figure out what happened, and we'll figure out how to fix it. I promise."

Sam looked up at his brother, giving him an appreciative smile. He was well aware of what had to be done, but he also knew Dean and Sunny wouldn't allow it, not after Cas warned them not to use magic.

But Sam didn't care. He would get his Roxie back, one way or another.

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