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Sydney's P.O.V.

Just as we finished reading the last sentence of Last Sacrifice there was a knock on the door. "I hope it's the person who ever the hell it is will finally let us go," grumbled Rose as

she went to the door. "Are you freakin' kidding me!" We heard her yell as she walked into the room with a box in her hands. As we opened up the box we saw another note. I

grabbed it and read it out loud as Christian and Lissa pulled out the books. It read:

Dear Guardian Hathaway, Guardian Belikov, Queen Dragomir, Lord Ozera, Tasha, Other Guardian Hathaway, Mr. Mazur, Guardian Castile, Sonya, Guardian

Tanner, Jill, Adrian, Mia, and Sydney; you have all read the books about Rose's life but know you are going to read about one of your friends—Sydney. Now after

you finish these books you may leave. And Don't worry there are only two.. for now. There should also be more food in the box.

Happy reading,

Richelle Mead

"This is from Sage's point of view? This is going to be interesting," Said Eddie. "Haha we finally get to know what our little Alchemist is thinking," said Rose as she winked at me.

The more I thought about what could be in the book the more frightened I got about reading it. Why could it not have been from someone else's perspective! "Let's get this over

with," I mumbled. "I want to read first!" said Adrian looking directly at me. Oh Adrian. I still remember our fight as if it were yesterday. I wish things went back to the way they

were. "Chapter one" Adrian began.