By – Hime no Ichigo

Genre: Romance/Introspective
Rating: G
Pairings: Ryuu/Chizuru, Shouta/Sawako
Story Type: Drabble
Summary: It used to be a blessing in disguise, but now, it's different.

Disclaimer: Kimi ni Todoke is the intellectual property of Shiina Karuho.

Notes: This is from Toki's prompt: "miniskirt".

"Chizu-chan, you look so nervous today."

"Do I? You're imagining things, Sawako." She laughs, quickly diverting the subject away from her personal life and instead latches onto something safer, like how she's doing with Kazehaya and if they've gone beyond simply holding hands. Watching her being all flustered and listening to her stammering forces her mind to forget about the miniskirt at the bottom of her closet, something that she has tried to not give so much thought about for the past year.

Chizuru hasn't told anyone about the subtle change in her relationship with Ryuu, ever since his confession (it isn't the first time, but it is the first time she's taking it seriously), though she suspects Ayane already has her own suspicions about them. She tries to keep it as natural as possible, and to be honest it's not too terribly hard because it's Ryuu, yet at the same time, it's because it's Ryuu that she's conflicted.

Growing up so close together for their entire lives is more of a burden now; when she was younger, it was a blessing in disguise because Tooru was there. Ryuu knows pretty much everything about her – there are no secrets between them, and the most important thing is that she feels comfortable around him, having no trouble taking her anger out on him. And really, why her, of all people? Chizuru doesn't think she's inferior to anybody, but Ryuu can do better; they still have so many years ahead of them, why has he chosen her so early on in life?

Tomorrow, Saturday, is their first outing together (she doesn't call it a date...yet, no, not yet, not until she sorts out her emotions). It's nothing fancy, probably, since their neighbourhood is so small and everyone knows anyone who comes and goes, and knowing Ryuu, it'll likely be the most unromantic day ever too.

The little piece of garment tugs at the back of her mind. Should she wear it? Or would dressing up and looking out of her element only make her look like a fool? Not that Ryuu will mind much, probably, since he's never expressed interest in how she dresses anyway, but this is different, isn't it? It should be—

"Chizu-chan? Chizu-chan, you're going the wrong way."

The shorter girl looks at her anxiously, clearly not believing Chizuru's insistence that everything's all right. "I'll see you Monday, Sawako, have a good time with Kazehaya this weekend!"

She blushes prettily, and Chizuru is envious at how natural she is.

- Owari -

Authoress' Notes: My friend told me there has been progression in this relationship, and since I haven't read anything past the end of volume 13, this is not to be taken at face value.