Uta no Prince-Sama (c) Broccoli

A/N: My plan is to rotate through the main pairings of Ren/Masato, Tokiya/Otoya and Natsuki/Shou (in that order, repeat) for the alphabet challenge, so please do enjoy. :)

Summary: Ren and Masato are the only ones who know of their childhood habits.

The process or state of growing to maturity.

The thought of growing up was one thing that Masato Hijirikawa had looked forward to ever since he was enrolled in to elementary school. For him, it meant making his own decisions that would directly influence the future he hoped to create for himself. This meant abandoning his old habits and taking on any and all habits that would be considered mature (being respectful of elders and doing anything expected of him without question, for example).

For a long while, Masato had put on the perfect show and fooled those around him, but Ren Jinguji came in to his life and knew better than to believe such a ruse. In fact, Ren could point out the little habits that sometimes slipped up whenever Masato forgot to keep his act in check (like his unwavering love for melon bread or the twinkling he got in his eyes whenever new lyrics came to mind).

Naturally, Masato denied any accusations made by Ren on these moments and in return, Ren would just give a lazy smile and go along with the act. After all, Ren had maintained his own collection of childish habits that only Masato could point them out on command.