A/N: I wrote this while on break at work lol so enjoy. We're almost done! :)

Summary: Shou likes a man in uniform.

An identifying outfit or style of dress worn by the members of a given profession, organization, or rank.

"Would you hurry up already?" A grumble escapes past the lips of an exasperated boy as he taps his foot fervently in time to the beat of the rather repetitive song. Shou was always the kind of person who found great joy out of extensive shopping and yet, here he is with boredom etched in his brows and sour expression. Naturally, the only cause for this is none other than Natsuki and his bothersome ways from his obsession of his precious piyo-chan to inappropriate costumes to dress Shou up in.

With yet another irritated sigh, Shou is about to start up another round of complaints (perhaps he will go for the back pain this time) when the door finally swung open swiftly while the towering blond emerges from the room with arms wide open and a brilliant smile to match the width. When Shou narrows his eyes to give the other a very over due lecture, he pauses when he drinks in the sight of the form fitting uniform that Natsuki is wearing so well. The way Natsuki carelessly left the first three buttons to his shirt undone to reveal a prominent collarbone combined with the luscious curves that appears under the influence of the black slacks are driving Shou to the brink of insanity. What did it for the petit blond though is how Natsuki's sleeves are rolled up to reveal his toned, tan arms that look surprisingly well under the poor lighting that fluorescent lights bring. Just the thought of ever seeing someone dressed this way brings shivers to Shou's spine and he detests himself for it.

"What do you think?" Natsuki's voice induces Shou back to reality then which the latter is reluctantly sad to realize.

"Tomo sure has a sense of humor..." Shou mumbles under his breath and averts his eyes when he realizes that his cheeks are burning with what is undeniably a blush. That confounded girl always enjoys teasing the way Shou constantly refuses to be overly affection towards his boyfriend (Natsuki had enough affection to go around) and is apparently now turning to Shou's kink for uniforms.

"Huh? Does it look funny on me?" Natsuki inquires with a tone that hints at his growing disappointment.

With a groan, Shou looks away and grumbles a reply that goes unheard to the untrained ear. Fortunately, Natsuki is used to this sort of behavior and allows a wide grin to spread over his face as he scoops Shou up in a bone crushing hug.

"I knew you'd like it!" He bellows and spins in circles with the smaller boy happily. Out of pure bliss, Natsuki begins planting kisses all over Shou's face and repeatedly professing his love.

"S-Stop," Shou barely mutters out while prying himself from the other's grip. "Just... get back in the dressing room with me."

"Huh? You're coming too?" Natsuki smiles as he replies without missing a beat. "Did you want to help me get in my next outfit?"

With an even deeper blush that burned even more viciously, Shou grumbles while shifting between his casual stance to one more tense, "Something like that."

And with that Syo shoved Natsuki into the dressing room and sealed the door tightly before turning his attention to the other.