I'm awake. I hate being awake. Why do I hate bei-I remember. The flames. Heat. Deafening silence. Maniacal laughter. The boiler. Oh god, the boiler. Blue skin. Flaming white hair. Fangs. Red eyes. Dan. Me. He took them again, they're gone he…I…killed them. Jazz, Tucker…Mom, Dad…Mr. Lancer. There's someone else…I can't remember. Why can't I….it hurts too much to remember. Maybe I should talk with…Sam. Sam. She…Sam. She's gone. I know why I hate being awake. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Sam. Somewhere in my insanity, people ask what happed, and I tell the m the truth. They think I've gone insane, and I have, but not how they think. I'm put in a 'hospital' because of the truth. I don't care. I miss… Sam. I say her name. For hours on end, god…I miss her. Sam. Somewhere along the line Vlad finds out. He comes and talks to me. I'm nearly catatonic. Only one thing driving me. Sustaining me. Destroying me. Sam. Vlad talks to me. It…helps. I still miss her though. Sam.

Six months have passed apparently. I always miss her. Sam. But I can deal, just not with the town. I want to leave. Where will you go he asks me, and I tell him that I will go where I am not needed so I will never fail anyone, ever again. California seems nice. Sam. She's never been to California, it's going to take a while to stop…who am I kidding, I'll never stop thinking about her. Vlad wants to support me. So I let him. I get him to fudge the records and say I've graduated. I promise to go study with clockwork. And so I do. Sam.

I'm at a new place, I'm just another new face, to get lost in the crowd. I have a house in this town, this place called…Jump City. Jump City City? Kinda like Amity Park Park. Kinda funny I guess. Sam. I open a book store and a café. The café is half of downstairs, the bookstore the rest and all of up. I call it 'Sam's Place'. What else? A new start, a new life.

It's been a year. I've been holding get-together's at my place, every Saturday night, anyone who wants to come can come. Ghosts only. Ember comes. She makes it better, makes it nice. We start something together, something mutually abusive, and exclusive. Guitar lessons, which somehow turns into a physical relationship. She never got over her death, and I never got over Sam's. We use each other. We know what it is…but we're 'happy', for now. Right now I'm…not happy…but not dead either. It's a start. Sometimes we fight, sometimes we have sex...a lot of the times, but we never 'make love', we know that's not what it is, but it works. We're…content. She's my friend now. Wulf comes in one embarrassing evening. We decide If Ember wants to get together with me she'll come Friday night or call during the day, and if she wants to join Wulf together with me she can still come on Saturdays. I hire someone to help run the shop he suggests an open mike night every Tuesday and Thursday. It's pretty awesome. Mostly poetry and music, the occasional jokester. James runs the upstairs and I run the down. Desiree comes next. Then Kitty and Johnny. Shadow and Wulf are friends, we've all become friends. Spectra comes after a bad breakup. The misery here makes her so happy, she doesn't even encourage it, she acts like a human being for once. She's a regular now that she doesn't have to hunt for her meals. Klemper tried to come once. We all kick his ass to the curb. Sometime later Dani came by, she's not a regular, but I always love to see her, she's all the family I have left right now.

A year and a half. James leaves for a different job, so he can go to school he says. A week passes and another person is working there. Her name is Emily. Sam. Walker stops by occasionally, to make sure we're not breaking the rules. So he says. He just wants to have non-lethal fun for once. Sometimes we watch movies, sometimes we stargaze, sometimes we play games, sometimes we even go out to eat. I sometimes make a duplicate that stays human for the outings so no one get's suspicious. It's hilarious to see Jump react to them, but once they realized no one was destroying the town, they relaxed, somewhat. Vlad stopped by one time, scared the crap out of everyone and they all ran off. I hit him for that. We do other things too, but mostly…we talk. About anything…everything…nothing…Sam. We let Boxy and the Lunch Lady join in, as long as they're not annoying, which actually surprised us when they weren't. We're friends now. Sam. I miss her. She's still my best friend. No one will replace her. Vlad's got a girlfriend. Had a girlfriend, they broke up. I got him a lonely guy cat. I named it Fruitloop. I think it's hilarious. He doesn't. But he never got rid of the cat. Vlad got back with the girlfriend and in less than six months he's married. Nice ceremony. She knows about everything. She's a nice lady. Sam. She stopped by once. Technically Vlad's my guardian. So she's my step mother apparently.

From the beginning I had visited Clockwork and The Ghostwriter, Pandora and Frostbite. I try to get them to join in, but they they prefer seclusion, except for Pandora. I learn from Clockwork, and I get my books from The Ghostwriter. Rare old books, unique books, silly books. I keep him company sometimes. He likes it and I haven't had another Christmas fiasco, still hate the holiday though. Frostbite teaches me to calm myself and think of philosophy, reflect on my life. Pandora teaches me how to harness my rage and strategize. She also teaches me to cook, fight with weapons and sometimes we go on friend dates. Sam. Every year I go back. For the important dates like birthdays, and the anniversary. Halloween and Valentine's day for her. I go, for her. Sam.

Two years now and I'm seventeen, I look older. The town is used to my ghost outings, and business is doing well. Ember and me sometimes have guitar battles like nobody's business on open mike night. The patrons are used to hearing strange things when Ember comes. One week she got bored and we didn't leave the bedroom for four days straight. I was so tired afterwards. So was she. I didn't see her for two weeks. Made my patrons blush every time they saw me for a month. It's funny. Emily asked for some time off after that. Came back and was still blushing. Hilarious. Sam. A couple weeks after that is when it happens, when the five 'superheroes' came into my life.