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. . .

Chapter 68: Halloween:

"I am not wearing that stupid costume," Sam said, crossing his arms over his chest as he shook his head.

"Aw come on, lighten up Sammy. It's Halloween and Balthazar is throwing some huge costume party," Dean complained as he shoved the costume closer to his brother.

"Don't you find it a little odd that Balthazar is going to throw a costume party where humans are involved?" Sam said, his voice suspicious.

"I'm not that bad," Balthazar's voice piped in as he materialized in front of them "Ooh costume shopping," his features lit at the rack of clothing.

"Why are you doing this again?" Sam asked as Balthazar picked up a Scream mask.

"Because I happen to find it quite interesting to watch the way humans interact while in costumes…and I love to frighten the children," Balthazar said simply as he slid the mask over his head.

Dean chuckled at the sight of the Scream killer with puffy white and yellow feathered wings. He shoved the costume back at Sam, who glared at it.

"This is so childish," Sam said but he reluctantly took the clothing.

"You'd make a great Jack Skellington being all tall and lanky," Dean said as he turned to search for a costume of his own. He paused and smirked widely when his eyes set on an angel costume.

"Yeah and Gabriel could be Sally," Balthazar added as he took the mask off.

Sam gave them both a bitchface and chucked the costume back onto the rack.

"Balthy with your stupid accent, you should be Jack Sparrow," Dean said with a grin as he threw the costume over to the angel.

Balthazar arched an eyebrow as he placed the hat on his head and held the hanger of clothing over his body.

Dean laughed "I think that look suits you, seriously."

Balthazar rolled his eyes "I suppose I could work with this," he said as he walked over to the standing mirror to inspect. He pulled at the fake hair that hung within the hat.

"Cas…you almost done in there?" Dean asked, banging on the changing room door.

"Dean, I don't like this…it feels strange," Castiel's voice echoed in the room.

Dean smiled "Come on out…let me see," he said.

"No," Castiel said firmly.

"Please Cas…for me?" Dean asked, giving puppy dog eyes even though he knew Castiel couldn't see them. Instead, Dean placed his hand over the mark Castiel left on his shoulder and sent reassuring waves.

Castiel was quiet for a moment before reluctantly opening the door slowly. He hated when Dean used their bond like that. He would do nearly anything for him.

Dean waited, making sure to keep a blank face as Castiel began to show himself from the open door. Dean pressed his twitching lips together and tried to stifle his laugh when his eyes set on the angel walking out in all white with very flared pants and a v-cut opened top. Colored jewels and gold lined around the top and he was wearing a pair of sunglasses. Dean tried his very best not to laugh but it came out anyways.

Castiel frowned "I told you I didn't like it."

Dean heard Sam and Balthazar laughing behind him and he felt bad but he placed a hand on Castiel's wings reassuringly "Okay so Elvis is funny when anyone is wearing him…it's not you, trust me."

"Can't I just wear what I want?" Castiel groaned.

"No…we'll just find you something better," Dean said.

"What are you gonna wear?" Castiel asked, his wings slumping.

"I don't know yet," Dean admitted. He froze when there was a snap of fingers and a sudden breeze washing over some very private areas. He could feel clothing hugging him tightly. His eyes widened when he heard Sam and Balthazar laughing uncontrollably as well as several other customers who were standing nearby.

Dean slowly walked into the dressing room Castiel had been in and froze at the sight. He was no doubt in a little school girl outfit, the short, loose red plaid skirt hanging just low enough to cover his package. His hairy thighs were showing up until the knee high white socks. The top he was wearing was white with long sleeves and tied in a knock over his pecks like a bra. A red plaid tie hung loosely around his neck and he had a wig of beach blonde pigtails on. He tripped slightly in the black stilettos on his feet.

He spun to face the laughing Sam and Balthazar "Seriously?" Dean asked "Give me my clothes back."

"That look suits you, Dean," Sam laughed.

Castiel rolled his eyes at his brother and clicked his fingers, placing Dean's regular clothes back on.

"Thank you, Cas," Dean said with a smile.

"Alright…I have the perfect costume for you, Cas," Dean said finally as the idea popped into his head.

. . .At Balthazar's Mansion. . .

Sam and Dean pulled the Impala up to the long, circular driveway that was filled with dozens of vehicles. Loud music blasted loud enough for the hunter's to hear it outside. There had to be at least 60 people standing outside drinking and talking loudly over the music.

Dean parked the Impala alongside the road in front of the place and cut the engine. He then slid out of the car, followed by Sam and Castiel.

Dean glanced over to Castiel, who seemed very uncomfortable in his costume. It took so much convincing to actually get him to wear it but he did. He was wearing a small brown top hat, black slacks and a dark gray shirt covered by a lighter brown vest. Over his clothing was a long, dark brownish auburn trench coat that had a fake Tojo attached to the sleeve. He allowed his scruff to cover his jaw. All in all, he made the perfect Van Helsing…except for his wings that were folded back behind him in a sign of being stiff.

"I'm very uncomfortable," Castiel admitted as he pulled as the sleeve of his coat.

"At least you still get to wear a trench coat," Dean said with a smile.

"I still don't know why Gabriel insisted I wear this," Sam said, motioning to his body that was clad in fake steel plated armor on his chest with fake gauntlets on his wrist to his forearms. Over his back was a red cape and in his hand was a light, fake hammer. He wore knee high boots and black pants. To make matters even worse, he had to wear a stupid long blond haired wig.

"I think you make a decent Thor," Dean commented with a chuckle.

"Well your Captain America," Sam laughed "You look like a dork."

"I think I look awesome," Dean said with a smirk as he lifted his big, yet light shield.

Sam chuckled as he swung his plastic hammer towards Dean, who blocked it with the shield. The made a clap sound and they continued to mess around as they walked towards the entrance to the mansion.

"I don't seem like I fit in with you," Castiel said as he followed the wrestling brothers.

"Van Helsing is one of the most badass hunters ever," Dean said as he blocked another swing from the plastic hammer.

"There you are!" Gabriel's voice sounded as he sauntered over to the brothers and Castiel.

Sam and Dean both put down their accessories to see what the Trickster was up to.

Gabriel came walking over, his clothing green and brass looking clothing. He had a helmet-like thing on his head with two long, curved horn-like things. Over his back was a green cape similar to the one that Sam was wearing. He had on fake gold plated armor over his arms and shoulders with black clothing beneath the jacket. The costume seemed a little bit on him which made it much funnier.

"Oh now I get it…Loki and Thor…nice, Gabe," Sam said sarcastically as his angel walked over.

Gabriel smirked when his eyes set on Dean "Captain America," he turned his eyes to Castiel "And…Van Helsing?"

Castiel nodded as he pulled as the sleeve of his costume again. He sighed and turned his eyes to Dean, smiling at the way the outfit clung tightly to his body.

"Well come on, Balthy wants to do keg stands again," Gabriel said, motioning for them to follow.

"Did Balthazar actually go as Jack Sparrow?" Dean asked as he followed the two caped men.

Gabriel chuckled "Yeah he did and damn, almost every human female in that room is swooning over him."

"Figures," Sam muttered "I don't understand what the big deal is with Jack Sparrow."

"Dude," Dean started "It's Johnny Depp with his sweet accent and awesome pirate costume."

Sam and Gabriel both stopped to turn and stare at Dean with amused eyes.

"What?" Dean asked "He is good looking for his age, I'll give him that."

Sam rolled his eyes and walked back towards the building.

"Who is Johnny Depp?" Castiel asked, instantly curious about this man that Dean said was 'good looking'.

"An actor," Dean said simply. He smirked and waved at a few girls who were dressed in slutty playboy bunny costumes. They each giggled and turned away.

Castiel shot them dark eyes and the females each started to walk in the other direction.

Gabriel led them right around the side of the house and into the back yard where there was a huge, ovular in-ground pool with two hot tubs on the sides of it. Tables filled with bottles of liquor filled the lawn as well as several kegs. Both angels and humans filled the lawn in a variety of costumes. Dean was seeing trolls, Harry Potters, Voldemorts, ghosts, Zombies…stupid sparkling vampires…everything. All of the females were pretty much covered in barely anything…slutty cop, nurse, school girl and French maid costumes.

His eyes set on where he could see the large, silvery blue wings shimmering by one of the kegs. He had no idea who Michael was going as but it was going to be good. Once they walked closer, Dean had to laugh at the sight. Michael stood stiffly by the keg wearing what was no doubt a Dracula costume. He had black slacks with a white button up shirt covered by a velvety maroon colored vest. He had a cape over him that was like silk, black on the outside and the same maroon red on the inside. The collar was popped up around his neck where a necklace with a cross sat over his chest. His skin was unusually pale and his eyes looked sunken in with dark make up. His eyes held annoyance as Balthazar, in his Captain Jack Sparrow costume, babbled on about something, trying to get Michael to do a keg stand.

"Hey you guys are late," Balthazar said as they stopped by the keg.

"Sorry, this guy's takes longer than a chick to get ready," Dean said, pointing to Sam.

"Actually, that was you Dean," Sam said, rolling his eyes.

"Alright, so who made you Dracula?" Dean asked Michael with a laugh.

Michael just glared at Gabriel, who was smirking happily.

"Oh! Van Helsing, it's Dracula!" Gabriel joked, shoving at Castiel's shoulder.

Dean burst out with a laugh at the irony and from the bewildered looks on both Michael and Castiel's faces.

"You seriously don't know? Van Helsing and Dracula hate each other…their supposed to be enemies…Helsing kills some vampire ass," Dean went on.

"I believe you are taking the costumes too literally, Dean. I am not going to fight my brother because of the clothing that he is wearing," Castiel said slowly.

Castiel jumped when he heard a voice whisper in his ear "Why so serious?" it sounded mocking and dark and just plain sent chills down Castiel's spine. He spun around to see Lucifer standing there, a wicked smirk upon his very unrecognizable face. His skin was painted white with red painted over his lips and curling in a line almost to his ears. Around his eyes were smothered in black paint and he had long, dirty looking curled messy hair. He had on a green vest and purple overcoat, pants and gloves.

"Oh wow!" Dean laughed "That fits you perfectly."

Lucifer smirked as he walked over to the keg "I saw Penguin around here somewhere."

Dean rolled his eyes "So…Cas…I wanna see you a triple keg stand," he said excitedly.

Castiel pursed his lips and shook his head "I don't know…"

"Aw come on," Lucifer said "Don't be a sissy."

"Yeah, Helsing would never refuse a challenge," Dean added.

Castiel sighed after a moment but nodded "Why not…what's in the keg?" he asked.

"Same stuff as the party we had in Dean's head," Balthazar said with a grin "I wanna get smashed."

Castiel nodded as three kegs were pressed together and in a fluid movement, he jumped up, his hands landing on the top of two kegs as he used his wings to balance himself to handstand. Dean beamed widely as he grabbed the tube-like objects connected to the kegs and placed them into Castiel's mouth. He tried not to think dirty thoughts about how much that mouth could hold but the thoughts came anyways.

With a snap of fingers, the roofied absinthe began to flow into Castiel, who was swallowing it down without a problem. He didn't even sway as he went on, the others around cheering him on. Castiel moved one of his hands to hold his hat on, causing more cheer when they saw him using only one hand to hold him up.

Once all three kegs were emptied, Castiel pushed himself back to his feet. He swayed in place for a moment, his head spinning dizzily. That was when the real party started.

. . .Three Hours and 52 Kegs Later. . .

"Spin the bottle is such a sissy game," Dean complained as he lounged on the grass beside his angel. Castiel had taken the hat off at some point neither of them recalled. Dean had lost his shield somewhere in the process as well.

Gabriel had taken off his helmet thing as well as he curled his wings around Sam, who also lost his hammer.

"And you guys will use your angel mojo and cheat," Sam pointed out as he relished in the feel of his angel's wings.

"We promise not to use 'angel mojo'," Gabriel said "C'mon it'll be fun."

"Do you not realize that we are pretty much all brothers to each other," Michael said as licked his lips, the fake fangs in his mouth bugging him.

All in all, everyone around the circle was smashed just as they had been those months before.

"Don't think about that," Balthazar said "We aren't brothers right now. I'm Captain Jack Sparrow…he is Captain America, you are Dracula, Castiel is Van Helsing, Gabriel is Loki and Sam is Thor."

"Still makes us brothers," Sam said, causing Gabriel to chuckle.

"Don't forget about Joker over there," Dean said, pointing to Lucifer, who was reapplying the red over his mouth.

"And we have Penguin," Lucifer said, patting Crowley on the back. Crowley looked just as he usually did with the black coat and white top except for the ridiculous hankerchief thing over his chest and his top hat.

Crowley chuckled nervously. He always did whatever the angels said mostly just for his own safety. They could kill him with a snap of fingers.

"Either we play spin the bottle," Gabriel said "or I send you all home."

"I do not wish for anyone to touch Dean," Castiel said flatly, his wings flattening against Dean's lap.

"If you are gonna' be like that then you can just leave…no fun suckers allowed," Lucifer said, sticking out his tongue.

Dean was currently too smashed to even care about anything "I'll play it. Screw it…it's Halloween…we are not ourselves tonight."

"Spin the bottle it is," Gabriel said excitedly.

Everyone agreed with goofy grins on their faces and Castiel reluctantly agreed.

"So I'll start," Gabriel said.

"No. I'll start," Balthazar quipped "I mean, it is my party."

"Okay," Gabriel said with a shrug.

Balthazar grinned "First round of spins…just a peck on the cheek to whomever your spin lands on."

Everyone nodded. That seemed simple enough.

Balthazar pulled a beer bottle from the side of him and placed it down upon the concrete where they were sitting. He grinned as he placed his hand on it and gave it a big spin.

Everyone watched with anticipation and fear as the bottle began to slow. Michael watched as it slowed and stopped pointed at him. He lifted his eyebrows and stared up "What does this mean?"

"Means you get a peck on the cheek from mwah," Balthazar said, leaning over the bottle towards Michael, who began to back away.

Lucifer pushed Michael's back so he leaned forward. Balthazar touched his lips to Michael's cheek with a grin then pulled away "Now it's your turn to spin."

Michael's cheeks were reddened slightly but he followed the motion of spinning the bottle. Once again, everyone watched with anticipation.

Dean wanted to laugh as he watched the bottle slow to a stop, pointing directly at Crowley, whose eyes widened in what he could have sworn was fear.

Michael just glared at Crowley, who was about ready to fly away.

"Just do it, Mikie," Lucifer said, trying to hold back laughter. Of all angels, the one who hated demons the most was the one to land on the demon.

Michael took a deep breath and grit his teeth as he leaned forward to Crowley who patted his cheek and held it out. Michael just barely let his lips touch Crowley's cheek before he was swiftly back to his spot, wiping his mouth disgustedly.

Crowley pursed his lips and touched at his cheek "I feel really clean now."

"Just spin the damn bottle," Michael muttered, crossing his arms over his chest. He was not liking this game at all.

. . .

Within the next thirty minutes, they were now moving onto the round of five second lip-to-lip kissing. The pecks on the cheeks ended up not being nearly as bad as they had expected. Crowley landed on Sam, who landed on Lucifer, who landed on Gabriel, who landed on Castiel, whom then landed on Dean. Castiel and Dean were both perfectly happy about that. Though now that the real kissing was about to start, Dean was worried he wouldn't land on Castiel again. It was sheer luck last time.

"I don't think this is a good idea," Dean said, starting to sober up, "What if I land on Sammy?" he gagged at the idea.

Gabriel quickly snapped his fingers and Dean suddenly felt like he just drank an entire bottle of pure absinthe. His mind immediately reeled into 'I don't give a damn about anything I do tonight' mode. It seemed as though everyone in the circle reached the same mindset as the tenseness in the air turned to relaxation. Everyone was just having a good time now.

Dean grinned as he watched Castiel fall back, letting his body rest for a moment. Dean then spun the bottle. It circled quickly several times before starting to slow down. His stomach turned when it began to slow even more the closer it moved to Sam. Relief washed through him when it passed his brother…everyone perked up and watched as it landed, pointing directly at Michael, whose face became paler if that was even possible in his Dracula costume.

Michael knew it was stupid to get freaked out about kissing his vessel but it was more of the fact that he had never really kissed anyone before…like ever. He wasn't a very touchy feeling angel.

Castiel's eyes darkened at Michael when he knew what Dean was going to do.

"Gotta' do this," Dean said, the new alcohol Gabriel had put in his system removing all his worries. He was actually relieved it was Michael rather than Sam or Crowley.

Castiel had to admit that he was a little more relieved it wasn't Lucifer or Balthazar…then again, Castiel had that constant fear that Dean would connect with Michael more than him considering their automatic vessel-to-angel bond. He gulped deeply as he watched Dean push Lucifer back to get to Michael. Lucifer grinned as he willingly leaned back to allow Dean access; he had to see his big brother get kissed by Dean.

Dean grinned when Michael stiffened; his wings becoming hard like cardboard against his back. He made the motion quick, dipped his head down until his lips fell upon the archangel's. For only a split second, Michael stiffened before his entirely body relaxed, his wings unfurling and swirling to curl around both of their bodies. He was amazed at the sweet and tenderness of a kiss. He had thought it was just some unnecessary action humans did. He never understood what one would enjoy about it but he could clearly begin to understand. His grace seemed to warm and sent heat through his vessel that made him want to just sigh in relief.

Dean was surprised at how quickly Michael picked up on the kiss, slowly moving his lips to match the movement of Dean's. It was then Dean's turn to stiffen when he felt Michael's wings curl around him to pull him closer. He knew now it had to have been five seconds and he started to pull away but those wings clung to him.

Everyone stared in shock as Michael held Dean there. They could see him trying to pull away but it was useless. That was when all eyes moved to Castiel, whose sapphire eyes were starting to darken drastically, his wings flaring out in anger. He leapt forward, causing Lucifer to slide back a few more inches. Castiel grabbed onto Michael's feathers and pulled then roughly.

Michael gasped and uncurled his wings until they were tight against his back again. Dean was pulled back quite harshly by Castiel, who continued to wrap his wings around Dean until nothing was seen of the hunter but his head.

"My apologies," Michael said, catching his breath. He hadn't realized what he did but from the smirks and astonished eyes of the others, he knew it must have been bad.

Dean thrashed out of Castiel's wings "Don't be such an assbutt," he muttered.

"That was more than five seconds," Castiel said simply, his eyes targeting Michael, who seemed alarmed by what had happened.

Lucifer chuckled and clapped a hand on Michael's back as he scooted back to his spot between Michael and Dean.

"Castiel, stop with the looks or I swear, I'll send you back to Heaven," Gabriel said with annoyance.

Castiel pressed his lips into a firm line but nodded as he relaxed back.

"It was quite an image to see Captain America and Dracula kissing on top of The Joker's lap," Balthazar laughed, holding up his phone which indeed held a picture of it.

Michael let out a long breath and blinked a few times, still trying to get the feeling of 'kissing' out of his system. It was joyful and he now wanted someone he could kiss. He pressed his fingers against the bottle and spun it.

Everyone watched and then they each laughed when it landed on Gabriel, who grinned wildly. He turned his eyes to Michael, who looked horrified about kissing his brother.

"I'm not your brother right now…I'm Loki," Gabriel said as he shoved Sam to the side with his wings and then leapt over to smack his mouth over Michael's unexpected one.

Everyone laughed as Michael's wings shook and smacked Lucifer as the five seconds passed. Gabriel instantly pulled away, wiping his mouth with a smirk. He perched back into his spot and spun the bottle without a word.

Michael stared with wide eyes. That kiss was very unpleasant…nothing like the first one. He blinked a few times and shook his head. He was about done with this game.

"Aw!" Gabriel crooned when the bottle landed on Sam.

Sam smiled as Gabriel crawled onto his lap. He ran his hands through the blonde wig Sam was wearing and yanked it off before sealing their lips together. Sam moaned into the rough and needy kiss as he slid his hands over Gabriel's back, beneath the cape.

"It's been more than five seconds," Dean said with a laugh.

After at least ten seconds, Sam and Gabriel, or rather, Loki and Thor, reluctantly pulled away. Sam's cheeks were flushed as he spun the bottle, making sure to not make eye contact with anyone else.

Balthazar cheered when it landed on him "Ooh goody, I get the other Winchester," he said.

Sam rolled his eyes but he was in the spirit of the game. He glanced at Gabriel, who seemed unfazed about Sam kissing someone else. Apparently he wasn't the jealous type. Balthazar leaned over the bottle and pursed his lips, which caused Sam to laugh before he leaned in himself. The kiss was just five seconds without much moving…more just pressing them together to satisfy the others.

Balthazar smiled as he returned to his spot and spun the bottle. Castiel knit his eyebrows as he watched the pointed part of the bottle direct towards him. He lifted his gaze to Balthazar, who was already pursing his lips, making kissy noises.

"You are such an idiot," Dean laughed as he pushed at Castiel to go for it. He wasn't entirely happy with the idea of Castiel kissing Balthazar. He had suspicions in the past that those two were more than just friends. The way they acted around each other was just so…Dean shook the thoughts out. There was nothing there…obviously because Castiel killed Balthazar outright.

Dean didn't watch as Balthazar's mouth sealed against his angel's. Castiel roughly pulled away after the five seconds and returned to spinning the bottle. It came to flat out laughter when it landed on Lucifer, who seemed very pleased about it.

"Finally," Lucifer said with a smirk. Without hesitation, he leapt over the bottle, landing on top of Castiel, whose wings started flailing beneath him as Lucifer sealed their lips into a kiss.

Everyone else laughed at the image of Van Helsing and The Joker kissing even after it ended and Lucifer returned to his corner between Dean and Michael.

Castiel frowned as he wiped the red paint from his mouth. He sighed and stood up "I'm done. I am ready to go and rest," he said, holding out a hand for Dean.

Dean frowned at the idea of leaving the party but he was already too drunk to go on. He was going to wake up with a massive hangover. With a weary sigh, he allowed Castiel to help him up.

"That sounds like a great idea," Michael said, standing up as well and spreading his wings. He took flight up to Heaven before anyone could speak.

Castiel grabbed onto Dean's arm and flew them to the motel room they had previously booked.

Sam turned to Gabriel, who was smirking, his eyes lustful. That was all Sam needed to see to get excited himself so he allowed Gabriel to fly them off to another motel room.

Lucifer, Balthazar and Crowley were left sitting in an uneven circle now. Lucifer arched an eyebrow "Well, this has become boring," he said "I'm going to the park to scare some kids," and he vanished in a flurry of feathers.

Crowley turned his eyes to Balthazar "You know, I didn't even get a good kiss," he said.

Balthazar shook his head and rolled his eyes as he walked away towards the women who were standing by the pool dressed in slutty nurse and cop outfits.

Crowley frowned as he stood up all by himself. He let out a sigh then dove back down to Hell where he could actually be respected.

. . .

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