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Chapter 105: Sparkles:

"So where are we going again?" Dean asked as he drove to the side of the road beside the woods that were in the middle of nowhere.

"Bobby said a woman called and she needs our help," Sam said, eyeing the directions again and staring around.

"Uh, we are kinda in the middle of nowhere," Dean said, waving around at the woods.

"He said the path to her house is marked with purple lotus'," Sam said, staring around. His eyes set on the slight glow of purple that seemed to radiate in the darkness of the night, "Right there."

Dean stared at it then lifted his eyebrows, "Okay…are you sure this isn't a trap?"

"I don't think Bobby would let us get set up," Sam pointed out as he slid out of the Impala with a flashlight.

Dean sighed and followed suit, bringing the Colt and his knife.

"And your other baby will show up if you call for her," Sam teased and Dean rolled his eyes.

"Hey, Crowley gave her to both of us," Dean argued.

"That hound is obsessed with you," Sam pointed out with a laugh.

"Who wouldn't be?" Dean asked, smirking to himself and knowing if he called, she would appear in a heartbeat. At the moment, she was lounged at Bobby's house.

They made their way through the woods, following the glowing flowers until they stopped at a tiny little cottage about a mile in. The whole thing seemed to have a soft glow to it even though it looked abandoned and wrecked.

"I guess this is the place? Sammy, something seems off about this," Dean said warily but before they could say another word, the door in front of them opened, revealing a short and plump older woman. She looked like a sweet little grandma.

"You must be Sam and Dean," the woman said with a kind smile, "I'm Katherine."

"Hi Katherine," Dean said before freezing as he noticed the set of wings attached to this woman. He instantly pulled the Colt out and pointed it, startling Sam.

"Whoa Dean," Sam said as the woman lifted her hands up.

"She's a friggen fairy, Sam," Dean said, keeping the gun pointed.

It took Sam a moment to notice the wings since they were fairly translucent but he did and felt his stomach turn.

"Please just listen to me," the woman said, actually appearing terrified.

"Who sent you? Was it the tinkerfangs?" Dean demanded.

"Excuse me?" Katherine asked, knitting her eyebrows and flinching when Dean raised the gun more.

"Dean…I don't think she wants to hurt us," Sam said after a moment.

"That's what I thought about the fairies in Avalon," Dean snapped, though he couldn't imagine shooting a woman who seemed this innocent.

"Please, you must understand. I am not from Avalon; we are nothing like those creatures," Katherine said, her voice shaking.

"We?" Dean asked.

"My home," Katherine said, voice cracking, "We need your help. From what I've heard, you are the only hunters who can understand when a supernatural creature is good."

"There are no truly good ones," Dean said after a moment but he could just sense nothing evil about this woman.

"Where is your home?" Sam asked, holding out a hand for Dean to lower the gun.

Dean did but kept it ready in case he needed it.

"I am from a land called Saronine," Katherine said, seeming to calm down a little with the gun lowered.

"Cas," Dean called, staring up, "Kinda need some assistance here."

Katherine seemed curious and even jumped when Castiel and Gabriel appeared beside Sam and Dean. Sparkles fluttered all around the fairy from her wings.

"What is it?" Castiel asked, eyeing the area with his eyes stopping on Katherine.

"Kathy?" Gabriel asked, his eyes lighting. He bowed a little and held out a hand to take hers. Sam and Dean watched in shock in confusion as Gabriel placed a kiss on her hand, "Your majesty. What are you doing out here alone?"

Katherine blushed and her wings fluttered even more as she pulled her hand back, "Gabriel? Always a charm."

Gabriel smirked and nodded, "Yeah."

"You know her?" Sam asked with wide eyes.

"Of course. She's the Queen of Saronine," Gabriel said as though it was knowledge everyone should know.

"So this place actually exists?" Dean asked, glancing at Castiel, who seemed very curious about the fairy.

"Yes," Gabriel said, "It's like the cousin land of Avalon…just a lot nicer."

"I could use the help of you handsome archangels as well," Katherine said, giving Castiel a smile as well.

Dean grinned at the way Castiel seemed nervous.

"What could possibly be going on there?" Gabriel questioned.

"As I was trying to explain to these young men, Saronine is a place of harmony and love," Katherine explained, "We never have any form of violence."

Dean glanced over at Castiel, who was nodding.

"How come we've never heard of this place?" Dean questioned, losing all his worries with the fact that Cas and Gabe seemed to know this place.

"Because they are so peaceful…never do anything bad. Well, that was until I showed up there. Kinda scared them a little," Gabriel mused.

"Why don't you come inside; it is freezing out here," Katherine suggested, smiling again and motioning for them to follow.

Sam and Dean glanced at each other then followed Castiel and Gabriel, who seemed fine with everything.

Dean was surprised as they entered the incredibly warm and welcoming home. It smelled like sugar and campfire at once. It was homey with the wood floors and paneling and dim lights. The couches were just like Dean would expect and old person to have.

"Oh sit down," Katherine said, her wings fluttering and spilling sparkles around them.

Dean brushed them off of his leg as he was pulled down to sit beside Castiel. Gabriel did the same to Sam.

"Would you like some cocoa?" Katherine asked.

"Oh. Yes," Gabriel said, "With whipped cream and sprinkles, please."

Katherine smiled and Dean just smirked, "I'll take some, too."

Katherine seemed very pleased as she went to get their stuff.

. . .

After about an hour of discussion, mostly of Gabriel chatting on about things that made no sense to Sam and Dean, they were finally making a decision.

"So…what exactly is going on there?" Dean asked as he leaned back after finishing the best cocoa he had ever had. He leaned down to grab a chocolate chip cookie and hissed when he felt his hand smacked. He narrowed his eyes at the archangel.

"Mine," Gabriel said with a smirk, pulling the plate towards him.

Dean smacked him in the arm and went to grab one himself and huffed out in annoyance when the archangel pulled it into his lap.

"Gabe knock it off," Sam sighed, grabbing a few cookies and passing them to Dean, who smirked smugly and leaned back with them. He was about to take a bite but felt the cookie vanish from his fingers.

"Gabe!" Sam snapped and the archangel pouted as he leaned back, allowing Dean his cookies back.

"You've been acting incredibly immature today, Gabriel," Castiel pointed out, "I think you need some time out."

"Oh shut it. Let the Queen continue," Gabriel said with a smirk.

Katherine just smiled at them then frowned, "Something has been killing the unicorn."

"That what?" Dean asked, lifting his eyebrows.

"The unicorn," Katherine said simply, "We found the third one dead today."

"Are you serious?" Gabriel asked, "Like…in Saronine?"

Katherine nodded, "Yes," she said, "All in the past two weeks. We have been trying to figure it out but we've never dealt with this before. We thought Sam and Dean Winchester could help since they are the best hunters we have heard of; and the only ones who have ever befriended something that was not human."

"Yeah but that usually ends up biting us in the ass," Dean pointed out then realized Castiel and Gabriel were both staring at him with narrowed eyes.

"I said it usually bites us in the ass," Dean said quickly, giving Castiel a sheepish smile, "You two are exceptions. Well, not you, Gabe. You did kill me over and over."

"Are you ever gonna' get over that? It was so long ago," Gabriel said with a dramatic sigh.

"No, I'm not gonna get over it," Dean said, already annoyed with the archangel. He had no idea how Sam put up with him so much.

"We will help you," Castiel said firmly, "I have to admit, I've always wanted to visit Saronine but never had a reason."

Katherine smiled, "Thank you," she said, "It means a lot to all of us."

"We'll help, too," Sam said, earning a look from Dean.

Dean thought about it but from what he's heard about this place, they were just filled with kindness and peace. It was strange but he'd trust the judgment of two angels.

"Thank you so much," Katherine said, her entire posture seeming to relax, "we should leave as soon as possible."

Dean took a deep breath and glanced at his phone, "it's like three in the morning. I kinda need a few hours of sleep."

"We already have a little place set up for visitors. You can sleep there. The portal may not be as effective in the morning. We need moonlight for its full power," Katherine said, sounding a little worried.

"Portal?" Sam asked, lifting his eyebrows.

"Wait…is it still the mirror?" Gabriel asked, staring around before pointing at a six foot high and three foot wide mirror on the wall.

"Yes," Katherine said, standing up.

They walked over to the mirror and Dean stole two more cookies on the way, earning narrowed eyes from Gabriel. Dean just stuck out his tongue before crunching down on one and making a moaning noise at the same time.

"Are you alright?" Castiel asked.

Dean stared at him and nodded, "M'fine," he said.

"How does it work?" Sam asked, placing a hand on the mirror. He yanked it back when he felt a texture that was like water, creating ripples through the rest.

"You just walk through it," Katherine said and she stepped back.

Gabriel just shrugged and grabbed Sam's hand, "You should duck down Samsquatch."

Sam rolled his eyes and did as he was told, stepping through the mirror. It was strange and felt like warm silk wrapping around his body but he was then standing somewhere new with a mirror behind him.

Dean stared with wide eyes as Sam and Gabriel vanished. He turned wide eyes to Castiel, who was walking over to step through. He hesitated when the angel disappeared but he was urged forward and eventually made the trip himself.

Once they were on the other side, they found themselves standing in another room. It was bright and so clean. Flowers were assorted everywhere with little tinks fluttering their sparkling wings as they watered the plants. Dean noticed these ones were actually wearing tiny little dresses. He thought of Barbie clothes.

"The queen is back," one of the tinks said, her voice soft and sweet.

"What are you doing, still working?" Katherine asked, "Go get some rest."

"Yes, your majesty," the little tinks said before flying off.

Sam just stared with his eyebrows lifted, "Uh…okay."

"Your room should be right this way," Katherine said, ushering them down another hall. She stopped in front of a door and opened it, "Everything you need should be in there. If you need anything, just go to the desk and ask."

Sam and Dean felt uncomfortable but they nodded and stepped into the room, followed by the angels.

"I will see you tomorrow," Katherine said, beaming before flying off.

Dean stopped once he stared around the room. It was fairly big with a kitchen and a few rooms. It looked kinda like a small apartment. There were two doors which he suspected were bedrooms. There was a little couch in front of a fireplace. The thing that got him the most were the bright colored walls that seemed to shimmer in every color as well as tons of flowers everywhere he looked.

"This looks like a little girls room," Dean said, "There are even friggen butterflies!" he pointed to the colorful butterflies moving about the flowers.

"It's enchanting," Castiel said, staring around, "And it smells beautiful."

"Is this whole land like this?" Dean asked, noticing windows but it was too dark outside to really tell.

"Yup," Gabriel said, "The whole place is just pretty. That would be the little fairies at work. Well, the ones that work on decorating."

"Is this place like the Tinkerbell movies? There are like garden and animal fairies and stuff?" Dean asked, realizing too late what he said.

"You've watched the Tinkerbell movies?" Sam asked with amusement.

"Disney channel was left on once…there was a marathon," Dean said, shrugging, "It was background noise while I was researching once."

"Sure," Sam said, smirking to himself.

"It was," Dean defended.

Gabriel chuckled, "To answer your question, yes, it's kinda like the Tinkerbell movies. I know I've watched them all. Even the new one."

Dean tried not to look curious about there being another movie. He just shrugged and stretched, "Well, I'm gonna hit the rack."

Castiel just stared at him with wide eyes, "Why are you going on the rack?" he asked worriedly.

It took Dean a moment to comprehend it, "Oh, no. Not that rack," he said quickly, "I'm going to bed."

"Oh," Castiel said, visibly calming down, "I will join you."

Sam and Gabriel just stared at their brother's walking into one of the rooms before they decided to get their own. It was going to be a long day tomorrow.

. . .

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