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Flashbacks destined


"I'll kill you all," Screamed the man in the center of the stoned room. He was covered in chains and hundreds of pieces of paper, surrounded by six people cloaked in red known as Crows.

"Is it ready?" A shadowed figure asked one of the cloaked Crows, from behind his back.

"Yes, all the runes are in place Inspector – sama," The Crow answered, still concentrated on the chained man in front of him.

"Good. Start the spell," The shadowed man grinned.

"Yes, Inspector-sama," Was the all Crow said in reply.

"I'll kill you Lvellie, you and everyone in your precious order. I am a Noah. You are all insects compared to me!"The chains rattled and clanked together as the Noah thrashed around. He kept screaming in rage and pain each time the restraining seals put on him activated.

"Fuck, that hurts," The Noah exclaimed and gritted his teeth as more of his energy was drained out of him. The shadowed man's smile widened as he listened to the Noah scream and writhe in pain.

"You hear me Lvellie! I'll kill you!"The runes around him started to brighten, gave off an ethereal blue color.

The Noah growled in rage his golden eyes flashing dangerously. Some rocks lifted slightly but soon fell to the floor beforethey had hardly moved half an inch. He was shocked by the seals again and cried out in pain.

"Good bye, Pride of Noah," Said Lvellie, now stepping out from the shadows.

The room was filled with the light from the runes that had turned from bright blue to gold as the Crows chanted. It grew brighter and brighter covering everything in the radiance of the glow.

Until something in the air sifted and the beautiful light display of gold turned a sinister purple.

That's when the screaming started.

He shivered he was so cold. Why was he cold? It was fall right it got nippy sometimes but not to this degree at least not in fall. He slowly opened his eyes and was met with dark black sky snow and what seemed to be a stone wall.

He then pushed himself up from his position on his back and took in his surroundings. He seemed to be in some sort of alley way. He looked left and right analyzing both directions trying to recognize where he was. He didn't recognize anything. Well not that he knew what every alley looked like but he knew in Resembool they were never this dank or narrow and Resembool never had such tall buildings, maybe Dublith ,but he was in Resembool last, wasn't he?

He then heard the clanging, and a loud crash, quickly shifting his eyes to his right where the sound originated. What he saw was a tipped over trash can and a cat scampering out of the alley.

Damn beast!God he hated cats and he didn't know why Al…His eyes widened ALPHONSE! Where was Alphonse! He quickly stood up searching frantically for any sign of his brother. Then he remembered.

It all began to flash before his eyes; drawing the transmutation circle ,the different ingredients ,their blood, laying their hands on the edge of the circle. The gold light - then purple - his brother screaming at him, reaching ,reaching ,reaching! Him watching as his body started disappearing, legs, stomach, upper body, arms, his head! Those dark hands, pulling, pulling, pulling that white space. That smile, so wide, teeth so perfect , so straight, so sinister. Truth - the one, the all - and him! The gate- the hands again - him thrashing ,fighting ,screaming, clawing ,heart pounding, and then so much information, filing, filling, filling until his head might burst!

Then black - a black blacker than any black he had ever seen - it seemed so final ,so empty like a endless void. It made him numb ,it smothered him ,and constricted him. Then a light, a bright light. He reached for it, he reached for anything to save him from the darkness that made him numb, suffocated and pressed in on him. Then release.

He fell to his knees after the onslaught. Then he gasped and his heart thudded in his chest at all the returning memories. He groaned as his head pounded at the surge. He pushed away the pain and concentrated on one thing: AL.

He had to find him! Why wasn't he here?

He concentrated desperately trying to come with something that might give him an answer. Then it hit him, Truth had said something before he was completely pulled into the gate. He concentrated and then remembered his words clearly in his head:

"Good bye forever Alchemist, I'm sorry to say your little brother can't follow after you!" Truth grinned as the doors shut.

Forever? Follow after him? Where exactly is he?

He shivered as a cold blast of air hit him. He had to find out where he was first before he started any sort of search .He stood up and walked out of the alley.