Chapter 1. Train Ride

He grumbled to himself as he stared down at his "ticket" even though it was just a piece of paper saying he paid for a "seat" that was really just in a storage car and there wasn't really a seat at all. All that it really is is a way for the train company to get more money by having cheap seat available for the poorer people of society, this way the train company could squeeze out a little more money out of the poor people of society.

Kind of made him angry how greedy people could be. Not that he could fault them he had even greater sins in his mind.

He then stared at the ticket again not really seeing it just thinking, about what he had done and what he found out two days prior. He mouth set its self in a line.

He didn't get to say good bye either time, and he kind of felt guilty for both incidents.

He reached his hand up and pushed his bangs out of his face letting out a breath and along with it his dark thoughts. His shoulders then sagged.

He then grimaced when he thought of where he would be riding, definitely not the lap of luxury.

He sighed and decided that it was better than nothing; it was the last train ride before he reached his...Destination, after all, and didn't really have any other choice, and he had spent the rest of his money on the other train rides.

So he then boarded the train, and shoved his "ticket into the man at the entrances hand, and quickly made his way through cars, the first was lavishly decorated and then it steadily got less and less accommodating.

He then arrived at his car and pushed open the door, and scowled at what he saw. He was greeted by a room full of boxes that had one cleared out space about five by three feet in the middle.

'Great seat, I just love sitting on rough wooden floors and what lovely box decorations "he thought sarcastically.

He then briskly walked to the far corner of the space and sat down facing the door. He crossed his arms and shifted around trying to get comfortable but falling miserably. He then sighed and sagged against the storage box behind his back, giving up on the uphill battle.

That's when his oh so lovely habit of brooding reared its dark dreary head, he brooded a lot in this world, and could anyone blame him he always got the short end of the stick.

His father walked out on them, his mother died, he lost his world, he hadn't seen his real brother since he was eleven, and now his one friend in this god forsaken world had died while he was away.

If there was a God he sure hated Edward Elric, but what else could happen? He already seemed to have lost everything.

He still remembered when he was flung away by the gate into this strange world and now six years later he is still here and still searching for a way back.

Truth had said forever, but now the hope to return was the only thing keeping him sane, because he wanted to be back in his original world. He didn't care how selfish it is , he didn't want to be stuck here now alone.

Stuck in this world that is so similar but also so different, with faces he knows but doesn't. A pang went through his chest when he thought of reason for this uncomfortable train ride again.

He is heading back to where he began in this world. To what was almost his second home just because of one person. One person he clinged to because he was like his life line to the brother he was so far from.

The boy sniffled loudly, and scrubbed and kept scrubbing the still falling tears out of his eyes. Edward held out his hand for him to grasp while he said "Don't listen to them their just stupid bastards".

The boy rubbed at his busted lip before grasping Ed's hand and letting himself be pulled up. He stumbled a bit, but Ed helped steady him.

"I'm Edward Elric ,but you can just call me Ed" then the Elric grinned good naturedly no reason to be mean the kid was just being made fun of and beat up before he arrived ,he then asked "What's your name?"

The boy the finally then met Ed's gaze with his eyes still slightly watery, his face still flushed from crying, he also had streaks down his face, snot dripping off his nose, a busted lip, some scuffs littered his face and also his left eye was slightly swelled and would probably turn into a black eye, but even all that didn't distract Ed from one fact he looked like him and then he said his name.

"I-I'm Alphonse, Alphonse C-Cirle, b-but you can c-call me Al".

A pang went through his heart at the memory. He wasn't exactly his brother he looked like him sure, but he wasn't him. He wasn't as confident he had a stutter until he was 13 ,he was weak ,he cried a lot ,in short he was different ,but he had clinged to him anyways happy to see a familiar face ,even if it wasn't the real thing, and then slowly he became like a brother to Ed to and not just a fill in.

AL Cirle had wormed his way into Ed's lonely heart and buried himself there right under his Al, and now he too was gone and Ed was left empty.

If he had just checked in months earlier he could have been with him but he was too busy searching for what he might never find.

It felt like he lost a brother again.

He then suddenly heard the door slide open and multiple pairs of feet shuffle in...

To be continued...

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