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2.A Meeting of Vagabonds

Ed suddenly heard the door slide open and multiple pairs of feet shuffle in. He looked up to see as a group of vagabonds and a sickly young boy walk in.

He saw the guy in the front with unusually thick glasses wave at him before giving his group a nod.

Sighing, Ed leaned his head back and stared at the ceiling, and soon after he heard them sit and begin to talk to one another.

Ed ignored their conversations and concentrated on different cracks in the ceiling of the bumpy train, until he heard the shuffling of cards, yells of protest, and exclamations of, "You're cheating Tyki!" that was soon followed by sheepish laughter.

Curiosity got the best of him as he shifted his head down and watched them play what seemed to be poker.

Ah, how he loved poker. He hadn't lost at poker since he last played with the now dead Alphonse Cirle. His eyes dulled at the thought, but he shook away the depression and concentrated on their game.

The only reason he never lost, was because he used "methods" that were pretty useful. To say it bluntly, he cheated, the only reason Al ever won, was because he reminded him of his brother so much he just couldn't stand to cheat against him (and like his Al he was damn good at poker, for a shy kid he sure was sneaky).

Ed grinned a like a fox would and walked over to their game and plopped himself down, they all looked at him.
"May I play?' he asked, and then smiled disarmingly. On the inside, he was cackling evilly.

The guy with the unusually thick glasses was the one to reply to his question.
"Sure, but let's play a different kind of poker. How about strip poker?" he grinned, "Unless you're to chicken."

Ed immediately got a vein popping up his forehead. He gritted his teeth.
Oh, he would make him pay for suggesting Edward Elric is a chicken.

He gave a sadistic smile before saying, "I'm in. Just get ready to have nothing ,but the suit you popped out of your mother in when I'm done with you."

The only thing Tyki thought after Ed's outburst was 'hook line and sinker'. His lips pulled into a sly smile.

(A few minutes later. . .)

"DAMNIT!" they group yelled when they saw Edward's cards. Ed just grinned and held out his hand which beckoning for some clothes. Now, they are all in thin boxers while Ed had a big pile of clothes.

Ed listened to them as they whispered to each other, probably discussing how their cheating skills weren't working. But Ed wasn't stupid. He knew they were counting their cards.

When the leader wearing the weird glasses finally spoke, (Seriously who wears that thick of glasses? Edward thought).
"Well, I certainly say we've never lost this badly," said the bespectacled man. The other members in his group scowled when he said this.

Then man seemed to take no notice and held out his hand, "Tyki Mikk."

Ed brought up his hand to shake Tyki's hand.

"Edward Elric," he said proudly, but grimaced when their skin touched. He quickly unclasped his hand from Tyki's and clutched his head as a searing pain went through his head like a had been happening for a while, but this one was worse than the others.

"You okay, man?" asked the guy to the right of Tyki, his face slightly concerned.

"Yeah, I've just been having horrible migraines lately I think I might of caught something," was all he said, even though that headache he had was ten times worse than the rest. It even made his heart beat more rapidly along with beads of sweat on his forehead.

"Hmm, that sucks, well I'm Clark, and that's Momo," he said. Tyki motioned to the sickly boy and said his name is Eaze. Ed looked at Eaze and who gave him a smile through his mask he was wearing , Edward sincerely hoped what the boy wasn't that sick as he seemed.

Ed turned away and noticed Tyki studying him carefully, but then he seemed immediately dismiss whatever he was thinking.

"So what brings you on this fine train ride?" Tyki asked as he lit a cigarette and released some smoke from his mouth.

"Just some . . . family matters." Did he really consider the Al of this world family? The twang in his heart said he did.

Tyki's eyes watched him and seemed to read his expression, "I see."

"What about you guys?" Ed asked trying to veer the conversation from his personal life.

"Oh you know just going where the wind blows us. Our last job was getting a little stagnant," said Tyki offhandedly.

"What he means is he got in trouble for sleeping with the foreman's daughter," said Momo as he grinned slyly.

"You're the one to talk Momo. I seem to remember a time a few months ago something to do with that cute girl at that bakery, and her heavy-set mother. Chased out by rolling pin point weren't you," said Tyki as he smirked.

"Hahaha! Oh I remember that! That lady was persistent, never seen you with so many whelps HAHAHAHA!" Clark laughed with mirth lacing his every word.

Edward listened to them banter and felt something rising up in him that he thought he would never feel again, joy. Nothing's more funny than a bunch of guys in their boxers arguing about stupid stuff, he thought to himself.

He smiled as they went on teasing each other until he felt the train slowing before it jerked coming to an end. But their conversation must have kept them from noticing the train decreasing in speed because they stopped talking and looked around in surprise when the train stopped.

Tyki sheepishly rubbed the back of his head, "Sorry you had to listen to all that junk...Is this your stop?"
"Yeah, no problem I enjoyed listening to that interesting conversation," he replied grinning.

Momo blushed, Clark snickered and Tyki just smiled deviously.

Edward stood up and went to the corner, grabbed his stuff, then turned around and scratched the back of his head as he said. "Well, I guess this is a good-bye for now. Hope to see you again in the future."

He truly did, they were a fun group of stupid, but good-hearted people.

They all said bye from their positions on the floor and watched as he was about to leave. Then they remembered their state of undress and where incredulous to see Edward was leaving the clothes he won behind.

"Hey Edward, you left your winnings," said Momo as he pointed the clothes.

"Keep them. I don't need any of your ratty clothes," he said with mirth, even though his clothes are just as bad he just kept walking to the door 'til he stopped and said, "Oh, by the way call me Ed." He then shut the door and was gone.

"Strange guy," stated Clark thoughtfully.

"Yeah, very strange indeed," was all Tyki said in reply before they began to put their clothes back on.

Eaze who sat away from the group just stared at the door that Ed left through .

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