*6 months of probation later*

-Naruto's psyche evaluation-

"So, Mr. Uzumaki, what do u like to do in your spare time?" "Work on personal projects." Naruto replied. "Mhmm. And do these projects involve Orochimaru?" "No." "Then what do they entail." "Oh, this and that." "Any nightmares?" "Besides this one, no. Except maybe one on Elm Street" Inoichi sweat dropped and dismissed the Uzumaki as he finished his report and sent it to the Hokage.

-With Naruto-

Naruto walked down the slums of konoha towards an old abandoned warehouse, the place where he slept and worked on his project. He opened the gate and walked towards his workshop, hunks of metal scattered everywhere. He turned on the lamp at the workstation to reveal some notes by orochimaru and blueprints. "Yes, soon I'll have all I need. I really should thank that pedophile for the full education I got." He said. Under Orochimaru, Naruto had the finest tutors who taught him everything from seals, nin, gen, tai, ken, and another assorted variety of the jutsus. He also learned woodworking, electronic works, hunting, politics, gardening, and much more. He then grabbed a metal mask and put it on, a blowtorch springing to life as he left the blueprints.

-With Sarutobi-

Sarutobi sweat dropped as he read Inoichis evaluation.

"Tends to keep secrets. Makes obscure movie references. Doesn't seem to care for parents or anyone else. Can be a bit more social, but otherwise fine for ninja duty."

Sarutobi read and called in the Neko Anbu. "Retrieve Naruto Uzumaki" Sarutobi ordered as the ANBU shunshinned out.

-5 minutes later-

The Anbu sunshinned back in with Naruto then left. Naruto merely took a seat "So what's the deal, old man? Am I insane or am I good to go?" Naruto asked. Sarutobi . Sarutobi looked at him and smiled like a grandfather. "Yes, Naruto-kun. Now, would you like to join the Ninja Academy?" "Yea, sure. It will give me something to do. A bored Naruto is not a fun Naruto, believe me." Sarutobi nodded and handed him a note and told him to show up to the academy tomorrow at 9:00 am for the Genin Exam. Naruto just nodded and left. 'Hopefully, he'll be able to connect with other people and undo some of Orochimaru's damage' Sarutobi thought grimly and got back to his paperwork.

-Next day at the Academy-

Naruto got to the Academy a bit later than he intended. He was wearing black Anbu pants, a black T-shirt, black boots, fingerless gloves, and a black leather coat. His hair was done in a wild manner, still black since the years of experimentation had taken their toll. His eyes managed to escape the ravages and were still azure blue though. He gave the note to the assistant at the Academy and she led him to the room with the year's graduating class. As she left, Naruto knocked on the door to see a Chunin with a gash on his nose and a pineapple-like hairstyle. "Yes, my name is Iruka. How can I help you?" "My name is Naruto Uzumaki, I'm here to join the graduating class under Hokage-Samas orders." He said as he handed Iruka the note and walked in. Iruka walked after him and caught the attention of the class. "Everyone SHUT UP! Today, we have a new student joining us for the graduation exam." Iruka said, only for a bunch of complaints to hit him like a shovel. "HOW COME HE GETS TO GRADUATE!" "HE WASN'T HERE THE FOUR YEARS!" "NO FAIR!". As Iruka told them about the Hokages approval, Naruto scanned the room. There was Sasuke Uchiha, an emo kid with a duck ass hairstyle and heir of the Uchiha clan. Hinata Hyuuga, the shy heiress of the Hyuuga clan. Ino, a purple obsessed Uchiha fan girl, heir of the Yamanaka clan. Choji akimichi, a heavyset boy and Heir of the Akimichi clan. Shikamaru Nara, heir of the Nara clan and super lazy. Shino aburame, heir of the analytical and rational Aburame clan. Sakura haruno, a girl from a civilian family with pink hair and a super Sasuke fan girl. And Kiba inuzuka, heir of the inuzuka clan. Everyone else just seemed like cannon fodder. Iruka then asked him to introduce himself. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki. That is it." He replied coldly as he sat down next to the Aburame. Then a girl approached him. "Umm, who are you?" he asked Sakura. Sakura replied, "Who do you think YOU are? Coming in with no training and thinking you'll pass. Sasuke-kun will beat you down like the dead last you are!" she said, Naruto just ignored her and laid back in his chair, waiting for Iruka to pass the Test. The written test was easy enough, basic knowledge Orochimaru's tutors taught him. Everyone was then let outside for a practice spar. Most of them were boring, excluding the Aburame's and the Naras. They did pretty well. The fights between the fan girls were pathetic. And some of the clan heirs were too soft. He was going to take a nap, until Iruka called his name. "Naruto Uzumaki Vs. Sasuke Uchiha!" Iruka said as Naruto strolled lazily on to the field. "You should be honored to lose to an Uchiha!" Sasuke said, only for Naruto to look at him with a 'WTF' look. "The fight aint over till someone falls, Bub." Naruto replied. Sasuke charged at him and threw a kick to his face, only for Naruto to duck under it and jump over the leg sweep that followed. Naruto the punched the Uchiha in the gut, sending him back a few feet. "He's got bricks in his gloves!" Sasuke shouted exaggeratedly. Naruto just smirked as sasuke threw a right straight at his face, he ducked under it and grabbed the uchiha by the back of his neck, pulling him down towards his knee, but stopping right before impact. Sasuke opened his eyes, only to see Narutos knee a foot from his face and a thin blade poking his forehead. "Dead." Iruka called the match and Naruto pushed the Uchiha on his ass. He then walked away, only for Sasuke to throw 3 kunai at his back. The reactive armor then made tendrils of metal to catch the kunai by the open ends and held them like Key chains. Naruto just threw them back at him, all of them landing on the floor by his foot. "You ever attack me again, and you're dead." Naruto said as Iruka scolded Sasuke and took him to the headmaster. Of course, the headmaster just kissed the Uchihas ass and let him back to class. He got back just as Naruto walked out of the ninjutsu testing area with a headband wrapped on his shoulder. Naruto just smirked and gave Sasuke the finger. After everyone was tested, and all of the clan heirs passed, Iruka dismissed them to show up tomorrow for team placement. Naruto just headed home, ignoring the Uchiha stalking him. He then just walked behind an alley and made 3 clones, splitting them in multiple directions to lose the Uchiha.

-The Next Day-

Naruto showed up to the academy and groaned as he sat through the team placements. (Same as cannon teams except sai is in team 7 instead of Naruto). "That's it for team placements" Iruka said and Sakura smirked. "Looks like the dead last couldn't cut it." She bragged, until Iruka replied, " Actually, Naruto is ahead of you all as far as skill level goes. He could be chunnin. So he will have no sensei or team, just go to specialist for lessons on what he needs and be used as back up for other teams." "WHAT! Why wasn't I, The Uchiha, given this opportunity?" Sasuke asked. "You have a problem, take it to the Hokage." Iruka said as he sunshinned out, leaving the rookies stunned. Naruto just got up and left, heading to the kage tower.

-Kage Tower-

Naruto just listened to Sarutobi give him the details of his position, only to groan at the prospect of working with the Uchiha or Haruno. "Fine, I accept. However, I will NOT do these D ranks that are just really chores. Call me when you have a C rank mission or something." He said. "Naruto-kun, these missions are to help teamwork and cooperation." "Then what use are they to someone without a team? I know how to play nice with others, so I'll be going till then." Naruto said as he left to his warehouse, intent on finishing his project.

-2 months later-

Naruto had a big grin on his face. After doing some border patrol and other C rank missions, he had finally been given something outside the village. He was to go assist Team 8 in Wave Country after they encountered missing nins. "Time is of the essence, Naruto. You must help them ASAP." Sarutobi said as he handed him the mission parameters. Naruto left and Sarutobi prayed that Naruto was actually ready for it.

-Narutos Warehouse-

Naruto smirked as he opened the unloading door, a tarp laid over a large bulky object. He had sealed enough supplies for a month in his arm and his smile just got bigger as he uncovered it, his pet project in display. The bike had a chopper look. (think the motorcycle from The Terminator 2). It had taken him a long time to build, but it was totally worth it. Chakra power meant it wasn't viable to run out of fuel. He put the key in the ignition and turned it, the motorcycle springing to life with a loud roar. He then revved it a few times and took off, towards the land of Waves.

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