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Chapter 1

Harry was running from Seattle, Washington following the scent of another vampire coven. A coven much like himself, animal drinkers. Little did Harry know that he was running into a war zone. Harry was almost to the forest when he smelled blood. Human blood. Harry zoomed in that direction.

When Harry reached the peak he saw a human clutching a rock in her hand, a huge wolf ripping apart a newborn vampire and two other vampires fighting. Harry raced to Bella.

"Don't do anything stupid." He warned and threw the rock away and ran towards the red head.

Harry saw that the bronze-haired vampire was loosing. He raced over and leaped on the girl and ripped her head off. The boy quickly ripped off her arms and legs and put them in a pile. Once Harry made sure he was clear he waved his hand and a fire erupted on the remains.

"Thanks." The boy said.

"No problem. What's going on here?" Harry asked.

"The red head, Victoria, created a newborn army." He explained.

"Why?" Harry was confused.

"She was after Bella." He said pointing to the girl. "We killed her mate last year for tracking Bella. Victoria wanted revenge. I'm Edward by the way. Edward Cullen." Edward said sticking his hand out. Harry grabbed it. "Harry Potter." He smiled.

"Are you okay, Bella?" Edward asked turning to the girl.

"I'm fine. Thank you." Bella said turning to Harry.

"No problem. I think we should head down to the main fight. I have a feeling the Volturi are going to show up." Harry said.

"You know about them?" Bella asked.

"Yes. After I became a vampire I researched everything because I figured there would be laws. I heard about your Coven and decided to drop by and see what you're like. I'm an animal drinker too." Harry explained.


Once they reached the clearing it smelled of burning flesh. Harry waved his wrist again and the smell disappeared.

"How'd you do that?" A blonde girl said once they became visible.

"You'll get answers in time. I believe the Volturi will be here soon. Who's this?" Harry asked to the leader he assumed.

"This is Bree Tanner. We have offered asylum considering she was created for this fight and surrendered." He explained.

"Oh, forgive me. I'm Harry Potter." Harry said smiling.

"I'm Carlisle Cullen. This is my wife Esme. The two blondes and Rosalie and Jasper Hale. They're married to Emmett and Alice Cullen. I'm assuming you meet Edward and Bella." He said warmly.

"Yes. He did. He helped me kill Victoria." Edward explained.

"Thank you." Carlisle said.

"Think nothing of it." Harry said then paused. "We have visitors." He said pointing to a spot in the woods.

Soon enough Jane, Alec, Felix and Demerti stepped into the clearing.

"You missed a few." Jane said pointing to Harry and Bree.

"I am not a newborn. And Bree has surrendered." Harry said calmly.

"She shouldn't be here." Jane snapped.

"I offered her asylum." Carlisle said calmly. He didn't want to fight the Volturi right now.

"That wasn't you're choice." Felix snapped.

Jane looked in the direction if Bree and used her gift. Her screamed could be heard a mile away. Abruptly they stopped. Everyone looked at Jane. She was on the ground convulsing. The Cullens and Volturi were looking around to see what's causing this. Suddenly Edward whipped his head towards Harry. He hid Bella behind her. The other male vampires doing the same with their mates.

"Stop it!" Alec yelled.

"As long as he doesn't use her gift on me, Bree or anyone else here." Harry said calmly and lowered his arm.

Jane shakily got up.

"Take care of them Felix." Jane said staring at them with cold red eyes. Felix started to walk over but soon found himself on fire. He screamed and the next thing everyone saw was his limb being chopped off. Soon enough Felix was no more. The Volturi slowly started backing up. Before they left they glowed a faint blue and they were gone.

"How'd you do that?" Carlisle asked.

Harry didn't answer right away. He went over to Bree and relaxed her muscles and gave her some blood. Tiger blood. The little vampire quickly drained the bag.

"Thank you." She whispered.

"You're welcome." Harry smiled.

"Drink this. It will help with the blood lust." Harry whispered and gave her the potion.

She wrinkled her nose at the smell. "It smells disgusting." She said.

Harry laughed. "I know, but it helps a lot." He said. Bree took it and drank is and grimaced at the taste.

"Did it work?" She asked.

"Edward, can you let Bella in sight of Bree? I'll be right behind her to make sure she doesn't lunge if she does." Harry said calmly.

Edward moved out of the way but still help Bella by the wrist just in case. Bree stared at the girl but didn't have the urge to do anything.

"Am I supposed to do anything?" She asked.

"No. The potion worked. You will need to drink blood of an animal." Harry said.

"How'd you do that?" Jasper asked.

"That is part of my story. I can't tell you with her here." Harry said nodding towards Bella.

"Why?" Emmett asked.

"I'm not allowed to say anything about my world in front of her." Harry sighed. "I should go." Harry said as he was making his way to the forest.

"Wait!" Alice cried. "Come to our house. Please?" She asked and once Harry turned around she used puppy dog eyes that no one could resist.

Harry sighed again and ran a hand through his hair. "I suppose. But Bella can't be there." Harry said he wasn't budging on that at all.

"That's not fair!" Bella yelled.

"It may not be fair but it's a rule where I'm from." Harry said calmly.

Bella huffed. "Edward tell him to let me come." Bella pouted.

Edward looked from Harry to Bella and back. "I can't if it's a rule then we're going to follow it. I'm sorry." He said at last. Harry let out an unnecessary sigh of relief.

Bella just pouted more. "Fine." She mumbled.

"Come on, I'll take you home." Edward said and carried Bella off to his car.

"Shall we show you our house?" Carlisle asked. Harry nodded.

They ran back to the house once Harry saw it he whistled.

"Wow. This is a beautiful house." He commented.

"Thank you." Esme beamed. "I'm sorry, what's your name again?" She asked.

"Harry Potter." Harry said smiling.

"Let's wait for Edward to come back before you explain anything." Carlisle said.

So they sat there in awkward silence until they heard the Volvo pull up.

"I'm sorry about that, Harry. She hates being left out." Edward said once he got through the door.

"It's okay."

"So, tell us." Emmett said bouncing in his seat.

Harry smiled softly at him. Bree was sitting next to Harry.

"What do you know of creatures? Werewolves, Vampires, mere-people. That kind of thing." Harry asked.

"Well, there are shape-shifters in La Push. They change into a wolf at will." Jasper said.

Harry shook his head. "No like real werewolves. One's that change with the moon." Harry said.

"You've meet one?" Carlisle asked fascinated.

"Yes. You see the reason why I know is because I'm a wizard." Harry said bluntly.

"Like magic and all that?" Edward asked.

"Show us!" Alice said clapping her hands together. Harry grinned a little. She reminded him of Luna. A pang went through his chest when he thought of the perky blonde.

"What do you want me to do?" Harry asked.

Emmett got up and broke a table into little bits.

"Emmett!" Esme yelled.

"Can you fix the table?" Emmett asked.

"That's easy." Harry scoffed and waved his arm. The table repaired itself. Esme sighed in relief.

"Make me do something more challenging." Harry said with a glow in his eyes.

"Change my appearance." Alice said hyperly.

Harry waved his wrist and Alice changed to a blonde with blue eyes. Instead of her fighting outfit she wore a ball gown she had in her closet.

"Did it work?" She asked. Harry conjured a mirror and she gasped.

"I like your sense in style." She said. "But you need more clothes." Alice added as an after thought.

"Alice." Esme said.

"No it's alright." Harry waved his wrist and Alice changed back to how she was before.

"That's amazing." Jasper said.

"What was that glow on the Volturi?" Edward asked.

"It prevents them from talking about me or anyone with gifts to see or hear anything about me." Harry explained.

Everyone looked impressed.

"How old are you?" Rosalie asked talking for the first time.

"I'm seventeen but I've been a vampire for nine years." Harry explained.

"How'd you come to drink animal blood?" Carlisle asked.

"When I was human I had his 'hero complex' as people called it. I always wanted to save the people I loved and never wanted to hurt anyone without reason. When I was turned the first thing with a heartbeat was a hippogriff in the forest." Harry said.

"What's a hippogriff?" Jasper asked.

"It's a hybrid of an eagle and a horse." Harry said.

"So what brings you out here?" Esme asked.

"When I was turned I read everything I could on vampires. I read about the Volturi and about Carlisle. It said you drink from animals and you're the second largest Coven. I decided to see for myself. I went to Seattle and traced you're scent to Forks." Harry shrugged his shoulders.

"What about your family?" Rosalie asked.

Harry tensed. "My parents died when I was a year and three months old. The relatives I was placed with hated me because I had magic. When I turned into a vampire the entire wizarding world claimed I was going dark. My friends and extended family believed them." Harry said sadly.

"I'm so sorry." Esme said. Bree curled her arms around Harry's waist. In the short time Bree's known Harry she's thought of him a brother. She wasn't treated well with Victoria's army. Harry was the first kind person to her. Harry smiled down at the little vampire.

"It's alright." Harry sighed.

"Get ready for school kids." Esme ordered. They had talked through the night. They groaned but got ready. Harry and Bree watched them go.