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It's AU after tonight's episode and for now it's just a one-shot, but if I get enough feedback with readers wanting more I'll add more the next portion having dialogue.

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He watches her from his office. Busy. She's always busy. Since Owen. During and after. He can't honestly say when it happened, but when it did he knew it had been happening for quite some time. He'd seen her without seeing her. He'd fallen for her without knowing. She was everything he'd ever wanted in a woman, his unconditional love for Deb notwithstanding. Aside from her looks, she didn't add up, but there was something about her that he couldn't ignore.

Jane. She has that something coupled with a big heart, smarts, and welcoming smile. She's beautiful. His heart lurches when he sees Owen waltz through the elevator doors. She'd left. Just up and left, and it was then that he knew he couldn't live without her. Sure she was his best man and more best friend than coworker, but his feelings for her ran deeper than that. She'd been there for him since he was hired. The only one willing to help out the newbie void of ulterior motives. Kim Kaswell. Unfortunately, he'd been too dense to realize it until she decided to run away with some guy she'd only been dating two months at the most.

It was his fault. He can't say that he didn't have an idea that she might have had feelings for him, but it didn't matter because she was just Jane, not his type and there was her all too Deb-like personality at times that scared the crap out of him. Because of this, he'd let her escape his reach. She ran off to Italy with Owen; fell in love with the prick, only to have him disappear after proposing to her. A proposal that coincided with his attempt to finally tell her how he felt. But that creepy investor held him up and the moment passed forced into congratulation on an engagement he wanted to shove so far up anyone's butt he couldn't see straight. Yet, when things fell apart for Jane he didn't seize the opportunity. He just lingered in the background careful to say the least to his friend for fear of capitalizing on her heartache, trying to give her time. But Parker had to compel him to play lawyer pimp to the shark of a woman with money in an effort to woo her to finance the firm. Not something he wanted to do, but saw no reason in foregoing the action.

He can see it all through his office window. Owen enters Jane's office without knocking. She's startled. Pain and anguish pass over her face taking residence. The aforementioned man lowers his head avoiding her gaze. Words are spoken. Gestures are made, but both remain firmly planted where they are. Her beautiful brown eyes enlarge. She can't believe what her runaway fiancé is saying. The former judge takes a step toward the lawyer, but his move is met with a swift palm to his pudgy cheek. Jane is screaming. He can't make out the words, but he hopes she's reading him his rights. He doesn't deserve her. He didn't deserve the privilege of kissing her supple lips.

Kiss. They almost kissed once. Or maybe more than once. It doesn't matter because he never followed through. He always allowed some outside entity to barge itself in between his thin lips and her plump ones. There was this one time when nothing got in the way. Where it was just him and her secluded with no distractions, and had it not been a dream he would have the memory of the feel of her lips on his.

His body jumps up involuntarily when she rushes to the elevator, but his mind stills his moving feet. What does he say? How could he be there for her without it being awkward? He's never been there before. There was Tony; she was happy. Then he was gone, and she was sad. But he was never there. He never wiped a tear. Never held her in his arms. Not like she did for him. Not like she was there for him when his wedding blew up in his face. Not like when she planned his shotgun wedding for him. How could he be there for her now? She wouldn't want him. But he wants her. He needs her. Ignoring his mind, he follows his heart, but finds the elevator empty when he reaches it. He's too late again; however, this time she isn't boarding a plane she's probably just going home.

He arrives at her apartment complex instantly spotting her car in the parking lot. His blood freezes. What does he plan to do? Say? He couldn't just barge in professing his love for her. Because he does. Love her. But she's not ready for that. He doesn't even know if he's ready for that. But he's here now, so, he might as well check on her to see if she's okay.

Standing at the door, his hand hovers over the knocker. He has to do it. He would be remiss not to, but he's afraid. He might make things worse. She might want Owen instead of him even if she just slapped him.

The door flies open and he's faced with Stacy. She's talking; he sees her lips moving, but his ears aren't listening to her, his eyes too preoccupied with what's happening behind her. When she finishes he's ushered inside as she exits.

He's been in Jane's home before. Plenty of times. Before Deb died and after. All those times he knew exactly what to do. He was either visiting his girlfriend or working on a case with his friend. Right now, he's standing in the living room alone, hearing Jane crying in a backroom.

His feet carry him towards the whimpering woman. The sight before his eyes causes his heart to drop. She's balled into the fetal position sobbing over worthless Owen. He doesn't have to think about it. It just comes to him and he's on the bed holding her to his chest rubbing her back whispering in her ear.

Realization doesn't don on her until she's quieted. He sees the acknowledgement in her eyes, can feel it in her stiffened posture. All of his fears come rushing to the surface. He apologizes and moves to get up stopping when her soft hands grip the lapels of his jacket. Slowly, he eases back onto the bed a small surge of hope springing up within him. She's not ready for his love, he knows this, but she wants him around and for now that will have to do.

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