By – Hime no Ichigo

Genre: General
Rating: G
Characters: Yami no Yuugi
Story Type: Drabble
Summary: Yami no Yuugi's first...

Disclaimer: Yuugiou (Duel Monsters) is the intellectual property of Takahashi Kazuki.

Notes: This is from this week's theme: "cinema".


Yami doesn't understand why he's in a movie theatre all of a sudden, a ticket in his hand. People jostle around him, cramming into the little door. The one thing he gets is that they're in a hurry, and his concept of time and reading skills tell him that he should probably follow their example.

His aibou is being particularly mean today, leaving him alone to fend in the modern world with no help at all. Their mind link remains stubbornly closed and no matter how much he nudges at his side, there's absolutely no response, other than maybe a breath of you'll be fine, mou hitori no boku, so faint that he almost misses it in his self-induced mini panic attack.

The only seat he can find is one terribly close to the giant monitor, and the surround sound system makes him almost jump out of his seat in surprise. All too soon, the movie begins, and he cranes his neck to an aching seventy-degree angle to watch it in its entirety, its plot captivating his attention so much that he doesn't register the pain until afterward.

So what have you learned today, mou hitori no boku? Yuugi's consciousness finally stirs.

The more he answers, the more he feels guilty for causing his partner's body to be so sore—he's only living on borrowed time, he doesn't have the right—

As long as you had fun, his voice rings softly, reassuringly.

- Owari -

Authoress' Notes: I'm actually really out of touch with the Yuugiou fandom, augh.