Rated T for Mild Drug Use.

Pinkie Pie is sitting outside of Rainbow Dash's house and there is a pony in the shadows.

Pinkie asks. "You're ready for this?"

The pony walks out of the shadows and sees that it's Derpy. She responds. "Not really."

Pinkie says. "You'll do fine."

They both walk in and see Rainbow Dash sitting on the couch.

Pinkie starts explaining. "Rainbow, we have to tell you something…"

Derpy pukes on the floor for no apparent reason.

A few seconds later they are outside of Rainbow Dash's house again.

Derpy says. "I think that went well."

Pinkie says. "You threw up and we both left."

Derpy says. "Nah, it was all in the past."

Pinkie says. "It was literally thirty seconds ago."

Derpy says. "That's all a matter of opinion."

Pinkie says. "No it's isn't, let's try again."


They walk into Rainbow Dash's house again.

Pinkie explains. "Rainbow Dash, we have something to tell you…"

While Pinkie is talking, Derpy puts a rag up to her mouth and she falls over unconscious.

They are once again outside of Rainbow Dash's house.

Derpy says. "I chloroformed myself, didn't I?"

Pinkie responds. "Yea."

Derpy goes to put the rag back up to her mouth, but Pinkie stops her.

Pinkie Pie says annoyed. "Don't do it again!"

Derpy stops.

Pinkie says. "Look, you take the lead this time."


They both walk in again.

Derpy starts talking to Rainbow Dash. "Hagibbe, pneuapoebhugwpbe."


Derpy explains. "You see, the thing is, me and Pinkie were thinking… I'm just going to throw a pie in her face."

Pinkie and Derpy are struggling with the pie.

While they are struggling, Derpy is talking.

"Let me throw it, let me throw it, let me throw it in her face!"


Derpy explains. "Mom and dad, I'm gay!"

Pinkie responds. "No!"


Pinkie and Derpy are struggling with the pie again. Derpy is talking.

"If I throw it at her we can do more pranks! This can be so easy!"


Derpy seems shorter this time.

Derpy is explaining. "After two random strangers get to know each other…"

Pinkie asks. "Where are your legs?"


Derpy is talking in another language.

"Ecabba feinds dinish veshtum."

Pinkie says. "Nein!"


Derpy starts explaining. "Rainbow Dash…"

A white flash ocurrs in the room when suddenly another Derpy with glasses on appears.

The first Derpy looks at her while he second Derpy says quickly. "I'm from the future! Tell her she's ugly!"

Present Derpy says to Rainbow Dash. "You're chubby."

Future Derpy looks at Present Derpy weird.

Pinkie says. "You can't even get that right!"


The only thing Derpy is doing this time is pelvic thrusting.


Derpy and Pinkie Pie are once again struggling with the pie.

Pinkie is saying. "Derpy, Derpy!"

Derpy is saying. "Wait, no…"

They are outside of Rainbow Dash's house for the twelfth time.

Derpy asks. "I'm really bad at this, aren't I?"

Pinkie Pie answers. "Yea, Rainbow Dash is never going to find out about you."

Derpy finally realizes. "Oh, that's what we were doing!"

They both run in and right away Derpy starts explaining.

"Rainbow Dash, I know this is hard for you to hear, but I am joining the prank team!"

Rainbow Dash responds. "Okay, cool."

Derpy throws the pie in Rainbow Dash's face.

Derpy says. "Whoops!"

Pinkie Pie responds. "I think that went well."


This was a parody from "The Confession" by Tomska.