Chapter 9

(Coach Azumi's P.O.V)

"Fubuki are you okay?" I asked the boy who was still shaking slightly, I still had no idea what exactly he saw so I couldn't help. The boy just nodded slowly, I looked up at Gouenji who had his arm around the boy hugging him, I looked at him to find out if he was really okay. The flame-striker just nodded his head at me, it was a little weird but I knew that he could handle this and he knew what he was doing.

Then something hit me and it hit me hard.

"Fubuki isn't the only Ice Striker, right?" I asked the team, they all stopped their chatting to look at me before looking at each other. "Fubuki is our only Ice Striker." Endou replied to me, I twitched a bit and looked at Fubuki, he still wasn't ready to play. Gouenji and Fubuki are our only ace strikers, but that isn't why I'm worried. It's because of that Akira Kid. When he whistles only Ice-users are able to cross the field freely.

"What's up coach?" I heard Fudou asked, his arms were crossed and he actually looked a little serious for once. I was getting ready to explain but Kidou beat me to it, he stood up and everyone's eyes were on him and me. "Can I explain?" He asked me and I laughed a bit and nodded, he took over my thoughts and said them aloud.

"Omoi's captain is an Ice-defender as you seen before when he begins to whistle. We're all frozen in place while the field turns to ice, the first time it happened one of his team members stole the ball, her hissatsu's involve ice. The second time he used it, she moved to steal the ball but Fubuki was able to move." The dread-locked boy took a pause for breath and looked at his teammates to see if they understood, he was ready to begin again. "So-"

"In other words only Ice users are the only ones able to move on the field when he uses his hissatsu." Fudou finished, cutting off Kidou with his voice and a yawn after it. "Yes..exactly...?" Kidou said slightly confused, he was probably more amazed that Fudou was able to understand where this was going. "You took to long so I shortened it up." Fudou stretched his arms and moved to his feet.

Kidou looked like he was going to speak again but Fudou spoke once again. "Once he finishes whistling the field turns to normal almost immediately. So leave the captain to me, I'll make sure he doesn't get a chance to whistle."

The look in Fudou's eyes were full of cockiness. I may not know Fudou that well but I know one thing, that he's extremely stubborn. From Akira's back ground I know he's a bit Egotistic which is why I think Fudou would be the best person to go against him, how do you fight egotistic bastards? With an another egotistic bastard, of course!

"No-" Kidou began.

"Yes." I stated, looking at Fudou. "I leave it to you" I said quickly before gesturing the boy to sit, Kidou just gave me a look and I looked back at him, it was like we were talking to each other with our eyes, we simultaneously nodded our heads at each other before he turned to take his seat.

"Another worry is that 'Ayakashi Rumble' hissatsu. I still haven't figured out what it does but Fubuki is unsteady because of it."

"Coach, you okay?" The white-haired male asked, the female looked extremely serious for a moment but her facial expressions softened. "Just thinking, Mikazuki." She replied before she looked at her team, Candy and Akari were having another fight about who the ace striker of the team was. Charlotte, Haruka and Wanda were just watching the fight, their eyes moving in between the fight then too Sora and Harley who were poking each other for the fun of it. Akira, Jay and Jake could all be seen running on the side of the field.

"Raimon's ace strikers aren't in the second half anymore so we're going to win." Mikazuki said to the coach who looked at him and laughed a bit, "I've trained Raimon personally. Don't underestimate them just yet." She spoke as she turned her gaze to the field, "Yeah but you've trained us as well." The boy pointed out. "Yes, I have. But Azumi is training them now. Who know's what could happen now."

"Wanda and Mikazuki. I'd like you both to stay near Akira when the match begins."

"Why?" The two asked simultaneously.

"Just because."

The two asked no further questions, the white-haired male made his way to the side of the field where three team members were running around like idiots. The female just turned her attention to the ace-striker fight.

The bell rung signalling the beginning of the second half.

With the match starting everyone took their places.

I grinned and winked over at Hitomiko who just laughed a bit and motioned me to pay attention to the match, Fudou had kept his word. I knew it because Akira looked ready to lose his cool, he had his fist clenched as he tried to move away from Fudou. The brunette was smirking and I heard him question Akira's gender, leave it to Fudou to piss off men with long hair.

Wanda had the ball in possession, swiftly dodging Raimon's defenders. Behind her was a certain white-haired male, he was following behind her foot steps, it resembled the move Candy had done in the first half.


Mist had begun to appear as she ran with the ball, the mist blocked my vision from seeing what was going on. When it had begun to disappear I saw Mikazuki's shadow jump up high with the ball and spin-kicked it, sending it straight towards the goal, Mist was slowly disappearing making it a little easy to see the move but not completely. Tachimukai ran to the side he thought the ball would be at to catch it but the ball went to a whole different side. The mist disappeared to show that Tachimukai had missed the chance to catch the ball by at least a good three feet.

"Don't mind!" Endou called out and Tachimukai nodded his head and reached over to get the ball, he quickly sent it towards Tsunami (gee, I wonder why). The pink-haired male caught it a little sloppily but still caught it nonetheless, he dribbled it across the field, passing to Sakuma.

The eye-patched male just smiled a bit as he moved with the ball, Midorikawa was by his side running with him, I suppose it was to make sure the ball didn't get stolen away from him by the two defenders who were making their way to them, it was Harley and Sora. Sakuma dodged them, with Midorikawa's help of course.

Sakuma passed to Rika who bounced the ball on her leg before sticking her tongue out towards Akari and kicking the ball towards Kidou, the goggled-eye male caught it quickly and dribbled across the field, He passed Fudou who winked a bit before going back to provoke the captain of Omoi who was desperately trying to get passed the male, he tried to whistle but then Fudou would say something.

Sakuma came up behind Kidou and smirked, for some reason they were able to talk with out really talking because they nodded at each other.

"Twin Boost!"

The goal-keeper, tried to look serious for a second but it was replaced with a cute facial expression.

"Cutsie Boy Catch."

The ball was weakened and caught easily, Jay looked extremely relaxed once he had the ball, must have been because the Akari and Candy looked at him and gave him a thumbs up.

Jay threw the ball towards Charlotte who dribbled with the ball, she looked towards Akira who was still struggling, she held in a laugh before sending the ball towards Wanda, Wanda was standing besides Mikazuki because they were 'supposed' to be by Akira.

Wanda was getting ready to make a move.

I looked over at Raimon's side and I saw Aphrodi hit his forehead and mouth a 'Duh'. I seriously wonder what was going through that boy's head, being so ca-

"Heaven's Time!"

Sheesh, that blond was good! Aphrodi had stolen the ball and was bouncing it on his leg before kicking it towards Hiroto, the red-head caught it with his chest then dribbled across the field.

"Ryuusei Blade!"

I blinked, holy crap that sounded extremely familiar! Now, I know! Ryuusei boy was me and Hitomiko's jam when we were in high-school. I looked over to see if Hitomiko noticed it but she either didn't or kept it hidden extremely well.

"Lollipop Block!"

Those words brought me out of my thoughts, I looked across the field and was extremely amazed when I saw a HUGE lollipop pop up from the ground, this was Candy's defense move. The lollipop blocked the attack for the most part until it suddenly cracked, the lollipop was now broken and Candy fell back, the ball went straight towards the goal, Jay tried to block it with his 'Cutsie Boy Catch' but the poor boy ended up flat on his back with the ball heading straight into the goal.

It was now 4-2 and something tells me Hitomiko's team is not pleased, well that something happens to be-

"What the hell Candy and Jay!" Akari shouted at the siblings.

"Shut up! I'd like to see you and yourbrother stop a shot like that! Oh I forgot your brother is being blocked by the same person he has been for almost half of this damn game!" The female shouted to her friend, standing up and getting in each others faces.

"Guys please stop fighting!" The goal keeper tried to calm them down but his voice was drowned out by shouting, he side and looked for someone open to send the ball too. He spotted Haruka open and sent the ball towards her, she took the ball and dribbled across the field, passing Wanda who was blocking Kazemaru and Midorikawa, She jumped over Sakuma who was trying to steal the ball. The female looked over to opposing threats, she found Hiroto and Endou being blocked by Harely. Sora blocking Kidou and Mikazuki blocking Tsunami and Rika, she gave a little smirk and was ready to shoot until Aphrodi appeared infront of her.

"Ayakashi Barrage."

The black smoke appeared again, I was expecting Aphrodi hugging his knee's and getting ready to cry but once the smoke disappeared Aphrodi was running his fingers through his frantically, "MY HAIR'S STILL HERE!" He shouted and received weird looks, "I'M NOT BALD!" He cheered and I rolled my eyes at him, before laughing a little. Haruka looked back at him, "So his nightmare be bald?" She asked aloud, I caught this and I understood what her hissatsu did. It showed everyone's nightmare so she'd get a chance to steal the ball!

"100 Demon Parade!"

She shot the ball in, demons surrounding it. I was a little scared, this time by the shot...those are a lot of demons after all. Tachimukai seemed relaxed by it for some reason, then I remembered about his hissatsu.

"Maou The Hand!"

He stumbled back a bit by the ball, it broke through his Maou the hand, but after an extremely tough fight.

4-3 I knew I shouldn't have underestimated Hitomiko!

Oh, but the game is just getting started.

Tachimukai picked up the ball and threw it towards Kazemaru and Midorikawa, Kazemaru jumped over Wanda and caught it with his leg, then kick-passing it towards Tsunami who once more sloppily caught it, dribbling across the field. He sneezed though, then broke out in a coughing fit. Half of the Raimon team began coughing too, I blinked as the scent of cherries began to fill my nose, and it was super strong.

"Cherry Smoke Bomb."

Candy and Akari had stolen the ball from Tsunami and sent the ball to Wanda and Charlotte who both caught it with their foot.

"Erupting Volcano!"

A huge Volcano formed from the ground, Akari and Jake standing on top of it, The two females below them both kicked the ball up to the duo standing on the volcano, once the ball had reached them the volcano erupted and both jumped off and both side kicked the ball, fire surrounding it and surrounding the ball in a circular motion.

"Mugen The Hand."

Tachimukai stumbled back from the force of the ball but tried to stay in place, the fire seemed to only get stronger the more he struggled, finally he managed to stop the ball. He dropped it and rubbed his hands a bit, his hands must have burned.


"No! Don't worry about me I can play the rest of the game, Coach!" The brunette called out to me, cutting me off before I could tell him to switch positions. I sighed and waved my hand, that look in his eye told me that I could trust him.

He picked up the ball and threw it towards Hiroto who sent it to Midorikawa who sent it to Aphrodi, the blonde nodding his head and running ahead, his wings came out for the second time in the game, for some reason I was expecting Kazemaru to appear behind him but Kazemaru was blocking Candy, meaning that they couldn't do Angelic Tornado.

"Shin God-Knows!"

He kicked the ball and I was taken back, the move was extremely powerful for some reason. When I first saw the move it was at work but now being up and close I see how powerful it is.

Akira got away from Fudou just in time, running to the goal with Jake behind him, nodding his head they jumped up and both tried to kick the ball back, since the hissatsu was extremely powerful the two ended up on the field, Akira on his back and Jake on his stomach.

"Bounce Back Kick."

Jay had turned around and literally back-kicked the ball, the ball was sent across the field into Candy's chest, the female bit her lip before bouncing it on her leg and running across the field with Mikazuki and Haruka by her side, they split apart and sent the ball in between each other before randomly kicking the ball too Sora and Harley who both caught it with ease and ran ahead of them.

I was still recovering from the shock of that sudden block, Jake and Akira were standing up with their hands on their knee's panting. I was surprised they could still stand up after trying to kick the hissatsu, they must have some very nice legs.

"Mirror Maiden!"

I blinked, 7 or 8 mirror's appeared from the ground they were all rotating with tremendous speed, Harley and Sora were standing by each other, Hand in hand. They both kicked the ball with full force, the ball bouncing from mirror to mirror until reaching the last mirror, then a female with long blonde hair and light blue eyes appeared, she had a long white dress on and was following the ball that was making its way to the goal. Once it reached the goal post the female turned into the exact opposite, dead black hair, red eyes and a dress covered in blood. Tachimukai yelped and ducked, allowing the ball to go straight into the goal.

The 'mirror maiden' turned back to normal and giggled before disappearing with the mirror's, I was frozen in place and everyone was looking around at each other, wondering what the hell just happened. Everyone (including me) were just staring at Sora and Harley who were hugging each other and little girls.

"And the winner's are- IT'S A TIE!" Haruna shouted and cheered!

"Are you kidding me?! A frigging tie!?" Fudou shouted, "I blocked the sissy-boy for almost the whole game and it ends in a tie?!" The brunette went on, fuming. Kidou just watched the other as though he was entertainment.

Tachimukai was clinging to Tsunami's leg, mumbling something like 'evil demon mirror lady...'

Fubuki was back to normal congratulating the team for doing such a good job, his arms were tightly around the flame-striker though.

Everyone else (on Raimon's side) was showing their good sportsmanship and saying how it was a good game.

Candy and Akari were flipping out and demanding a rematch, not even five seconds later they were at each others neck shouting about how they would bring their team victory. "You guys are on the same team!" Tulip-Flame-thingy-Nagumo and Spooky-Suzuno shouted at them.

"I just realized how hot I look even when I'm covered in dirt and scrapes." Akira said to himself while staring into his cell-phone. Jake twitched at this and flicked the others head, "Egotistic bastard." He grumbled.

Jay was cheering, jumping up and down and all. Someone should seriously give this boy some pom-pom's, he'd be the cutest male cheer leader in the world. Mikazuki was on the bench just watching the event's before him, I guess his competitiveness disappeared, that or he was too busy watching the cheering male and forgot that the game was tied.

The other team member's seemed to not have cared that much that it was tied, Charlotte and Haruka were watching from the side-lines and Wanda was yawning while laying on the grass.

"Attention!" Hitomiko called out, most people seemed to ignore her.

I stood on the bench and gave a loud whistle, "SHUSH CHILDREN!" I shouted, everyone shutting up in a second.

Hitomiko and I exchanged looked with each other before nodding our heads, "Okay! You guys we're going to my house for a super-mega-totally-kawaii-desu-ne party so get in the van and get to my house!" I shoutewd, I recieved no response and I looked towards Hitomiko for some help. "Azumi and I have decided to have a party to celebrate your hard-work today and this week. You guys can go home and get ready and meet us back at Azumi's house or you guys can come in your sweaty uniforms." Hitomiko-chan explained and everyone nodded at each other and cheered.

"Hey, Kazemaru can me, Midorikawa and Sakuma go to your place and get ready?" Aphrodi asked Ichirouta, he looked back at me and I just nodded my head. "Yeah let's get going!" They exited quickly, the rest of the team looked at me. "Men and their hair." I said simply before I remembered something.

"Everyone bring your boyfriends or Girlfriends!" I shouted before dragging Hitomiko away with me to catch-up as everyone else started making their way to their houses.

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