When We Look Back
By – Hime no Ichigo

Genre: Friendship/Humour
Rating: G
Characters: TSUKAHARA Kaname (centric), cast
Story Type: Drabble
Summary: The one thing that won't change in their circle of friends is their own personality.

Disclaimer: Kimi to Boku. is the intellectual property of Hotta Kiichi.

Notes: This is from this week's theme: "photography".

"Say cheese."

Kaname cringes at the flash of the camera, already feeling hot around the collar and wondering if he can leave any time soon. He wants to loosen his tie but his Perfect Student Pride won't let his fingers wiggle under the knot. His other arm is trapped in a vice grip, and even his feeble excuses of valedictorian duties and last minute student council responsibilities can't let him escape to safety.

"Kaname-kun, can't you hold still for just this one picture?"

"Do what you're told, Kanamecchi~"

"Stop acting so high and mighty, Kaname."

"It's your last day before you move away, so you should at least have a good photo together."

"I didn't ask for your opinion, you lot—"

"Ah, Kaname-kun—!"

"Let go, Shun, I need to punch them at least once for cracking their stupid jokes at a time like this—"


He stops fighting against the hold on his arm and realizes that he's been dragging his mother along. He flushes in embarrassment; who in high school still have such a clingy relationship with their parents? Not for the first time, he wishes the ground would just open up and swallow him whole. He glares at the twins and Chizuru, who're sniggering with their hands over their mouths (but not covering their ill intentions at all).

His mother's also red in the face, but more on the verge of tears that her only son isn't co-operating with her on such an important day. Kaname's face falls, knowing that in the end, he can't say no to her. He sighs, readying himself for more teasing from Yuuki and Chizuru.

"All right, fine. Just one though. No more after this."

Her triumphant shriek almost breaks his eardrums, and before he can comprehend, flashes are already going off again, blinding his eyes and forcing his poses to be even more unnatural.

And of course, the one picture they decide to blow up and send to his house is the one where his mother is kissing him on the cheek. Jerks.

- Owari -

Authoress' Notes: Kaname's not nearly tsundere enough, is he...