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What a week. Po had never thought that life could get any more exciting than just being part of the Furious Five, but of course, he stood corrected. They had arrived back at the Jade Palace in record time, and got a very good and well deserved rest. But, tonight, Po couldn't sleep. His mind was running in circles as he thought about everything they had gotten done. He was proud, and happy, and satisfied with his life now. But, his parents were still dead...and he felt horrible for having not remembering them even a little. And Shen... Po didn't know whether to feel that he justified watching him die, or guilty for letting it happen. After hours of self-loathing, he managed to catch a restless sleep.

The next morning, Po struggled to get downstairs, nearly falling flat on his face twice. When he arrived, the Five were already seated at the main table, watching him oddly as he strode in and rubbing his face tiredly.

"No sleep, Po", Tigress gave him a look of slight mockery, which he returned with a playful sneer.

"He was probably up all night dreaming about you, Tigress" Monkey pointed in her direction, making Po blush the smallest amount

"What? No, he's- he's crazy, you're crazy", Po wouldn't admit that he had thought about Tigress once or twice throughout the night, and he began stumbling on his words. After many teasing comments and glances, Po decided he'd had enough for one mroning, and went off outside. From the top of the Jade Palace steps, Po could see the entire Valley, enveloped in the warm sunlight. He then looked downward to glare at the stares, they never seemed to get along. I guess I could stand to lose a few pounds...he though, absent mindedly bringing a paw to his belly as he began walking. His progress obviously still needed some work, thus how he became tired on the 8th step and crawled the rest of the way down. By the time he got down all the steps that he was sure didn't really need to be there, he'd practically made himself into an asthmatic, leaning on a nearby tree for support. He was a bit frustrated with himself as to now, he was at the bottom of hundreds of steps, and that he hadn't counted on actually making it to the bottom.

"Oh...well...I guess I...", He sighed heavily, frustrated at the overwhelmed feeling he experienced. Now that they had gotten everything done, there was nothing else to do. He was caught between wanting to do something exciting and just doing nothing. He came across a nearby rock and sat on it. Resting his head on the top of his paw grumpily.

Deep within the foresty environment near the Palace, a small, edgy little cave lay in silence. Inside, the Soothersayer looked out into the Valley, she couldn't see much, to her irritation, through the thick treetops. She then turned back to look at the unconscious figure on the other side of the small fire she'd made. Shen lay on the dirt floor, unmoving, regardless of his smooth breathing, he looked dead, and the Soothsayer stayed up most night watching him in he suddenly stopped breathing sometime through the night. She didn't want to think about it, but the though that maybe she'd made a mistake by bringing him here. She didn't have enough resources to support the both of them, she was also running out of the materials she used to help him heal. She didn't like the diea of having to leave him in someone elses care, but it was now becoming the only choice if she wanted to save him. A loud groan and sigh brought her out of her thoughts and she quickly walked out to the mouth of the dwelling, and didn't know whether to be relieved or worried when she saw the panda pouting on a rock, with his back to her. She looked at the ground in thought, going over her options, before quickly running back inside.

Po felt the sun rays beginning to burn at his back, practically smelling himself baking. He soon began to get up, but froze in the squating position, looking ahead with a look of both fear and slyness, before slowly turned his head as if he expected something terrible to be behind him. When he saw nothing, he stood up fully, rubbing the back of his burning neck. He turned to head back up to the stairs when he froze again in mid-step, one foot risen in the air just slightly above the ground, as he looked at the smooth, white figure curled up at their corner. Po didn't know whether to approach the...whatever it was, or ingore it and continue on his way, but his heart gave him a push toward the creature. As he drew closer, his eyes began to make out important traits about the creature. Feathers? Po thought, oh, it couldn't possibly be...Could it? He came around to the face of the bird, and when he made it, his worst fears were realized as he sprung back and fell backwards onto the soil of the ground, eyes wide and shocked. How could Shen have possibly made it here? By himself? Why hadn't he noticed him earlier?! The bird seemed to be completely and totally out cold, but Po would take no chances. He found a long stick, while crawling up onto his hands and knees, bring it closer to the peacock and tapping his head a few times, then shrinking back, dropping the stick, and bringing his arms in front of his face in a defensive position, leaving a small crack to look through. From afar, the Soothsayer watched as the panda brought a large stick to Shens head and touching him with it, and she gave the panda's back an odd look.

Okay, okay, everything's fine, EVERYTHING'S FINE! Po paced anxiously in a small circle. Okay, Shen was here, now, out of the open, he had no idea what to do with him, and he knew no one would dare help him! He was on his own, again, and he had no options.

"Po!", he heard a female voice call. Oh no, Tigress. Po knew that Tigress held the most hate for Shen, and if she saw him, would undoubtedly kill him then and there. Po's mind then shifted from anxiety to panic as he struggled to find anything, anything, to hide the peacock. He ran around, occasionally looking back towards the steps to see the tiger drawing nearer in his direction. He settled quickly on fallen palm leaves, grass, and sticks. Piling them all on top of the bird and eventually making it look ass if it were just a pile of junk. He got up, wiped the fearful look off his face and came to stand quietly near the steps, leaning on the post with one foot folded over the other and a dreamy expression, his eyes looking up to the sky in an unguilty fashion as Tigress came to her last few steps.

"Hey, where were you? I was calling for you." She said. Po looked at her as if he hadn't known she'd arrived, faking a suprised look and tone,

"Oh, Tigress, hi. Sorry, I guess I-uh...", he tried to look casual as he stole a glance behind him at the buried peacock


"I...guess I got a carried away while getting in tune with nature! Oh, yeah, It-It's-It's good for the health! Yeah, it's good for the heart..and..other organs..", Po faded away when he caught Tigress' strange look.

"Um..okay..Well, whenever you're done, Shifu wants to see us, so don't be too long, you know how he gets when you're late..", she dismissed him and began walking back up the stairs. Po watched her until she closed the door to the Palce, then let his chessy smile drop and his body visiblely sag as he dragged his feet back to the peacock, throwing the trash of nature off of him.

The Soothsayer watched as the panda covored Shen in all types of vegitation, and had to restrain herself from running up to rescue him. When she saw the tiger, she felt worry settle in. Would the panda tell her where Shen was? What if she made a horrible mistake? Though all of her senses told her to do the irrational, she kept watching.

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