This event took place way before All the other stories and the first 3 games back to Sly's childhood days

One night in the dark streets of Paris, all was quiet then from out of nowhere we see a tall handsome shadowy figure appear, from atop a building.

We see it as it runs from one building, jump on a wire and railway slide onto another.

Afterwards he crawled up a pipe to another building , jumped off it and landed on a pointed end off another one, and there is when his true self is revealed that being a gray racoon, who looks like Sly Cooper but isn't.

He was a good looking raccoon with the same features as Sly, and in his hand was a shining cane of the Cooper clan, and on the other was an old fashioned pipe, that he placed inbetween his lips and began to smoke from it.

Yes that's right folks this man you read before you is in fact Connor Cooper.

Conner's P.O.V.:what a fine night it was ,and that being because tonight me and my gang have successfully pulled off the biggest hiest in all of Paris.

Afterwards I pull out my binocucom and get in contact with my gangmember Mandrill ,and tell him "alright Mandrill I got the goods, have Mcsweeny meet us at the checkpoint in five minutes understood?"

"McSweeny is already on his way Connor sit tight, I'll be on mine as well" Mandrill replies through his binocucom, after putting it back in my leg pack ,I set out for the checkpoint where we're supposed to meet.

But right before I could meet my crewmates at the checkpoint, I was almost attacked by a bullet shot, and when I turn around to see who shot me, who do I see is none other than the cops.

And as they stood there pointing shock pistols toward me one of them said "caught in the act raccoon ,there is nowhere to run, just surrender the item you stole and we might go easy on you", however I had other plans in mind.

Man they should have known me well by now to know I wouldn't give up ,so I simply reply "I would love to ,but I promised a buddy of mine I'd get it for him, even if it means stealing it if its at a high cost."

That wasn't enough for them though ,as another replies "promise or not your stealing, now your gonna pay for it" but right before he can pull the trigger, I pull out a smoke bomb and then dissapear right under the smoke, making my getaway simple and clean.

But I was in deep trouble when I got to the checkpoint, there I saw my crewmates in handcuffs ,and tied up together, and standing next to them was none other than the cheif of Interpol himself Pablo Villagran Fox.

"Going somewhere Connor I was hoping you could stick around, join the party ,maybe let me handcuff you while your at it" Pablo says, thinking I'll actually let myself get arrested ,so I reply "in your dreams."

Thats when he gets mad aims his shock pistol at me replying "I wasn't asking" ,but as he was about to pull the trigger, he somehow gets shot in the back by a tranquilizer ,fired by a freed Dr Mandrill.

But how did he and McSweeny break out I wondered, thats when Mandrill pulled out a little pocket knife, saying "A good theif always comes prepared mission accomplished ,but now we must retreat before the inspector gets up" in which we do so quick.

But before I could leave though, McSweeny turns to me all of a sudden ,and asks me "by the way lad what where we attempting to steal, that you promised for this freind of yours?" ,thats when I tell him "oh it's actually a present for him, after all it is my son's birthday ,and I did promise to get him that toy he's always wanted."

Now knowing what I meant ,McSweeny replies to me"ya have a large heart fer that little lad Cooper ,ya must be some father" thats when I reply "yes I am ,and I'm sure Sly would do the same for his kids too."

Later that night, I came home just in time to celibrate my son's 5th birthday ,and boy will he be in for a surprise when he see's what I'll give him, other than the toy.

It was only a small party with just me, my brown fur colored racoon wife Kathy, and our little boy Sly Cooper , as I came in ,I hid the gift so I can surprise him with it, like I do in most my hiests.

But when I came into my home, there was the lovely Kathy with a stern look on her face, asking me "and just where exactly have you been Connor ,you almost missed your son's birthday party ?"

Yet I in a calmed state I reply"sorry about that sweetheart, I just had to pick up a present for our son", thats when I start to notice our little Sly hiding behind his mothers dress ,so I ask "speaking of where is that little rascal ,I have a special present for him, no wait make that two presents for him ,since he is my little man" hoping he'll respond.

And he does so by coming at me with all his might ,grabbing my knee afterwards saying"I'm right here daddy, I was worried I thought you where gonna miss my birthday?", I reply in assurence"come now Sly I'm never too busy for you."

Then after getting him off ,I tell him to close his eyes and hold out his hands, and when he does, I place the toy in his hands and give him the all clear to open his eyes, and when he opens them ,he got so excited to see that in his hands was the toy he'd been asking me for ,the turbo raccoon action figure with light up lasers ,this pleased him so much that he just lost it on me, thanking me repeatedly .

"Anything for my little guy" I say to him, then I said "by the way you also have another present from me don't forget",Catching Sly's attention as he asks me what it was ,and thats when I presented him his birthright.

Next I say to him as I hold up the Cooper cane over him,"this cane here had been in the family for generations ,it belonged to me ,and your great grandfathers now it belongs to you little guy, welcome to the theivimg bussiness son happy birthday" giving him the cane .

As he takes it he glances at it in appreciation ,that he will be next to take the family's theiving reputation in his little hands ,and with a speechless expression.

He then turns to me and says "thanks daddy I promise I'll take good care of it" ,I then laugh at his response and say "oh I know you will son ,but remember this doesn't mean you can steal from your mom or kids though, this is a family heirloom and I want you to use it responsibly OK?""

"OK daddy"Sly answers me knowing well he's making me proud, next I feel a hand behind me as I hear my lovely wife comment, saying"you are a great father Connor, if only you can learn to be on time", I know is true as I reply "thanks honey ,and your not so bad a mom either, Sly learned allot from you."

This earned me a loving kiss from her sweet lips, and a hug from her luscious arms, and before we knew it Sly wanted to be a part of the hug too ,so I pick him up and embrace him in our hug ,knowing well nothing can seperate this family .

And this hug is what will prove I mean it ,and I will never forget it nor this special night.

I hope you enjoy this story so far this is what I thought up on how to start the story but I promise somewhere during the story I will introduce Sly and Carmelita to each other but in the meantime if you like this chapter please review