All is Fair
By – Hime no Ichigo

Genre: General
Rating: G
Characters: KUROKO Tetsuya, KAGAMI Taiga, KISE Ryouta
Story Type: Drabble
Summary: There's no point in putting labels on anyone.

Disclaimer: Kuroko no Basuke is the intellectual property of Fujimaki Tadatoshi.

Notes: This is from Toki's prompt: "idol".

Although he's often neglected and invisible to most people, Kuroko doesn't mind. He likes things this way, almost like appearing at will and scaring his companions out of their wits. His lack of presence is something he can be proud of, especially when he's on the court, stealing and passing before his opponents can comprehend what's happening.


The familiar face of his former teammate comes into view, but he makes no effort to return the enthusiastic greeting—a nod should suffice, in his books.

"Sorry to make you wa—" Kise stops short and stares. "Why is he here?"

Glowering from beside him on the bench is Kagami, who has insisted on accompanying him to 'keep him safe' (what is there to worry about anyway?). "Why can't I be here? For all we know you might kidnap Kuroko again."

"It's not kidnapping, I just want to hang out with Kurokocchi!"

"Yeah yeah, says the person with very dubious intentions."


Kuroko tunes them out and continues to flip through the magazine Kise has given (forced on) him last week, something about the summer collection of some brand Kuroko can't bother to remember – he has no use for brand names, so it explains why he hasn't touched it until they meet again.

People sometimes ask him if he's jealous of his past and current teammates, or if he's ever wanted to trade places and status with them, since they're so much bigger and taller and stronger than him. Kuroko can only stare at them in the eye, unblinking and unflinching until they're uncomfortable. "What is there to be envious about? My physique may be limited but it doesn't mean I'm useless when it really matters in the game."

He doesn't worship anyone, blindly or otherwise, nor does he put them on pedestals because of their differences in strength. Kuroko hopes that the Generation of Miracles and his teammates at Seirin will also regard him in the same way.

In his books, everything is fair and equal, on and off the court.

- Owari -

Authoress' Notes: I don't think the theme came out too well, but oh well, I'm too lazy. /rolls