It's the middle of the night and not an single object moved in the town where Rein and the others lived. Except for a girl with black hair that grew to her mid-back and eyes that have the color of blood. The girl jumped from building to building. She came to a stop on a rooftop and sighed as she looked at the town she was born in. She was finally back in her hometown, but the girl didn't smile or cry. She just stared at the town.

"So..." said a voice. "You're finally back. Have you finished what I have asked of you?"

The girl nodded and faced the man. The man that raised her to become who she is now. The man she called "Father".

"Good. You've done well," the man said. "If you're worried about the officers trying to arrest you, don't worry. They're aware of why you're doing it."

The girl nodded. The man smiled and patted her head. "I'm really amazed that you finished your mission in 5 months. You're now allowed to do whatever you want."

The girl nodded again and turned away, totally aware that the man had jumped down from the building and two pair of eyes that were staring at her. She turned around to look at a right beside the building. She walked closer to the tree and took out her twin swords. She pointed her swords at the two boys sitting on a branch. One blade pointed to a boy with violet-blue eyes. The other blade pointing at a boy with midnight blue eyes.

The girl put away her swords and jumped down from the building. Then, with one last look at the two boys, she ran away.