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"Your life must be pretty boring," Alice mused, propping her elbows up on the armrest of the sofa. She eyed the older vampire, her eyes almost sympathetic.

"Actually I'm quite fine," Carlisle assured his daughter, his mind trying to stay focused on the patient file in front of him. His pen pushed down on the paper with a little more force than he had intended, snapping the tip. He sighed quietly and tossed it into the trash, carefully picking up another one, the scribbling of ink on paper putting him in a trance like state.

"But you must get lonely," Alice said, "I mean you never seem to leave this office unless you're going to work or a parent teacher conference, which I might add is tonight, and you have to go," the pixie like girl clarified, jumping up from her position on the couch, her hands clasping behind her back.

Carlisle eyed her suspiciously, knowing instantly that something was up. "Is there something you need to tell me, Alice? You'll know I'll find out some way."

Alice shook her head, "No sir, everything is tip-top, don't you worry about a thing!" She giggled, and shot out of the room, leaving Carlisle to his work once again.

"What is she up to now?" Carlisle said aloud, chuckling to himself. His daughter could be very amusing, and although she always has the best intentions it doesn't always work out in her favor, even if she can see the future.

The vampire tossed the suspicions out of his brain, his thoughts centering on the file for a young girl by the name of Lillian Simmons who just had her right leg amputated due to a nasty car accident. She's been experiencing complications and her parents asked to see the favored doctor again, to see if prosthetics could be an option. The girl was kind, and he hoped he would be able to help her, though the chances seemed slim due to where the leg had to be amputated. Carlisle searched through some older files, hoping to find an answer in the midst of the yellowed and torn papers. Just as he was picking up a report from 1947 that looked promising his oldest son bustled into the room, his mate in tow.

"It's 6 o'clock, we should be leaving," Edward reminded him, coming over to inspect the papers scattered across Carlisle's desk.

"Since it's that high up on her leg I would suggest a stilt-like object that would elevate her high enough, but would also enable her to walk. A ball-and-joint socket would work well," Edward mused, picking up the girl's file.

Carlisle nodded, "That does sound good, but there are other problems as well. Tissue has built up around the scar, a little more than we would like. We might have to cut some of that off, though I would really rather not. There might be another way if I just…" his voice faded off, his mind in deep thought. "Can you kids just go on without me?"

Edward chuckled and slapped his 'father' on the back, "Nope. They call it a 'parent-teacher' conference for a reason, Carlisle. I think you're going to like this one more than the others anyway."

Carlisle gave his son a confused look but got up from his seat behind the large mahogany desk, "You're right, I should go, it's not like all of this won't be here when I get back."

Edward grinned, "Exactly! And the school has a very interesting layout, truly marvelous if I do say so myself. It used to be the old marine center, of course they added on and such, but it still has a lot of the old facilities."

Carlisle chuckled and shrugged on his jacket, "Sounds very interesting, Edward."

The boy shrugged, "I know you don't like architecture, but I'm just trying to cheer you up. Ever since we moved here you've seemed a little…blue."

Carlisle fidgeted uncomfortably under Edward's accusation. It's true that ever since the coven came to Hyannis Port Carlisle has been feeling a little down, whether it be the constant feeling of loneliness tugging at his heart or the constant cycle of work bearing down on him. He loves his job, he does, but sometimes it becomes too much, it becomes an obsession that he can't get away from. Alice told him to take a couple days off, but he couldn't allow himself any off time, the thought of people dying because of his absence nagging at him too badly.

"I'm fine son, don't worry about me," Carlisle said, patting the bronze-haired vampire on the shoulder lightly. Edward nodded and turned to leave, his hand clasped with Bella's.

Carlisle couldn't help the pang of jealousy that coursed through him at the sight of the happy couple. Edward and Bella had gotten married a few years ago in the sleepy town of Forks, Washington. The two had met in high school and on Bella's 18th birthday Jasper, the newest vegetarian vampire in the Cullen coven, had attacked her, almost killing her. Carlisle and Emmett had been away, Carlisle was gone on business and Emmett was stuck in South Africa after a long-awaited hunting trip had gone wrong when a massive storm cut all flights. The family wasn't able to hold off the ravenous vampire, and Edward was forced to change his mate, starting her immortal life then and there.

Carlisle was happy for them, as any father would be, but he yearned for that same companionship that his children found in each other. He wanted someone that would complete him, his 'better half'. For many years he searched the globe, searching for the perfect woman, but he came up empty, leaving him depressed and hopeless.

His children mourned for the loss of their father, wishing they could bring back the happy and exuberant man they once knew, but they too came up empty handed, their tries at finding the centuries old vampire companionship fruitless. The kids struggled with the thought that Carlisle was destined for a life alone. Each of them had found someone, why couldn't he?

The thought festered in all of their brains, their minds trying to find some way to make the man that had brought them all together happy again. Finally Alice came up with a solution, her visions coming in handy not for the first time or the last. The little vampire saw Carlisle in a tux, and a caramel haired woman in a majestic white gown. Her skin was rosy and pink, her eyes a light brown.

Alice shared her vision with her brothers and sisters, the excitement varying from each person, Rosalie being the most pessimistic and Alice being the least. Together Edward and Alice matched the buildings they saw in Alice's vision with a small east-coast town in Massachusetts called Hyannis Port. It rested in Cape Cod and was world-renowned for its beautiful beaches and nautical feel. After much persuading Alice got Carlisle to move from Forks, the town he had come to love deeply. Little did Carlisle know that everything was about to change, that his life was about to become much brighter.

"Come on, let's go! Don't want to be late!" Alice called from downstairs, her high pitched voice echoing off the high ceilings.

"We got him," Bella called, dragging Carlisle behind her, Edward assisting her. Alice laughed brightly.

"I was going to leave," Carlisle said briskly as his children let go, straightening his clothes awkwardly. "I just needed to check one last thing." The vampire eyed the staircase with wanting eyes.

Edward rolled his eyes, pushing Carlisle toward the door which Alice had opened. "No you weren't, you were going to sit down and work for another hour and miss the meeting!" Edward accused ushering Carlisle toward the car.

Edward grabbed the keys out his pocket, tossing them to the blonde haired man. "You're going have to drive, I'm only sixteen after all," the boy said sarcastically.

The seven vampires piled into the Cadillac, the newest car in the Cullen collection and the only one that can seat all seven comfortably. Alice sat to Carlisle's right, piping out sudden and vague directions, complete with nervous bouts of laughter.

Carlisle thought his daughter's behavior was a little odd, but decided to once again ignore it. Alice is well-known around the Cullen house as an eccentric.

"Turn here!" Alice chimed, pointing at a large brick building with the words 'Hyannis Port High School' plastered on the side. The remnants of past lettering dotted the walls, along with a dated mural depicting various sea-life. The grass was yellow, and the few flowers and plants they did have seemed to be on their last leg of life. The windows needed a good washing, as did the few benches situated out front. Carlisle looked at it with half disgust and half admiration; at least they were re-using structures, even if it is a little dingy.

As Carlisle got out of the car he pulled his oldest son to the side, whispering in his ear lowly, "It's not too late if you guys want to go to the private school a block from here. I'm sure it's better than this place."

Edward shook his head and looked at the ground, his shoe scuffing the gravel, "No, we all like it here. It's fine. Trust me; I think you're going to like it too."

Carlisle nodded, "Alright Edward, it is your choice not mine," he said, once again avoiding the odd point Edward had tried to make in his reply.

The hallways were bustling with teachers, students and parents, the noise near deafening for those with enhanced senses. Carlisle followed his children as they showed him each of their classrooms, allowing him to shake hands with their teachers, almost all of them frightened or enticed by his pale skin and good looks.

"Thanks you Mrs. Rollin, Alice and Jasper have really enjoyed your class so far, English is their favorite," Carlisle said, shaking the older lady's hand. She turned a deep red, her gummy smile widening.

"It's always good to see youngsters interested in learning," she said, grinning at Alice and Jasper, who smiled back politely.

"Yes it is, well it was a pleasure meeting you, have a good night, and I hope these two don't cause too much trouble," Carlisle said, exiting the classroom quickly. The old woman had talked to him for at least half an hour, her cheeks blushing at every comment he made. She seemed nice enough, just a little chatty.

"Where to next?" Carlisle asked, glancing at his wrist watch. Only a few more minutes until the school shut down for the night.

"Miss Platt, History," Edward said, gesturing toward the end of the hall. "I have her last," the boy reminded him, nudging the older vampire lightly.

"Of course, lead the way," Carlisle said as Edward stepped in front of him, Bella's hand in his. Carlisle thought he head Alice giggle behind him as the rest of his children retreated to the parking lot. He chose to ignore it.

"Right here," Edward said, stopping at the last open door. He threw his hand out allowing Carlisle to go in first.


Carlisle POV

She was the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on. In all my years of traveling I had never seen such a gorgeous, feminine, and striking young woman as Miss Platt. Her caramel hair was wavy and cascaded over her shoulders, accenting her heart shaped face and ruby colored lips. Her eyes, which were framed with dark lashes, were a light toffee color, though they seemed much darker when the light wasn't hitting them. She looked to be early to mid-twenties, though if she weren't a teacher I would have suspected her to be a college student. She wasn't skinny, but not fat either, just round and soft in all the right places. She probably carried a few more pounds then the typical women would want, mostly situated in her larger-then-average breasts and shapely hips, though some of it had accumulated in a very small and very adorable belly that she had cinched into a tight black pencil skirt, showing off her rounded bum. The buttons on her light blue blouse strained against her bosom as she crossed her arms, pressing the two globes closer together and maximizing her cleavage line. I wondered if her attire was 'school appropriate' but no one else seemed to be ogling over Miss Platt as I was. Wait, cross that thought.

"Of course, I'm sure Jimmy will do great, thank you Mrs. Cavarian, it was very nice meeting you both," she said, her voice like chimes. She smiled at an older man who was obviously staring at her chest. Sudden jealously built up inside of me. How dare he look at her? She's mine.

Wait where did that come from? I haven't even spoken to her yet and I already consider her a possession? She is beautiful, but she isn't mine.

"Hello sir, can I help you?"

I snapped out of my daze, my eyes centering on the gorgeous figure in front of me. She had an eyebrow raised, and her plump lips were half open.

"Uh, yes, I'm Edward Cullen's father," I said, sticking my hand out awkwardly. I prayed she wouldn't react to my icy temperature. She didn't.

"Oh, Edward! Sorry, but you seem a little young to be his father. But nether less, Edward has excellent grades and acts perfect in class. You must be doing something right, Mr. Cullen," she beamed, showing off two sets of bright white teeth.

"He and his siblings are adopted, all six of them. And it's Dr. Cullen, but you can call me Carlisle," I insisted, returning her smile.

She blushed, her cheeks becoming the perfect shade of rosy pink; I would never think of the color the same again. "That's quite a handful, how on earth do you keep them all in line?"

I chuckled, the act easy around the beautiful young woman, "It's not without great difficulty, though they are, for the most part well-behaved."

"I don't have any children myself, but I would love to have some in the future," she said, smiling.

"I wasn't able to see most of them when they were little. I chose to adopt teenagers instead, since they get so little attention, even if they can be a little annoying sometimes." I head Edward scoff outside the door.

She nodded, "Teenagers can be hard to work with, but I feel that if I don't do my part to teach them what I know, then the next generation won't flourish." She paused and looked away thoughtfully. After a moment her eyes lit up in either surprise or embarrassment, "I'm Esme by the way. I'm so sorry I didn't introduce myself appropriately," she said sheepishly, her lips pursing once she finished.

The gesture, though small, seemed more perfect then any graceful gesture any vampire or human alike has ever made. "Esme," I said aloud, allowing the name to coat my mouth like the sweetest taste. It sounded perfect. "That's a beautiful name."

Esme smiled and flicked her hair so it covered her face, hiding her blushing cheeks. "You like it? As a child I always hated it, it seemed so old-fashioned," she said, pushing away her curtain of hair as her the rosy colored receded.

"Mine too, I could barely even spell my name when I was little," I confessed, making her eyes twinkle sweetly.

"Well Carlisle," she said, flitting over to her desk, her hips swaying in the tight black skirt. She grabbed a few papers, her fingers snapping them together with a paperclip. She grabbed a pen and scribbled something on the last page. "These are a few pages of homework that Edward missed when he was out. They're all very simple and I'm sure he'll have no problem finishing them tonight."

I took the papers, but not before noticing her lavender nail polish, complete with a cute little heart on each thumb. I glanced back up at her but she had already moved on to another set of parents, leaving me in the middle of a high school classroom dumbfounded and completely in love.

In love.

I never thought I'd be able to say those words, but here I am, in love with Esme Platt. I flipped through the papers she had given me, immediately going to the last page where her sweet scent still lingered.




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