Hello you guys! This story is pretty much different from the other Sanubis ones but I'm afraid I might not be updating as fast because I'm also working on other stories as well so don't get your hopes up, just warning you. This is taken place after defeating Apophis but without the whole Anubis merging with Walt thing. This is rated T for some language and probably some other stuff. Enjoy and R&R! Kairi =^.^=

Anubis's POV

"Today is the day." I said to myself as I finished tying the bow on top of the black colored box for Sadie. "I hope she likes it." I picked the present up and headed for the Judgment room where both Osiris and the scales are, where the Kanes shall be entering soon to see their father.

Upon entering the room, the Kanes were already there and were about to head for a portal Osiris made. I acted fast and started running towards them.

"Miss Kane wait!" I yelled.

Sadie turned around right before she entered the portal and gave me her famous playful, gorgeous smile.

"Well if it isn't Deathboy coming back for more, you must seem desperate to sneak another kiss to me." She said with her sharp tongue of hers.

"What?!" Osiris exclaimed.

"Nothing." Sadie said, her tone changing from harsh to pure playfulness.

"Well, Miss Kane," I said, handing her the present," I wanted to give you this...since it is your birthday today."

"Really, how did you know it was my birthday today?" She said, starting to unwrap her present.

"Well, uh...I remembered." I stuttered, my face getting hotter.

"Since when does the God of Death remember a mortal's birthday?" She smirked, having some trouble untying the bow on her present.

"With all due respect Miss Kane, you sure aren't any ordinary mortal and you are related to the Gods anyways." I said matter-of-factly.

"Well Mr. Know-it-all, why don't you use your knowledge and help me untie the knot you call a bow?" She said as she gave me a playful smirk and glare.

"As you wish my Lady." I easily untied the 'knot' that was once my perfect bow and gave the present back to Sadie.

"Thanks Deathboy." She quickly unwrapped the box and pulled out a Black pearled necklace with my Seal as the charm in the middle.

"Wow, smart and fashionable, you know your stuff." Sadie complimented.

"May I?"


I grabbed the necklace from her and turned around, I pulled the necklace over her and clipped it on her.

"That necklace allows me to be with you anywhere, anytime." I said as she turned back around to face me.

"Really, but why would you want to be with me anyways?" Sadie asked.

"Because, you promised me that you would show me some 'Courtship' Relations, didn't you?" I said with a smirk on my face.

"I guess but-"

"DADDY!" A mysterious voice said.

I turned around only to find a kid a little younger than Sadie tackle me to the ground.

"Your Anubis aren't you, the God of Death?" She asked.

Oh no, I can't let Sadie know that I already have a family, she won't handle it. My wife mysteriously disappeared and was never seen again so I thought she- how do mortals say it- ditch me. It has been years since I have seen her so I gave up on the idea that she would ever return and so has Kebechet. I let my mother care for her so that was why she wasn't with my father for many years. But I didn't she would be here and now. So I tried acting like I don't know her and I'll it to her later (I know I'm the best dad in the world).

"Yes my name is Anubis, however little girl, I'm not your daddy. I apologize." I said, clearly confused and shocked at the same time.

"You mean, you don't remember me?" She said as tears formed in her eyes. "I'm your daughter, Kebechet!"

"What?!" Sadie exclaimed.

"Uh...uh I don't know what this little girl is talking about." I stuttered.

"But I thought you loved me daddy! I mean you and I both work together embalming, I clean the body and start mummifying it. Don't you remember?" She wailed, my chest getting wetter every minute.

"You mean, you have a wife Anubis?" Sadie said unbelievably, tears starting to well up in her eyes as well.

Before I could say anything Kebechet said," Yes he does, she's my mommy and my daddy loves her!"

Well that did it, Sadie covered her face with her hands and started to cry as she ran into the portal and disappeared along with it.

"Sadie." I mumbled, embracing Kebechet in my arms. "I'm sorry Kebechet, I didn't mean to act like...I never knew you. Daddy was just...Daddy didn't know what he was doing."

That concludes the first chapter, like it? Dislike it? Either way there's going to be more and a complete and utter shocker coming soon in the future chapters. R&R Please!

Facts: Anubis had a wife named Anput, who was female aspect of him and had a daughter named Kebechet who helped Embalm the dead with her father.

Also, Kebechet's animal aspect is a snake...just like Apophis for some reason O.O

Question: If you were a godling of any god: Egyptian, Roman, Mayan, Babylonian, anything, which god would it be?

Obvious for me, it would either be Anubis or Kebechet.