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Anubis's POV

I closed the door behind me as I made my way upstairs towards me and my wife's bedroom. I opened the door casually and saw my darling sitting on the bed facing the window. She looked at me, her eyes a bit puffy and red and her cheeks red with little trails of dry dirt and mascara etched on it. She held a tissue to her mouth to hide her quivering lips although she had failed to hide it.

I couldn't help but feel distressed over what she might have been through. I sat down next to her and extended my arm in which she gladly took and wrapped it around her back as she cuddled next to me. She sobbed softly to herself as I felt my chest get wetter each minute. I placed my head on top of hers and wrapped my other arm around her head. She did not look up. Nor did she waver from her crying. I do not recall ever seeing her like this...but then again I still have amnesia.

"What happened?" I whispered softly into her ear.

Her grip on me grew tighter and she stopped moaning as she clenched her teeth tightly. I wasn't there for her. The only reason that I am here is only luck from a God that spoke too much for his little heart to take, if I haven't I would not be here trying to comfort my wife. I played with her hair as I twirled a fragment of her long flowing hair with my fingers.

She continued to sob. Sob. It feels like all my life I have seen people sob; over loved ones who passed away...or whether it is to beg for forgiveness. But this time it is much different. This time I actually cared.

Wepwawet's POV

" all started when it was the first day of school in the mortal world...I guess. It was a beautiful day, Ra was giving his best today as he rode his boat in the best possible way he could. I...I was raised by my father, Set, so I never actually knew anything about Anubis at the time...nor did I know my mother." I paused as I took a quick glimpse of Sadie sitting next to me, her face filled with curiosity.

"Then I met him, except he didn't exactly have a host so he was in his Godly form wearing a necklace with his symbol on it, so he can go anywhere without having to be in a graveyard." I continued.

"Just like the one Anubis gave me for my birthday." Sadie interrupted, her eyes shining like sapphires just cleaned from hot steam.

"The one he gave you was his...he only had one and he couldn't make anymore." I corrected.

Sadie's expression turned from curiosity to guilt, she gazed down at the floor, lost in thought. I grabbed her hand and put it on my lap. She looked at me, I gave her a sad smile in return. She did the same.

"I remember seeing Anubis leaning against the wall near the entrance, he didn't look up or do anything. He stayed like that for a long time. Unlike him though, acting so cool, I was anxious and nervous. I never had friends before because of how ruthless how dad could be, so I thought this might be different. I saw a group of boys and started to walk near them, but when I got close they saw me and ran away. I felt shunned, I hated being alone. I looked behind me and saw my brother staring at me from a distance. His expression didn't change, or his stance. It sent shivers up my spine. The bell from the traditional gold bell above the school rang. He looked and walked away. I stood there dumbstruck but quickly got out of it when I went inside the school. After that, everything went downhill." I paused and bit down on my fist to control my anger upon thinking of my brother. I felt Sadie lean against me, her head on my shoulder. I smiled and patted her head like a pet. She gave me a glare as if waiting to bite my hand off.

"Whenever I tried asking a question or a run a mile or...or...or even eating lunch, Anubis would always beat me to it. His social rank went all the way up to the most popular kid in school and won all the hearts of the girls. While I was continued to be shunned. I felt like a copy, a duplicate, a faceless nobody. Even in godly ranks he was better than me and soon won all the praise from our father and mother...I wished I was never born." I concluded.

Sadie's eyes were wide with shock and sadness. She continued to lean on me as the room grew quiet and developed an unsettling atmosphere. I don't think it was a good idea to tell her this, now she's depressed.

"Why don't you and I go shopping down in Duat?" I offered to cheer her up.

She looked at me, her spirits rising as her eyes started to twinkle like they always do. "Do they have any ice cream parlors down there?"

"Don't know, why don't we look?" I asked.

"Alright, but you're buying." She smirked.

I rolled my eyes, like she would have cash any ways. She is not the type to do dirty work.

Anubis's POV

"What did he do to you?" I asked her in a concern tone.

"He...he tried to...rape me." She stuttered. "He had something hidden in his jacket, I didn't know what it was but I knew that it wasn't his. I don't know why he said this to me or why."

My eyes grew wide and could feel my anger boil inside me, my blood run cold, my eyes seeing red. If only I was there to save her from the horrible fiend that rests in the pits of my stomach.

"Do not worry, Anput. He won't hurt anymore...he's gone." I reassured her.

"Th...thank you." She cried.


It has been 3 hours, Anput is now asleep in my arms. Exhausted from her sobbing and crying. I laid her head on her pillow and pulled the covers up to her shoulders. The sun was still in the sky, so I decided to take a walk.

I exited my home and walked towards the center of Duat, where Duat's market is placed.

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Fact: People believe that Ra is on the top of the 'food chain' when it comes to all of the Gods and Goddesses. But it actually, it is Nun, or pronounced Neith that had children; which was Ra and Atum. Nun's siblings are Apep and Sobek.

Question: In all of Humanity's past...what in your opinion is the worst?

For me it was when the Romans took over Egypt...than the Arabs pretty much went on from there.