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Chapter 7: Familiar voices

Alex POV:

The familiar squiggles on the ripped paper told me that the note was definitely written by Max. I began to read it with high hopes that he was alright.

If anyone is reading this, I have left. I've gone out on a search. I don't know if I'm human or a wizard or if I even belong here at all, so I've gone to figure it out. Please don't come looking for me, I don't want to put anyone in danger. Don't worry about me; I'll be alright.-Max

My mind processes the words and strings the sentences together. Anxious thoughts race miles through my now spinning head. I try to think of any place Max would runaway to, but nothing plausible comes to mind. Tired from everything, I finally take a seat on the floor and rest my back to the back of the couch. My eyelids sweep down and my chest falls as I drown in nervous thinking.

Juliet POV:

Phew, I'm tired. I had just got back from a tedious day of grocery shopping which is terrible in the Wizard World. It's terrifying when little wizard kids chase me with garlic and mini pumpkins. Thankfully, I made it out alive. I arrive at the door of my condo that I share with Justin. Jjust as I was about to reach for the door, I realized that I couldn't; my hands were full with bags of fruits and cleaning supplies. I grunt and kick the door with my feet hoping that Justin will here.

"Justin, Baby, I'm home. Could you open up the door? My hands are full," I plea. No answer. "Justin," I call out again. Still no answer. Ugh you've got to be kidding me. I put down the bags and reach into my purse. Finally finding my keys, I fumble to open the door. Once I get it, I pick up the bags once again and enter. To my surprise, I find a passed out Justin on the couch and a gigantic hole in the wall.

"Oh my! Justin! What happened?" I drop the bags of groceries and rush over to the scene of the crime. Justin hears my voice and begins to get up.

"Oh, hi, Honey," Justin greets me casually but with a croaky voice. He rubs his hands up and down his face. My mouth is hung wide open still in shock.

"What happened?!" I repeat. Justin gives me a confused look and I point over to the wall.

"Oh," Justin speaks "I got in a little fight with Max," he laughs. I look at him a little angry and still stunned.

"This isn't a little fight!" I respond a little too loud for his liking. I make my way over to the wall to investigate. Justin rolls his eyes and lies back down.

"Look, it was nothing, okay. Just relax," he retorts and closes his eyes again. I want to sort this all out, but I can tell he's had a rough day. I smile at the precious sight of my sleeping boyfriend. Taking a blanket out from under the coffee table, I place it over him. I rub his head and lean down to kiss him on the cheek.

When I finish storing the items I had purchased at the grocery store, I tip toe upstairs to Justin and I's room. I quietly shut the door and lock it. Sitting down on my side of the bed, I pull out our phone book from my night table and look for Alex's number.

Max POV:

It seems like everyone forgets about the IPP heh. Mortals can use it to travel anywhere, even the Wizard World, which is where I am right now. I sit in a skytrain full of other creatures. I keep my hood up just in case I run into anyone I know. Trying to distract myself, I turn my iPod onto some pop song from two years ago. Hm this song is actually horrible. The beat is atrociously annoying and–oh shit! The next passenger to board the train is the familiar face, and body, of Felix. Panic, panic! I quickly turn to face the window and close my eyes to pretend that I'm asleep. I hold my breath hoping that he's already sat down. One of my eyes nervously peaks open to check and oh GREAT, he's decided to sit right beside me. I guess I could take this time to actually catch a nap. I get comfortable and try to fall asleep.

"Hey dude, you asleep?" Felix whispers to me. I don't answer hoping that he'll leave me alone.

"Ha perfect," Felix snickers. I instantly regret pretending to be asleep. Felix picks one of my ear buds out and takes a listen for himself. "Oh man I remember this song!" Felix jolts in excitement as he soaks into the nostalgia. Well, there goes my nap. I can feel the seat moving violently and assume that Felix has begun dancing. I discretely inch over closer to the window in discomfort. The movement stops and I can feel Felix lean over.

"Oh dude, don't even lie, I know you're awake!" He teases. "Come on," Felix begins poking and flicking at me. I tried my best to keep still and not sock him in the face, but he was getting more irritating by the damn second.

"Fine, dude," Felix chuckled. "Oh, you got a backpack hey? Goin somewhere?" I could feel Felix grab my pack from beside my leg. That's it.

"Hey, okay!" I snatched my backpack from him in anger and panic. "You got me, okay, Felix?" I surrendered and pulled my off my hood, revealing my disguise "Now what do you want?" I snarled. Felix's eyes grew wide with shock.

"No way! Max Russo!?" Felix immediately leaned over and tackled me, suffocating me with his embrace. I push the large guy off of me because he smells of sweat and sausages.

"Shhh!" I hiss and look around the bus, anxiously. "I don't want anyone to know that I'm here," I whisper. Felix puts of a face of realization and winks at me.

He tries to act casual and leans over to whisper back, "So, why'a here? Aren't you a mortal now?" I roll my eyes at the word.

"Listen, I need a way to get my powers back so I'm going to the wizard hospital to see what they can do for me," I explain without looking at him. I feel Felix turn to look at me in disapproval.

"No way, man. They'd never let you do that."

"Unless I have a wizard cold," I reply mischievously.

"But you're a mortal!" Felix gasps at my remark.

"I KNOW!" I shout back, aggravated. The passengers on the bus turn to look at us in annoyance and confusion. I sink on my seat and lift my hoodie up to my face while Felix puts on a "nothing-to-see-here" kind of smile.

"Well um, this is my stop, bro. Sweet running into you. Good luck," he closes. Before leaving, Felix gives me a friendly punch to my arm which actually hurts like hell. Man, he's strong.

It's still a while before my stop to the wizard hospital. Since Felix is gone maybe I can actually get some sleep. Ahhh finally. Just as I'm about to close my eyes, I feel someone tap me from behind.
"Max?" A familiar voice calls.

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