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Chapter 8: "Things will change before you know it."

Max POV:

"Max?" A voice calls behind me and just at the first letter, I am certain about who it is. A chill tickles my back at the thought of her. How is she even here?

"Talia," I whisper to myself, too afraid to turn around and check if I'm right. I feel the body walk closer to my seat.

"Max," she repeats and sits down beside me. My prediction was right. The girl I used to know is now inches away from me staring right at my face. I haven't seen Talia since the Wizard competition. Everything good in my life was disappearing, my powers, my family, and then Talia. A week after the competition, she had sat down with me and confessed that her family was moving to Philadelphia. As much as we wanted to make it work, we both knew that it wasn't possible. We said our goodbyes and that was the first time that I had ever told a girl that I loved her (besides my mom, of course). Talia said it back and I knew that she meant it, but I also knew that I would never hear it from her again.

Once I finally get the strength to look at her, I can't look away. She looks just as I remember her; straight, light brown hair that fell just past her shoulders, big, brown eyes that I always fell into, the prettiest smile that I've probably ever seen in my life. God, I missed her. I missed this.

"What are you doing here?" I choke out, still admiring every inch of her. She still smiles and I study her lips. Memories come flooding back. Our first kiss, when I never wanted my lips to leave hers and I never wanted to let go of her in my arms. Our last kiss, which was the same feeling, but that time it made my stomach turn. The wizard cold tamales these memories so vague, but I do my best to remember.

"Well, I guess there's no point in hiding it now, I mean, we are in the Wizard World after all," she begins, "Max, I'm a wizard!" Talia cheers and throws her hands up in the air in excitement. My heart drops down into a bottomless pit.

"Oh, Max! This is great!" Talia is bouncing with joy. She wraps her arms around me and nuzzles her head into my neck. "Now that we're both wizards, we can finally be together. I've missed you so much, Max," she beams. I want so badly to hug her back and tell her the same, but I can't.

"I thought you moved to Philadelphia," I gulp trying to avoid the subject. Talia seems to notice because her cheery mood dulls as she took her arms off of me.

"Oh, um, well I never really moved the Philly. I just had to cover up because being an only child, I became the family wizard so my family decided to move to the Wizard World," Talia explained. "That's the real reason why my parents are so uptight around people; they were so protective of keeping wizardry a secret, you know?" Considering my family and the countless times we've exposed magic, no, I don't know. I nod at Talia anyways.

"But, now that we're both full powered wizards..." Talia tries again. This time I look her right her eyes, her chocolate, brown eyes, and I shake my head. I took Talia through what had happened after the Wizard Competition. It was hard, but I felt that she deserved to know the truth. After what seemed to be hours, my story had come to an end.

"So, that's why I'm here. I'm not a wizard. I'm going to the Wizard World Hospital to see if there's anything I can do," I reveal. Talia looks at me sincerely. Once again, she wraps her arms around me, but this time it's to comfort me.

"I'm sorry," she speaks softly in my ear. Now, I finally embrace her back and thank her. She gives me a rub on the back and then slides her arms off.

"Max, I still love you," she confesses. Damn, I swear my heart is being thrown around in a boxing ring today. I try to take in her words. I want to smile and just grab her face and kiss her, but I can't. So I take her hand instead.

"I love you too, Talia," I admit, "but, I'm still powerless. Magical beings can't be with...normal people," I sigh. She rests her head onto my shoulder and I cautiously put my arm around her.

"What are we going to do?"

"What?" I ask, confused.

"Max, I'm not going to leave you again, now that I know. I want to be with you," Talia answers. I want to be with Talia too. She's the only girl I've ever really felt right with. My head tells me that this is a bad idea, that I might not be able to regain any powers, let alone full powers. Though my heart feels like shit and could use a treat as sweet as this girl. I take a risk and kiss Talia on her head. No thunder roars, no explosions, no screaming alarms, it's all okay.

Ten minutes later, the train stops at the Wizard World Hospital. It's a huge building considering that there's only one hospital in this whole place.

"I have to go," I whisper to Talia. She nods her head.

"Give me a call, tell me how it works out. We should meet later," she suggests. I smile and tell her okay. I just hope that I can remember her number...damn this wizard cold.

Obviously, the Wizard World Hospital only takes in creatures and people with magic, so it's going to be tough to get in. Looking around at the magical patients wandering around the front entrance, I try to copy them. Okay, look magical. Hm, yeah it's kind of going to be hard to grow a pair of wings or pull out a wand right now. Forget it.

I walk to the front doors. They slide open, but unfortunately, when I set foot inside, a loud alarm screeches throughout the place.

"MORTAL, MORTAL, MORTAL!" A deep, computer voice yells. Two large security ogres suddenly rush over to me and life me up by the arms.

"State your name at once," one of the wart faces commands. I roll my eyes.

"'Max Russo," I grunt. The two green guys laugh and put me down.

"Oh, a Russo! Alright, come in," they chuckle. Both of them set me down gently and walk off to resume their ogre business.

I make my way to the front desk where a secrefairy sits. (A/N: ha, secrefairy. Like a secretary, but she's a fairy, get it? No? Okay, continue.) "I have an appointment with Dr. Goye," I inform the woman. I'm right on time. She points to a room down the hall and I make my way over.

Dr. Goyle is a Gargoyle, (hence the name) like that dude who tried to help us conjure up back up plans in case we ended up losing our powers. Ironic. Anyways, most doctors in the Wizard World are Gargoyles, mainly because they can't stop smiling. So even when they tell you that you have 6 months to live, it still looks like they're telling you that they've found a cure for cancer.

The room is open and Dr. Goyle is already there, looking all doctor-y. He looks into a folder with paper, probably reading my health record, but for all I know, he could be staring at it not knowing what any of it means. I knock gently on the pale, blue door to catch his attention. Dr. Goyle looks up from the folder.

"Ah, Max Russo! Take a seat," he welcomes me. I sit down on the black, leather bench provided. Dr. Goyle takes a seat on his rolling chair and wheels over to me.

"Thanks for having me, Dr. Goyle."

"No problem, Max. Although, I will say that I was a bit surprised when my secrafairy informed me about your appointment seeing as you are no longer a magical being," he admits.

"Well, that's why I'm here," I begin and Dr. Goyle nods his head, "you see, even though I don't have my powers anymore, I've got a wizard cold," I explain trying not to sound crazy. He still looks a little sceptical. To prove to him, I pull out an old tissue from my pocket.

"Take a look," I offer. As I hand him the snot filled cloth, he gives me a disgusted look, which looks a little weird since he still has his huge Gargoyle smile. Kind of odd that he's disgusted since he's a doctor and he deals with stuff like this all the time. Dr. Goyle slowly opens up the tissue and studies the glowing contents. His eyebrows lift up and his forehead creates little waves.

"Hm, I think I know what this is, Max," he claims as he tosses the tissue in the trash and then reaches for some hand sanitizer. "In fact, Professor Crumbs had informed me of this case a few days ago. Although, I wanted to see it for myself," Dr. Goyle confesses. All I can do I listen carefully.

"Has he not told you?" He asks me. I press my lips together and shake my head. Dr. Goyle takes a deep breath in and starts.

"Max, you need a power donor. Very rare, however it's the only way you'll be able to...well...survive," he breaks the news to me still with a forced smile. I start to panic and I think Dr. Goyle notices, because he continues immediately.

"Although, the good news is that you know a very powerful wizard that has plenty of magic to give away."


"What? No, I meant Justin, your brother. He is the Headmaster of Wiz Tech after all. Anyways, the donor must be from a full powered wizard family member. Since Justin is the strongest wizard in your family, it must be him," Dr. Goyle informs me. I'm suddenly worried and angry and scared all at the same time.

"Oh, right," I say quietly.

"Yes, so please speak with your brother immediately. Once you do, we can schedule more appointments, get you tested, put you on proper medication, all that medical stuff. We must begin the transfer as soon as possible," he babbles. I bite my lip and nod my head unsure of what to do.

"Thanks," I finally say. We say our goodbyes, and he walks me out so I don't have to deal with those gross ogres again.

I'm finally out of that hell hole of a hospital. I walk to the alley at the side of the building. The sky quickly turned black while I was in the hospital. In the dark, I try to take a look around for anyone. I'm in the clear.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I ball my fist and let out a frustrated scream. Stupidly, I begin to break down. I start to pull my hair and kick the brick wall behind me. Ugh I can't believe I'm starting to cry! This is so dumb!

"Did they give you your medical expenses or did they just discover a tumour in you?" A croaky voice chuckles. The body that the voice belongs to comes over to me under the small area lighted by a flickering light on the side of building. He isn't some kind of revolting looking creature; he could be a wizard or maybe a vampire or a werewolf in their human state. Although, he does look a little scruffy. The figure wears all black, a dirty hat, and holds a lit cigarette in between in lips.

"No," I say, embarrassed as I wipe the tears from my cheeks.

"Then whatcha cryin' for, little boy?"

"What? I don't even know you."

"Well maybe I can help." He puffs out a cloud of smoke. I debate on whether it's worth giving up my secrets to some stranger. But I need to let it out!

"I need a power donor from a family member, but my brother hates my guts and probably won't let me even touch his wand," I sink down to the ground and put my head in my hands, "I'm gonna die," I choke out. Saying this all out loud makes me feel even worse actually. And now I'm crying even more, great.

"Sad story, Kid. Good news is that I've got a little somethin' that might actually be of good use to ya," he brags. The guy tosses a tiny, plastic bottle at me.

"Those, my friend, are Cigma pills," he announces. (A/N: Okay cigma is literally magic spelled backwards, lol I couldn't think of a good name) I open the bottle and pour out its contents into my hand. The pills are narrow and have a purple color. They look no different from any other medicine.

"These things locate any bits of magic left in ya and amplify those bits," he explains with a smirk on his face. I'm a little nervous, so I wait for him to go on.

"Look, I'm a vampire. I got bit by a werewolf about a year ago. I turned into a super old geezer. Then I found Cigma, and now ya can't even tell that I'm 5873 years old," the guy boasts as he puts out his cigarette. I think about Juliet and how the exact same thing had happened to her.

"And these are safe to use?" I ask while studying the pills.

"Dude, I'm not dead or breakin' out into 5873 year old me, am I ?" He has a good point...

"Alright, where can I buy these?"

"Right here, on me. In fact, I'll give ya a free trial. I got some ya can shoot if ya want," he adds and reaches into the pocket of his leather coat.

"Shoot?" I ask in a puzzled voice.

"Shoot is the street term for stickin' it up ya vein with a needle," he describes and pulls out a syringe.

"Whoa! I think I'm good with these," I cry in fear of the sharp tool.

"Suit yaself," The guy shrugs his shoulders and sticks it back in his coat. "If ya ever need more, come over here and yell ma name. The name is Gus, by the way."

"Max," I introduce myself.

"Well, whaterya waitin for, Kid? Try 'em out!" He encourages. I nod my head and pick up the purple capsule. Quickly, I toss it in my mouth an gulp it down with my eyes shut. "Feel any different?" The guy waits for my response. All of a sudden my blood rushes and tingles. It feels as if my brain has melted into liquid and it's swishing around, softly. My chest opens up and it feels like my lungs are taking in all the air in the world.

"There it is. Take a look at ya veins," he suggests. I open up my eyes, and to my surprise, my veins are glowing all different colors! This is probably the coolest shit I've ever seen!

"Holy crap!" I yell in excitement.

"Try out a spell," Gus suggests again. Normally, this would be hard to do since my wizard cold had f'ed up my memory, but now I remember it all thanks to this purple pill!

"Go through, mo through!" I use hand magic and point it at Gus. Then, I take my leg straight into his nuts, and just like that, it goes through.

"I didn't feel a thing!" He exclaims. We both laugh/ "Ah yes! These actually work! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"I told ya!" He puts his hand out for a high five. I slap it and jump with excitement. Gus smirks and promises, "Things will change before ya know it."

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