Show Me A Hero and I'll Write Him A Tragedy.

Chapter 1

"Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torments of man." ~Friedrich Nietzsche


"W. H. Auden once said, "Murder is unique in that it abolishes the party it injures, so that society must take the place of the victim and on his behalf demand atonement or grant forgiveness". A boys said in a straight jacket that could functions as a long sleeved nightgown. The boy wore dirty white pajama's/straight jacket, had his arms tied back, he was chain to a table standing up, he also wore a silver helmet blocking his view of the world. On the outside he was covered by a cage in secure room. The tabled he was strapped to was a metal board, without a bottom.

"Shut up Neph 74". A guard said outside the cage.

"Mark Twain wrote "Of all the animals, man is the only one that is cruel. He is the only one that inflicts pain for the pleasure of doing it". 74 restated and just as the guard turned to yelled at the poor male in the chains, he exploded. "Man inflicts pain on others that's how we know we are human". The boy said as the chains busted releasing the boy. He now walked, with the helmet still on, to the cage door, which flew to the wall outside.

74 limped out of the cage as guards busted in through the door. The numbing feelings in his legs was not helping while guns were pointed.

"74 IS TRYING TO ESCAPE MAN YOUR STATIONS SHOOT ON SIGHT DO NOT GIVE ANY HESITATION REPEAT SHOOT ON SIGHT". A male voice yelled while a buzzer went off and a red light flashed. The guards held their guns up and shot, but their shots were returned to them in the heads. Neph 74 continued walking and managed to get out of the room, and far enough so his legs worked. His long nightgown/straight jacket was flapping against him as he walked carelessly to the door at the main entrance awhile away.

"STOP 74". A guard yelled and shot with three other guards. He managed to get one bullet to hit 74 before all three exploded. He continued walking with his hands bound behind him, his bare feet smacking the ground, and his helmet still on. On top of this he had no idea where the door was so he continued to walk till someone came toward him. They died soon after arriving from either being: torn in two, exploding, gun shots, or being stabbed. Finally he managed to find an abandoned hallway and continued till he hit a door with light showing through it.

"Light". He said and took off running forward the door. When he opened it there was a billion guards with guns pointed at him which, pissed him off because the false hope.


"GET OUT OF MY WAY". 74 yelled then the men began exploding and were ripped apart. While this happened 74 stood watching and listening to the screams of pain. One guard tried to be a hero and sedate him with a needle from behind. This earned his arms being torn off, his legs having the bones rip out of them, his heart exploding in his chest, his stomach being ripped out, and to finally kill him he slowly slashed off the guards head while he listened to the screams. Soon the guards were dead and finally he was outside, he heard birds, felt something other than metal. 74 rushed out of the field and toward the gate.

Guards stood ready to shoot as he charged at them, when suddenly he flung himself some how over the 10 foot tall steel wall. When he landed he ran as fast as he could into a town down a bit and he hid there. He hid inside a vent duct as guards ran and people panicked as the city flashed red. Soon it was quite, but before he could come out of hiding he saw a pair of boots.

"Where could he be Toni West". A rough German voice said.

"I don'ts know triez looking". Another German voice said.

"Neph 74 where are you Mi Amigo we're here to protect you". A Spanish voice said.

"grr". 74 was 10 seconds from blowing them up when something fell to the ground.

"We saw what you did to those humans but anyway this is our card on the ground please come to our home. We are just like you and we can protect you". The Spaniard said and they walked away. About five minutes later 74 reached out for the card, his hands had gotten free during the break, and brought it back into his hiding place.

"4257 N. Liberty Lane". He said and sniffed the card. "Doesn't smell threatening…maybe I should go for help". 74 said and climbed out of the vent soon running off toward the direction the feet had gone.

"TARGET SPOTTED TARGET SPOTTED". A guard yelled and a whole bunch of them surrounded the Neph.

"Do not fear what's different but fear is a part of living". 74 spoke and then the men exploded. 74 continued walking down the street staring at the number while his arm ached from the bullet in it. "This is Liberty Lane but there isn't a 4257". As soon as he said this a house appeared out of nowhere. "Strange". He said and walked in curiously. 'If this is a trap I'll kill these men'. He thought as he walked into a hallway. The door closed as he walked down the hallway which seemed to never end. As he walked he stuck his face up like a cat and sniffed through the helmet, but the helmet was blocking the scent too much.

He came across several doorways and poked his head in, seeing a man singing a french song and cooking. 74 watched him than hid when he turned around unaware of the new person.

"I smell vur scent come out 'ere". He said not even looking up from a bowl he was stirring in. After sitting against a wall for a bit before getting up and limping into the room. "My My Mon Ami you're colored a bright red, well come on sit over here the others are asleep".

"…". 74 did as offered and hid behind a chair making a French man smile.

"Relax vou are free 'ere zey won't get vou".

"Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves". 74 quoted getting a weird smile from the French.

"I should tell zu mine name oui…Francis Bonnefoy are vou Neph 74".


"Come now relax everyzing is fine". Francis said as 74 shook.

"FRANCIS VE'RE BACK VITH FOOD AND BEER". The same German yelled and 74 hid behind Francis shocking him.

"Vou scared 'im Gilbert". Francis said shaking his head as the three males made their way into the kitchen.

"YO 74 YOU MADE IT". Gilbert yelled approaching the scared boy ready to tear his head off.

"STAY AWAY". He yelled and the kitchen shook.

"YO DUDE ALRIGHT CALM DOWN". Gilbert said backing away. "Geez everyone vants awesome me near them".

"Shut up you narcissistic bastard". A male voice with a British accent spoke angrily as more people gathered to the kitchen.

"Zu crowded all of vou to ze 'iving room now before vou scare 'im more". Francis said sitting down the bowl and turning to 74. "Don't worry vou are with friends now". He said leading the boy to the huge ass living room where about 200 others were.

"So this is Neph 74…how'd you escape". An Asian said while another approached them.

"HE SLAUGHTERED THE FUCK OUT OF THEM". Gilbert yelled pumping his fist.

"I would like to see your face aru". Another asian said with a creepy guy next to him making 74 shake.

"I choose my friends for their good looks, my acquaintances for their good characters, and my enemies for their good intellect". Said by Oscar Wilde". 74 said confusing the rest.

"74 is a quoter non". Francis said as 74 sat as far as everyone else in a corner.

"How can you all help me".

"First off a name would be nice". The British guy said.

"I don't have one I've been Neph 74 since I was six". He said wrapping his arms around him.

"Mon Chéré let's see you pretty face".

"No I hide what is right".

"Like totally show us your face, how old are you". A polish male or female said, hard to tell.

"I don't know what year is it".


"13 years I am 19 years". He said.

"It must suck having zat mask on but I guess you aren't as awesome as me…".

"Shut up I'll rip you to shreds you saw those guards don't piss me off". He said. "Actually I'm thinking of doing it I'm here for help if you cannot give it I'm leaving".

"Mr. 74". A quiet voice said out of the crowd. "We want to help but if you can't trust us it's hard. Whats wrong with seeing your face". A boy holding a polar bear said walking up to him. The boy then sat in front of him with a polite smile. "Trust me I'm like you, my twin brother is, everyone here is a Neph we are like a family. You can join our family and we can give you a name, if you just show your face to show us trust".

"It was once said that love is giving someone the ability to destroy you, but trusting them not to". 74 said touching his metal helmet/mask. "I have I little brother too".


"I was taken away soon after he was, I never saw him again. I was chained up, in a cage, in a steel room. I was there for thirteen years, I was not allowed to be fed unless by needle, which was a rare thing. I had guards around me all the time and sometimes when I was little, they would leave the door open to tease me. I saw children my age, in the same clothes, running around and laughing I was never allowed to they said I was way more dangerous. They told me I have a big cage because a monster like me needs it. The worst is I don't know who I am, where I am, if my brother got out, who my brother is, who my family is, I'm just Neph 74 maybe this was a bad idea". 74 was now rocking back and forth head hidden.

"What was a bad idea because we can help you".

"Escaping was I should have stayed".

"NO". Everyone yelled scaring 74.

"We all were there but during a huge break we escaped and made this secret house. You can live here too we can be a big happy family Ve~". An Italian boy said.

"They know who I am they know where I am at all times".

"They told us the same thing the weird thing is when we escaped they didn't mind they ran to see if you escaped 74".

"Yah". Was the only thing he said before falling against the wall.

"Should we introduce ourselves". The polar bear boy said.

"THE AWESOME ME IS GILBERT BEILSCHMIDT AND THIS IS MY BROTHER LUDWIG". The loud albino said pulling his brother against him. The other blond German sighed at his brother.

"JA sorry about him he's narcissistic I'm Ludwig Beilschmidt".

"I'm Roderich Edelstein". Another German said.

"Elizaveta Héderváry". A Hungarian girl said.

"Arthur Kikland". The British man said with a big smile.

"You don't trust me". 74 said pointing to Arthur.

"Well it be easier to talk face to face".


"I'm Antonio and these boys are Lovino and Feliciano Vargas".

"VE~ HI WANT SOME PASTA". Feliciano yelled sitting next to polar bear boy. "Can you see though that mask".

"Yes I breath too".

"But you don't eat".


"Well I should introduce myself I'm Matthew Williams".

"Ah do I know you".

"Ah well I don't know cause of the mask".

"You fear what is different when you should fear whats normal". 74 said as he tried to think. "I know you were you in the experimental institute".

"No Gilbert saved me when he highjacked the truck". Matthew said.

"Ha ha awesome me escaped before you guys and I was a kid".

"Yes but you also found this house which existed till I came here". Arthur said.

"Who can cut my hair". 74 asked the mask split.

"I can Mon Chéré". Francis said jumping up from and over packed couch arm.

"Ok". 74 said as the mask bust into tiny pieces and his extremely long blond hair block his face.

"My My they never took care of you did they teach you".

"A nurse taught me quotes and poetry". He said standing up.

"Let's get you a new attire and one of you clean the blood up".

"ARF ARF". Suddenly a dog ran in the room chasing a group of cats.

"Oh DAMN IT PETER NO DOGS". Arthur yelled down the hall to his little brother.


"GGRRRR". The dog growled at 74 who tried to pet it. The dog barked and then bit his hand hold on in fear.

"Damn dog". He said and then the dog exploded into nothing but blood.

"EH 74 DON'T SO THAT". Matthew yelled standing up.

"Mattie". 74 said as he lifted his bleeding hand. "Do I have a room".

"oh yes we have plenty". He said and led 74 out with France behind while Peter cried. "Alright I think you'll be alright down here we do have a few rules".

"One, no powers in the house. Two, no staying up past curfew. Three, no wondering the halls after curfew. Four, share the electronics. Five, no bringing outsiders in alright any questions".

"Yes two. One who is the boss of the house".

"There's Yao Wang, Francis, Arthur, Gilbert, and Ludwig". Matthew said pointing to France

"Two, can someone get this bullet out of my arm". 74 said leaning against the wall and pointed to his upper arm.

"What vur wounded". Francis said and rushed over to 74.

"Hey you gits Tino and Berwald got this wankers file congratulations you have a name". The Brit said walking in the room to see Francis pulling down the sleeve of 74's nightgown. "YOU FUCKIN MOLESTER THIS IS A NEW RECORD FOR YOU".

"ARTHUR GET SOME SUPPLIES HE'S BEEN SHOT". Francis yelled and Arthur snapped out of his anger, then ran out of the room to get a first aid kit.