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Yours Alone

Today was not good. Not good in the least. Otoya had decided in Ringo-sensei's last class of the day. The cross dresser had announced to the group of young stars and composers that they would be joining with Class-S in a project. The project would be to shoot a music video; the groups had to have at least four people in them. Otoya knew straight off the bat that he wanted to partner up with Haruka; she was after all one of his closest friends. The only issue was the rest of Starish would want to be Haru-chan's partner as well, which meant he'd have to work with him….

Though, there was a way around this. The groups could not have more than seven people in them, so he'd just have to make sure the group was full before he could even ask. Otoya looked back at Natsuki and Masato; they were both staring intently at Haruka. It was obvious they'd join the group.

"Okay you all can start to partner up!" Ringo-sensei called out cheerfully.

"HARUKA!" four people yelled at once.

"Eh… Y-yes?" Haruka stuttered and took a little step back. She was now staring at four of her classmates and friends. They seemed to surround her in a little half circle.

"Ne Haruka, do you want to pair up?" Otoya asked, giving her a friendly smile.

"Oh, oh me too! I'm to work with you too!" Tomochika giggled while raising her hand.

"O-of course, I'd love to work with you both!" Haruka cheered, happy her friends were so eager to work with her. Still, Haurka was worried; even though Otoya wore a smile she knew that he and Tokiya were still fighting. They wouldn't talk, let alone look at each other. This might be the best chance to help patch up their relationship.

"I'm joining too," Masato said calmly.

"Our music video has to be cute!" Natsuki laughed hugging Haruka; he must have just assumed he was in the group.

"That's great, there's five of us now," Tomo said looking at the group, "but should we get anyone from S-Class?"

"Syo for sure!" Natsuki demanded.

"Ren would be good too," Otoya suggested sheepishly. Masato gave him a strange look and Otoya just meekly smiled in return.

"Hey Otoya?" Tomochika asked drawing out his name. "How are things between you and Tokiya?" She nudged him with her shoulder playfully. Haruka looked up immediately, worry glistening in her eyes. Masato tensed, knowing that it was he and Ren who had started all of this. Otoya looked at all of them, and then his expression soured.

"We broke up."

"Eh!? Really?!" Tomo backed up a bit. It was clear that Otoya was trying to hide how bitter he was. He missed Tokiya. He missed him a lot. But he couldn't live with how he was acting towards him. Tokiya and he had been at it for days, constantly fighting, scoffing at every word the other uttered. The snide comments Tokiya made were the worst. Now Tokiya wouldn't even stand next to him. It was just too much to deal with.

Otoya frowned, remembering a few days ago, the night they broke up. It was about ten in the evening and Tokiya had just come back to the dorm. He had entered silently and went to his side of the room. There was no acknowledgement that he noticed Otoya at all. Otoya had scoffed at this; Tokiya had been ignoring him more often. Tokiya turned when he heard the soft noise.

Through pursed lips Tokiya stated, "I'm going out, I might not be back until morning." Tokiya turned to grab his bag off his bed. Otoya was silent. What could he be doing… he doesn't go into the recording studio for his Hayato job anymore… so what is he up to? Tokiya headed towards the door and place his hand on the handle.

"Wait!" Otoya shouted at the last moment.


"Where are you going?" Otoya asked his cheeks red and he was over all flustered.

"I'm going to meet someone," Tokiya said looking down on the redhead.


"I don't believe I need to tell you," Tokiya said incredulously.

"B-but!" Otoya nearly cried. Was he really going out on a date? They were still under the title of a couple, shouldn't Tokiya have told him if they were over? Who was he meeting… who could it be? Tokiya didn't say anything, which made matters worse for Otoya. "F-fine," Otoya mumbled, his head was down and he was biting his lip. Otoya was trying his best to hold back the tears that were welling up in his crimson eyes.

"Fine?" Tokiya asked while he looked at the redhead's bowed head.

"I said fine; it's about time we ended this. It's clear that it isn't working." Otoya's whole body was shaking. He didn't even notice the stunned expression on Tokiya's face. "It's over." The two words were whispered bluntly. No emotion was could be found in Otoya's tone.

"Otoya…" Tokiya whispered; he barely registered what was going on.

"J-just go!" Otoya yelled, his façade breaking apart. "Isn't someone waiting for you?!" Otoya scoffed. Tokiya could tell when he wasn't wanted, and he was definitely not wanted here. Otoya's body began to shake again as he rose one arm into the air and pointed his finger at the door. Almost dejectedly Tokiya made his way to the door.

Tokiya had told the truth. He wasn't back until morning.

"Yeah really, we ended it. I'm actually moving to a new dorm today," Otoya sighed, chewing on his bottom lip. It was clear a simple sit down and talk it out was not going to help the two. Tomo looked at Haruka and nodded slightly. They had to do something fast, if Otoya succeeded in leaving the dorm it be impossible to make them see each other without being forced. Tomochika smirked. She had a plan, once she looked at Haruka and then Otoya's front pocket, Haru understood.

"Otoya, I'm so, so sorry!" Haruka cried. She wrapped her arms around the redhead's chest in a tight hug. Otoya slightly stunned by the sudden contact, slowly wrapped his arms around her shoulders and leaned down to rest his forehead on her shoulder. "Are you going to be okay?" she asked peeking at him.

"I'm sure I'll just bounce back," Otoya claimed with a small smile. This was the moment the S-Class deiced to make its appearance. Syo ran over, flustered and confused only to be filled in by a mysteriously quiet Natsuki. Ren had also made his way over; he didn't ask any questions, but instead he stealthily slipped his hand into Masa's back pocket. Masato's face was stiff and his body was rigid.

Otoya could see clearly see what was happening and let go of Haruka to start laugh. Tokiya had come in and seen the laughing Otoya; he began to wonder why they'd even started to date in the first place. It was obvious Otoya was much happier this way. He was laughing freely, and that broke Tokiya's heart. Otoya didn't need him anymore. He'd even received a notice that Otoya was moving to a different dorm room. Tokiya decided that it be best if he didn't pair with them.


Otoya's head snapped up. Classes were already over? That was fast. Otoya let his eyes wander around the class room, they settled on a preoccupied Tokiya. He was talking with a group from S-Class; he must have joined their group. He forced his head down, if Tokiya saw him staring at him it would only lead to further torment.

"Oto-kun would you like to join us for dinner?" Natsuki asked popping into Otoya's line of vision.

"Um… yeah sure, then I'll start moving my stuff to my new room," Otoya laughed shakily in response. Why was he so nervous? Was it because he hadn't told Tokiya about moving? That was it most likely; how would he react?

After a mind-numbing dinner with chit chat about nothing of importance the group began to walk back to the boy's dorms. Haurka began to fidget with the bottom of her skirt and kept shooting glances at Tomochika.

"Oh, I forgot something!" Haruka suddenly gasped. "I'm so sorry, would you mind waiting here for me?" she pleaded.

"Of course, Little Lamb," Ren hoarsely whispered, which was awarded with a smack on the back of the head courtesy of Masato.

"Thank you!" she giggled, bubbly. Within a few minutes time Haruka had returned to them and they continued to Otoya's soon to be old room. "Otoya, would you like help moving?" Haruka asked reaching for the door knob, knowing they generally left the room unlocked.

"Eh, really, that'd be a huge help!" Otoya smiled. "It would be best if I got out of here before Tokiya returns…"

"Right," Syo mumbled while nodding. Haruka opened the door and they began to file into the room.

"Ladies first," Ren said graciously spreading his arms towards the door. The girls rolled their eyes and went in, followed by Syo, Masato and then Natsuki. Otoya was about to head in when Ren cut in front of him. "Silly Itto, you'll be staying out here." And with that, the door was slammed in his face, leaving him all alone in the hallway.

"W-what?" Otoya innocently cocked his head to the side.

"I'm sorry Otoya, this is the only way…" Haruka pleaded.

"Well, the only way we could think of," Syo sighed loudly.

"O-o-only way…?" Otoya asked through the door, very confused.

"Yes, now stay out there," Ren scoffed.

"Where'd my keys go…?"

"They're safe with me!" Tomo yelled while jingling the keys.

"Eh… Please let me in! I have to move my stuff, don't be mean!" Otoya cried pounding on the door. All he heard was silence. He clawed at the door for another good fifteen minutes until sliding down the wall dejectedly. He curled himself up, sitting with his knees close to his chest.

"What are you doing?" Tokiya asked, scrutinizing gaze upon the redhead.

"I am locked out," he replied glumly not caring to look up.

"Idiot." Tokiya reached into his pocket to grab his keys. He stopped and then checked his other pocket. "Where... where are my keys?" Tokiya asked angrily at the door.

"I have them!" Haruka yelled through the door.

"Nanami, open this door now," Tokiya demanded his voice growing cold. He looked down at the redhead. He had his arms tucked in near his chest and legs pulled up close to him. It was like the first time they kissed. Otoya had asked him to stay while giving him the cutest puppy face. He was in the same position, but this time there was a sense of sadness that engulfed the idol.

"Nope!" Syo yelled in response.

Otoya looked up at his ex. Tokiya look oddly flustered. He pounded on the door with vigor. What's up with him? Otoya thought. NO, no, no, no you will not be worrying about him after all of this! He scolded himself. Otoya jumped when he heard a loud bang. Tokiya had just punched the door.

"Geez Ichi, do you have anger management issues?" Ren called out.

"Damn it, no I don't, I need something for class can you at least give it to me?" Tokiya growled, giving the door another punch for good measure.

"Eh, what is it?" Tomo asked, suspicious.

"My iPod, I have to let a teacher listen to a song I recorded; I put it on there," Tokiya sighed as if it were obvious.

"Fine," Tomo grumbled after a few moments of silence. There was the sound of shuffling and then a small indigo rectangle slid between the floor and the door. Tokiya picked it up and turned around. He quickly checked his bag to make sure he had headphones. The dark haired boy started to walk back down the hall. He then stopped, turned around grabbed Otoya by the wrists and continued down the hall, dragging the redhead along with him.

Otoya fumbled with the hand around his wrists. What was Tokiya doing? They emerged from the building and Tokiya stopped, making Otoya run into him. Taking the chance, Otoya leaned down and bit Tokiya's hand.

"Otoya!" Tokiya yelled recoiling in surprise. He shook his hand looking at his soon to be former roommate. Otoya was glowering at him with all his might. Damn… even when he's mad he's still cute, Tokiya thought. He still very much cared for the childish redhead. "Otoya, don't you want to get back into the room?" Tokiya asked the pouting boy.

"Huh, don't you have to turn that in?" Otoya asked taken aback by the question.

"I can do it later," Tokiya smiled. He offered Otoya his hand, which was ignored. "I think we'll be able to get in through the window."

"But the room's on the second story," Otoya stated dryly.

"What? Don't you trust me?" Tokiya raised an eyebrow.

"No, not really." The blunt statement cut through Tokiya. Would he be able to fix this? Tokiya led the way to where their window was. He hesitated, if he let Otoya get through that window, they may never be able to patch up their relationship. "It looks like if you lift me up than I'll be able to get in." Tokiya blinked and looked at Otoya, who was studying the wall intently. "Well?" he asked impatiently. Tokiya knew this might be the end but his feet moved over to where Otoya was standing to give him a boost.

Once Otoya was balanced on his shoulders he stood up slowly, trying to remain balanced. Otoya looked down at the figure below him. Was Tokiya doing this all just to get rid of him? But before he saw a sad look on his face, so what was right? While debating this he started to lean back, losing his footing on Tokiya's shoulders. He started to fall, closing his eyes tightly he waited for the hard impact.

"Otoya are you okay," Tokiya asked very close to his face. Opening his eyes just barely, he saw that it was Tokiya who had broken his fall. They were now lying in the grass. Tokiya's arms were loosely wrapped around his waist and his hands were rubbing his back.

"E-eh I-I'm f-fine!" Otoya said trying to get off of his classmate. Tokiya's arms tightened around his waist, holding him tight. Tokiya then rolled the two so he was on top of Otoya. Otoya felt breath by his neck, and then soft kisses trailing up towards his jaw. "T-t-tokiya, s-stop!" Otoya gasped, trying to push him away, but to no avail. The small kisses continued until he reached the corner of Otoya's lips. "Tokiya!" He froze. Otoya obviously didn't want this. Slowly he pulled away, letting go of the smaller boy. "W-why?" Otoya asked, eyes wide.


"I thought I told you that we were over, you can stop dwelling on the past and go out with that person you meet with every week!" Otoya said, tears welling in his eyes. Tokiya's head snapped up.

"I've been meeting with a producer."

"But… you're in the band now… why?" Otoya asked, unshed tears glistening in his eyes.

"I was calling in a favor," Tokiya said smiling, bringing his hand up to Otoya's cheek to caress in gently.

"F-favor?" Otoya asked, unsure of what was really going on. Tokiya moved his hand from Otoya's cheek to wipe away the tears. Otoya bit his lip and blinked as he felt Tokiya's thumb graze his eyelashes. With his other hand Tokiya pulled out his iPod and placed one of the ear buds in Otoya's ear. He placed the other one in his ear. Turning it on, he found a song and pressed play. He wrapped his arm around Otoya, trying to protect him from the cold. He watched Otoya's face contort into many emotions. It finally settled. His eyes were half lidded, a light blush dusted his cheeks and the smallest smile graced his lips.

Tokiya had spent many nights working on this. It was the only way he figured he could apologize to Otoya. He had asked an old producer if he could record it in his studio. He had just finished it yesterday. Just in time. He had written a song just for Otoya. It would be Otoya's alone. It was half way through the song and Tokiya pulled Otoya up onto his lap. In response Otoya rested his head on Tokiya's chest, silent tears falling down his cheeks.

When the song ended Otoya hoarsely said, "Ne, Tokiya… let's never fight again… Okay?"

Smiling softly Tokiya said, "Okay."

They'd made up, but he didn't expect Otoya to so gladly reinstate him as a boyfriend. Though it would have been hard to think he was anything other than a boyfriend by the way that he clutched onto the scruff of his shirt and dragged him closer to his own body until they were chest to chest, breathing the same air. Their lips touched in a selfish, hunger sating kiss as Otoya's tongue searched the familiar mouth. Tokiya drew his head back, surprised by the redhead.

Otoya wiped his mouth on the back of his hand, smiling sheepishly at the dark-haired boy. Tokiya chuckled, biting the tip of Otoya's nose, causing him to laugh uncontrollably. As Otoya's face flushed a light pink he dug his face into Tokiya's chest, breathing into his skin, making Tokiya shiver. He held the other boy close, placing small, loving kisses onto the supple skin of his neck. Otoya giggled at the touch of Tokiya's practiced lips, only making Tokiya enjoy it more. When he bit Otoya, the other boy clenched onto his long locks, tangling his fingers in the hair.

Tokiya dug his boot into the ground, driving Otoya against the grass and landing partially atop him. The smaller boy let out a gasp, but leaned in for a simple peck. Tokiya took a breath and gave Otoya's cheek butterfly kisses with his eyelashes. He felt the boy wiggle beneath him and when both of them caught their breath again Tokiya wrapped an arm around Otoya's waist. Otoya snuggled into Tokiya's shoulder sighing heavily.

Yawning, Otoya snuggled into Tokiya's chest. Tokiya wrapped his arms protectively around the redhead, chasing away the cold night air. He rested his head down on the grass after pecking the other boy's forehead lightly. After they stared at the stars for a long while, he could hear the quiet snores Otoya was making in his sleep. Everything was going to be okay.

The next morning they were both rudely awoken by Tomochika.

"It seems the two love birds finally made up!" she laughed.

"Can we have are keys back?" Tokiya grumbled, rubbing his back.

"Yeah, I'm still— Achoo!" Otoya sneezed loudly.

"Otoya…?" Tokiya looked at the redhead, who was sniffling and rubbing at his nose. Otoya looked up and sneezed again.

"I'm fine," he sniffled, his voice very nasally.

"Otoya did you catch a cold?" Tokiya sighed, shaking his head.

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