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Chapter 1

Jane's POV

Detective Jane Rizzoli slowly rolled over and began cursing the morning. Why was she already awake well before her alarm was set to go off. In fact, she was awake an hour before her alarm was set to go off. Apparently sleeping in won't be on today's agenda she thought. Slowly stretching, Jane contemplated what her options were.

I could roll back over and try to fall back asleep. But she almost immediately dismissed that as a possibility knowing how sleep usually eluded her. I could get up and make a substantial breakfast for once. That idea had promise. Or, she thought to herself, I could just get up and head into work. Maybe get a good work out in the gym before the day gets too out of hand. Somehow, she knew that was exactly what she would do as she rolled into a sitting position and decided to greet the world for the day.

A quick shower, a quick walk for Jo Friday and a quicker cup of instant coffee later had Jane out the door and heading towards BPD station. I haven't worked out at the station in several weeks, she thought. Long overdue for the treadmill and maybe even the heavy bag.

Jane arrived at BDP and worked her way towards her usual parking space. She was more than a little shocked to see the Prius for Dr. Maura Isles was already in what was deemed "the Doc's spot" in the garage. Jane smiled remembering the day that Maura was "granted" detective parking status in the parking garage.

"Really?!" Maura had almost shouted.

"Really. Don't look so surprised Maur- all the guys think you are the reason we close half the cases we close. It was their idea to initiate you as an honorary detective with this nice, dirty, grease stained parking spot." Jane was beaming ear to ear knowing that it wasn't the spot that mattered to Maura- it was the acceptance and acknowledgement from the rest of the homicide detectives. Jane could see Maura tearing up as she parked her Prius in HER spot.

Jane approached the car and placed her hand on the hood near the engine. A detective's habit mainly but she was surprised to feel the hood was ice cold. This car has been here for a while. Jane grow slightly concerned although she knew Maura to pull all-nighters before but Maura usually called or sent Jane a text during the night if she was stuck at work.

Jane made her way to the station and instead of heading straight to the gym for the workout she was wanting, she went straight to the elevators and pushed the down button. Let's see what Maura is working on, she thought. If I'm lucky maybe I can even talk her into working out with me, knowing just how much Maura enjoyed a good workout and the rush of endorphins. The elevator arrived and Jane hit the button for the morgue that she lost count as to how many times a day was pressed by either her or Detective Frost, or even Sergeant Detective Korsak even.

Jane got off the elevator and headed down towards the autopsy room first. The lights were out and Jane realized that most of the building was now on lighting controlled by motion detectors to help cut down on utilities during the slow stretches of the day. Clearly, the autopsy room hadn't seen much activity in a while as it was pitch black. So, to the office I will try next Jane thought. She navigated her way down another hallway shifting her workout bag from one shoulder to the other along the way.

Halfway down the hall Jane saw the light pouring out from under Maura's office door. Well, at least I have in fact found where she is- or was in the near recent past. She rounded the corner and noticed that the door was slightly ajar. No real need to knock if the door was kind of open anyway she thought. Her days of knocking before entering long since passed as it was.

She slowly pushed open the door, not trying to startle Maura on purpose, although that may be an added bonus for my morning Jane thought was a slightly wicked grin crossing her face. That grin turned quickly to a look of surprise and then a full blow smile was soon to follow. The image Jane was greeted to when she looked into Maura's office was truly priceless.

The elegant Dr. Isles was curled up on her couch- the WORLD'S MOST UNCOMFORTABLE COUCH as Jane liked to tease the good doctor- absolutely out like a light. How can anyone look that peaceful on that God awful couch? But Maura clearly was not having any issues with comfort. She seemed dead to the world. Jane looked around and noticed papers, several medical books and a pretty impressive collection of coffee cups scattered around the sleeping doctor. A folder was draped almost like a blanket over Maura's shoulder and arm.

Poor Maura thought Jane. She must have been exhausted to fall asleep at work. She slowly approached Maura and had to quickly stifle a laugh when she realized that Maura was so asleep she had a bit of drool off the corner of her mouth. Now, Jane had shared a bed with the Doctor on many occasions- always as friends- but she had never noticed Maura to drool before. Although, she thought, Maura always seemed to be awake before me in the morning so she probably could drool away and I'd never really know about it.

Jane knelt down towards the sleeping Doctor. She removed the folder from her and quietly nudged Maura to wake her up. She felt a little bad about disturbing Maura's sleep but felt Maura wouldn't want to be caught sleeping in her office by the rest of her medical staff. "Maura." Jane quietly called her name. "Maura...you need to wake up."

"Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, " was as close of a response as Jane got on the first attempt. Wow- she's really out Jane thought.

"Maura, time to wake up," she said a little louder. She didn't want to resort to shaking Maura awake, finding that to be the line in the "rude" sand she was going to try not to cross.

"What time is it?" slowly came across the lips of the Doctor.


"At night?" came from Maura whose eyes were finally starting to flutter a bit and Jane could see Maura was coming around.

"No, 5:45 in the morning sleepy head. You need to get up."

Maura's eyes finally opened all the way and she lifted her upper body up off the couch a bit resting most of her weight on her elbows. Looking around she slowly let her surroundings, Jane and the now streaking drool on her chin all come into focus. The back of Maura's hand instantly tried to rid herself of the drool although to her credit she didn't even attempt to hide it from Jane. Jane snickered and decided she must have missed many drool mornings by being the second one awake.

"Hi." That coming from Maura as she sat all the way up on the couch.

"Hey yourself."

"Why are you here at 5:45 am?" Maura looked at her friend with some curiosity.

"Why are YOU here, asleep on that awful thing you try to pass off as a couch, at 5:45 am Doc?"

"Clearly, I was working." She said it so matter-of-factly that even she laughed when she heard it.

"An all-nighter huh? What are you working on?"

Maura looked around at all the papers and books. Wow, I can really create a mess if I put some effort behind it, she thought. "I was trying to finish my paper on the impact of blunt force trauma to the occipital lobe for the Journal of American Forensics and Pathology."

"Clearly it's a page-turner," snickered Jane slightly under her breath.

"What? Oh...well I am trying to make it an engaging read but I'm struggling a little with the language." Maura now stood up and stretched a bit. "Thanks for waking me up, I'd hate to have had Sarah or Mike be the one that walked in on the boss sleeping."

"That's why I woke you. You were actually looking so peaceful I almost just shut the door."

"You never said why you were here so early, did you?"

"No, I never did. I was just awake and thought I'd sneak in a workout before the day got going. Saw your car and thought I'd try to take you as company but if you've been here all night, I'd rather you go home and go back to sleep," Jane said. She looked at Maura and for the first time really took in her current condition. Maura looked utterly exhausted and now Jane was feeling guilty for disturbing what was clearly needed sleep.

"I love a good workout in the morning, but I think I'll have to pass. I should finish this paper and then I have several charts to finish before the day gets going. I appreciate the offer, though." Maura smiled at Jane. "Maybe another time," she added.

Jane was fine with that although would have been happier if Maura had agreed to go home to sleep instead of just back to working. She turned to leave. Before exiting, she turned and looked again at Maura. Maura had an odd look on her face, a flash of something Jane couldn't place. As she was about to really assess her friend, the look faded and Maura again smiled at her. It was something, but Jane didn't know what. "Lunch later if you insist on staying?"

"Sure, just give me a chance to catch up."

Walking out, Jane's mind was still lingering on what the unexplained look had been. She got the impression that something was weighing on her friend, but maybe she was just being paranoid. She did just wake her up after all. The rest of the conversation had been fine. Maybe she was just imagining it. Jane chuckled to herself and decided there wasn't anything to it. Off to the treadmill headed the good detective with the apparent overactive imagination.