Only a Fortnight in Your Arms


Blaine was frozen and exhausted. He hurried into his shared apartment with Puck, enjoying the solitude and silence he had this week. Puck was off visiting his younger, half-brother in Ohio while Blaine readied himself for his next competition set for March.

It was early February and surprising cold for southern California. It wasn't entirely unheard of, but it certainly wasn't the usual winter weather Blaine was accustom to. There'd even been talk of snow later in the week.

He'd been at practice all morning and day, enjoying the workout after quite a long vacation for the holidays. This year, since it was right after the Olympics there were few competitions for him to enter, and now that most of his sponsor stints were over Wes and he had decided that a long winter holiday was in order. There was still the expectation that he continue working out on his own while he'd visited his family in Ohio, but he'd managed to have quite a while off.

Burt and Kurt had come to Ohio for the holidays this year, Kurt getting a much needed break like Blaine. They'd met each other's extended families during the visit, then Blaine had gone to London with Kurt for the New Year. After that Kurt's life had picked back up, but much to both their surprises Burt had lingered in Ohio. It was only a few weeks ago that they'd figured out why Burt kept postponing his return to London. He'd met someone, a pleasant woman named Carole whose son had gone to school with Puck.

Neither of them had expected it, and when Burt had told Kurt that he was asking her to marry him and going to return to Ohio Kurt had been shocked. It would mean Kurt was left on his own in London now that his grandmother was gone because his father's family was American.

Blaine had left the implications of the move unspoken, but part of him couldn't help but hope that Kurt followed his father back to the United States. Even if it was Ohio it was still closer than London.

Yawning and stretching, Blaine shuffled off to his room, not even bothering to turn the lights in the main room on. It was almost nine, which meant Kurt would be waking up soon for their Skype date. Stumbling slightly as he entered his room, Blaine tossed his bag onto his bed, flicked the lamp on and plopped down at his desk to open his laptop.

As soon as he logged on a box popped up with a call from Kurt. Grinning, Blaine accepted, his smile stretching impossibly wider as the grainy image of his boyfriend appeared. They'd had their fights and rough moments since August, but they'd managed to get their time together scheduled like a well-oiled machine.

"Hey, sexy," Blaine greeted, blowing Kurt a little kiss. Something felt off though, and he stared at Kurt, who smiled and returned his greeting with a sultrily little wink.

"Hey, yourself, babe," Kurt replied, and that's when it hit Blaine. The room was different. Usually Kurt was in the kitchen, making tea or in his room already drinking it, but now he wasn't. It was a room Blaine swore he knew, but that he couldn't place for the life of him. "How was your first day back at training?"

"Grueling," Blaine answered honestly, still eyeing the bookcase and table behind Kurt. "Gonna take a few days to get back in the swing of things, but I've definitely missed it."

Deciding that the room must be at Burt's apartment and that's why it was familiar, Blaine stretched again and began undressing so that he could shower once Kurt had to leave for the pool.

"Mmm," Kurt hummed appreciatively. "I miss that perky little ass of yours so much."

Laughing, Blaine tossed his tanktop and jacket over towards his laundry basket, and stood up as he pushed his shorts down, rolling his ass playfully at the screen.

"Mmm, yeah, can't wait to fuck that in a bit," Kurt continued, his voice nearly a purr as he popped open a few buttons on his shirt.

Blaine paused as he reached down to scoop up his shorts, Kurt's words confusing him. Kurt had a diving competition in France next week. He had training almost constantly until then, so there was absolutely no possible way he'd come for a surprise visit and yet...

"Y- you're coming to visit?"

Kurt snorted as he finished unbuttoning his shirt, picking up his laptop as he stood up.

"Close your eyes, sweetheart," Kurt encouraged. "I've got the best surprise for you."

That was when Blaine heard it. A lamp clicked off out in the main room, and the soft pad of feet came steadily closer to his room. The room in Kurt's background had been his living room. In his exhaustion and the darkness he'd walked straight past Kurt's hiding spot.

Sure enough, as Kurt continued to talk his voice grew louder, finally stopped outside Blaine's bedroom door. With a desperate whine Blaine flung the door open, nearly knocking the laptop out of his boyfriend's hands as he clung to him.

"I can't believe you didn't recognize your own living room, Blaine," Kurt said in disbelief. "You walked right past me– "

Blaine yanked the laptop out of Kurt's hands and dropped it onto his desk, claiming Kurt's mouth hungrily. Kurt smiled widely against his lips, managing to get out a muffled "surprise!" before Blaine walked him back towards the bed.

"I love you so much," Blaine rasped, pushing him down into the mattress. "I can't even believe you're here– "

"You're going to get really sick of me this time," Kurt sighed as Blaine started kissing down his neck and chest. "I cancelled my competition for my dad's wedding and– "

"He moved up the day?" Blaine yelped, pulling back and resting on his elbows as he hovered over Kurt.

"Next week," Kurt told him, still grinning as he stroked through Blaine's damp curls. "He's moving the shop here and well... I thought I'd join him with this whole American thing."

"You– what? Kurt, are you serious?" Blaine blabbered.

"Ye,s now shut up and kiss me," Kurt demanded, yanking him back down, his nose crinkling at the edges. "Ugh, you stink."

"But... " Blaine stared blankly down at Kurt. "What if I want to move to London?"

Kurt shook his head like it was the worst idea he'd ever heard. "Honey, you think bubble and squeak is soap."

Offended, because he actually knew what that one was now, Blaine pouted and snapped, "And what do you think pop is?"

Kurt snorted. "Pop is a noise, Blaine, honestly– "

Blaine shook his head, grinning. "Is not. It's soda."

"You're still not moving to London– "

"I am, too. We'll live in merry old England and play cricket and polo– "

"We're living here and you're going to take me surfing and– "

They bickered for several minutes longer, words interrupted by kisses, laughs and the removal of their remaining clothing.

"We're going to live together," Blaine breathed, nibbling on Kurt's lower lip as he settled down against Kurt's chest. "I can't believe we're actually finally going to be together all the time."

"We'll figure it out after the wedding," Kurt decided, hands rubbing up and down Blaine's sides. "Now let's get under the blankets and get off. It's so bloody cold here. I thought California was supposed to be warm."

"It will be when I'm done with you," Blaine quipped, pulling the blankets down as Kurt hurried under them.

"That's another promise you better keep," Kurt told him sternly as Blaine hopped under the blanket and pressed up against him.

"I'll always keep my promises to you."