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Chapter 1


Are we friends? Or are we foes? That kind of thing you decide for yourselves!

- Monkey D. Luffy


Everything in the world is measurable, our peace lies balanced in the scales of yin and yang. Nox and Lux, the guardians of this delicate poise - there is darkness within light, and light within darkness. Everything was carefully planned from the start and Fate was what pushed everything forward. A universal law, never questioned, never thought of and never changed.

The Void Century, the blank in our history, never questioned, never spoken of and completely ignored. Since the beginning of our existence, the instinct to fear the unknown has been engraved deeply into our minds. We are afraid of what we don't understand, yet most do not have the courage to seek their own answers. Throughout the centuries we have gotten lazy, satisfied with what little we know of the world we dwell in. Our minds have been poisoned by our very own arrogance.

The Void Century was an era of terror as darkness ruled the world, corrupted and worming sickness in every light's heart. A reign so deadly and feared that the very memory lies deep within the earth, rotting and forgotten, or more accurately, ignored. The scale was tipped as Lux was consumed by Nox after their deadly struggle. Demons and Nightmares were released upon the young world and chaos ensued.

It was during this time that a young boy was born, Gol D. Roger, still blind to the corrosion of humanity and unaware of the future that fate had in mind. A man whose name is known throughout the kingdom, a man who was crowned King by all.

His legacy lives on as his descendants still roam the world to this very day, the people who carry the 'D' in their nameā€¦

The cycle continues as centuries later, we follow the story of a young girl and the start of what will be known as the Grand Age of Pirates - Magni Aetate Praedonum

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