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Chapter one : Ben gets bitten

Ben could not believe what he had fallen into, as he ran breathlessly for his life. He turned amidst his sprint to have a look at the bluish beast chasing him, and he regretted having turned at all; the sight made his heart jump to his mouth.

"I'm alien toast!" he cursed as he ran.

Looking down at his omnitrix, Ben didn't feel any better. After having already kicked a lot of this alien's butt, the omnitrix had timed out, and was now a stubborn shade of 'not any more' red.

"Damn. Why doesn't this thing ever co-operate with me?!"

Ben couldn't be blamed; because even though he was in possession of the most powerful gadget in the universe, he was still only a teenager not having the full skills of controlling it, as Azmuth said.

Ben regretted having taken off the omnitrix for five years.

"I could've done with the practice."

Gwen was not around. The truth was; their mission had ended hours ago, and she went home to complete her vacation assignments, while Ben, not caring a hoot about his own vacation homework, decided to take a stroll along the park, to shake off the boredom.

Kevin was not available because he was off to another planet for a solo mission of his own; a mechanic job for an old alliance.

Ben's stroll to the park went awry when he stumbled upon a huge blue-furred alien.

It was as large as a bear, and just as capable of standing on its hind feet. Covered in blue-tinged fur with several black streaks here and there, coupled with large yellow irises, this beast was like a werewolf; not a wolf, not a human. It also had a head full of sharp canine incisor teeth which at the moment were bent on devouring Ben. Large black claws lurched at Ben, who was luckily inches out of its reach. A large black and blue bushy tail whipped from it's behind.

Ben was running like never before, yet it was a surprise that he was comparatively outrunning an alien in his human form!

Ben gulped as he heard the large wolfish jaws chomp the sir, narrowly missing his legs.

"Come on! Please!" Ben chanted, as he fiddled with the omnitrix, which was still red.

Unfortunately, he was so intent on the gadget around his wrist that he did not notice the bump on the path. Clumsily, his foot flailed once his sneaker met the bump; and he tumbled forward on the ground, scratching his chin, skidding to a stop.

Fortunately, the beast behind was running so fast, that it could not fight the inertia that made him leap up and over Ben's body. It too skidded on its feet and turned around; eyes fixated on Ben's lithe form trying to lift himself off the ground.

"Woah!" Ben exclaimed as the alien lurched at him.

For a moment, Ben could see all his teeth and even his pink throat as the mouth came at him to bite off his head. Ben suddenly, on human instinct, did a miraculous twirl on his elbows; and once again missed being chewed off.

But, that did not prevent the creature from trying a special trick of his own; it swung its head sideways, and caught Ben's left leg between its teeth. However, it could not get a grip; but some of the incisors (each the size of a banana) scraped painfully on Ben's shin.

Throwing himself aside after his 'twirl'; he glanced at his wound; the jeans torn at the spot; crimson blood already staining its way to Ben's sneakers.

"How will I explain this to Kevin?"

He looked up at the beast, whose tongue lapped across the few teeth that was stained with the brunette's blood. Another attempt of attack was about to unfold; when Ben heard the familiar sound that flooded him with hysteric relief –

Beep beep.

The omnitrix was activated again!

It was now its pleasant toxic green, ready to save Ben.

The creature staggered back when a bright flash of green blinded it, and then the high-pitched call came.


The red flying alien swung out, circling the blue alien, having half a mind to teach it some lesson for messing with him; but logic told him that he'd better treat the minor wound gashed on his leg. So, Jetray flew out the reach of the confused beast, whilst sticking out his tongue at it, in a Ben-like fashion.

Phew. That was close.

At least, it was over.

On his way back home, he thought about which perfect excuse he would have to use to justify this to Kevin.


A few days have passed since his 'injury'.

Ben now sat dumb and bored on the couch, dreaming of Kevin.

Ben was quite pissed at his boyfriend; who had left saying that he had to do a little debt-work for an ally who owed him after he had stepped out the Null Void a few years ago. And, Kevin had left earth, promising his sweetheart that it would only be a matter of three days.

He had even installed a high-tech computer-like device in the corner of his bedroom, to communicate with Ben from his intergalactic workstation.

And Ben was now pissed because only a few days ago, Kevin had wearily announced through the communication device that he was being delayed, and could come back only after a week.

A week! Ben had groaned, that's seven days without you!

But Ben had no choice; all he could do was wait.

Of course; this was not his home; it was Kevin's home.

Ben's parents were off to another continent and wouldn't be back for a while, so he had sought their permission to stay over at Kevin's. Carl and Sandra, unaware of the raven's intimate relation with Ben, easily complied.


Kevin himself had no parents; his father had died when he was little, and he lost his mother at about the age of six. So he had been living the life of a bachelor; parentless, and independent.


And Ben had his vacations going on now, so there was no school.


All of this meant that Kevin and Ben could spend some 'quality' time together. But the glitch in the whole thing came in the form of this solo mission.

Ben pouted angrily.

Of course, Ben did contact his boyfriend through the communication device Kevin installed, so he did not feel altogether lonely. Ben would speak of his day-to-day alien missions, while Kevin, not being much of a speaker, spoke bits about his space mechanic work.

Kevin knew how to cook; he had learnt that in the process of 'growing up alone'. But Ben had no idea how to cook, so Gwen bought over breakfast, lunch and dinner that her mom made for him. And she too would at times chat with her ex-boyfriend, just so that Kevin gets to know little tips on how Ben was doing, or whether he was hiding something from him.

Julie visited too, at times bringing over Ship; to show new tricks the little alien had learnt. Julie would speak to Kevin too, asking him about certain weapons that Ship turned into, that were completely unrecognizable to her.

Life was going normal, in its own weird ways, for the four teenagers. They always hung in the group of four, but now that Kevin was not here, they hung as three. That was all that was different; otherwise, things were going smooth….for now.


One night; Ben sat dumb again on the couch, watching T.V.

He hadn't much considered wearing anything, so all he wore was a skimpy green night robe that was only a few inches down his waist, and black boxers. In one hand, he had a Mr. Smoothie cup, off which he sipped lazily every now and then; and on the other hand he had the remote control that he waved, bored, in the air. With his feet propped up on the tea-poi, his left leg bandaged a little at the shin; Ben yawned as he watched Ironman swish through the large TV screen.

That was when he heard the series of knocks. On the front door.

The first thing Ben did was glance at the clock. It was like twelve at midnight!

"Who is it, now?" he groaned. He paused for another moment, and a second series of knocks came. Having no other ploy in mind, he got up lethargically to answer the door. He was not even appropriately dressed to receive a visitor at night, but he didn't give a damn.

Ben unlocked the door, and slowly swung it open.

"Woah..!" a gasped escaped Ben's lips.

The large masculine figure that stood before him, gave him a charming roguish smile.

"Hey, Benji! Love the sexy outfit. Didjya put it on for me?"


Ben's high-pitched squeal could have awakened the dead.

Immediately, slender arms whipped around Kevin's neck, and the small form pressed against him in a tight embrace, smiling into the raven hair.

"God I miss that!" Kevin groaned, breathing in the scent of the chestnut hair and lightly tan skin. His own large arms came slowly around the lithe body, hugging Ben back lovingly.

Home sweet home.

Once Ben pulled back, he squeaked, "You really surprised me!"

"Did I?" came the mischievous answer.

Ben noticed that the caramel eyes were tired and drowsy.

"You look tired", Ben spoke in concern, stroking the cleft jaws.

"I'm beat, to be exact", Kevin sighed, "It was like a nonstop rollercoaster, man! Phew!"

Ben smiled good-naturedly. He slung one of Kevin's arms across his own petite shoulders, and helped the thankful teenager into the living room, "You lie down for a bit, ok?"

"Thanks, Tennyson!" Kevin sighed gratefully as he slumped gracelessly on the couch, too tired to even take off his shoes, which Ben took off for him. Ben felt rather lusty to have Kevin back again, but seeing the raven in need of some shut eye, Ben had to push dirty thoughts to the back of his mind for now.

After removing the leather jacket Kevin wore and taking off his socks as well; Ben knelt on the floor, beside the couch, gazing at the elder who looked back with a smile.

"You missed me bad, didn't you?" Kevin's eyes were half closed.

"Yes. Goes without saying." Ben smiled adorably, leaning in to present him with a kiss, which Kevin was glad to accept, his eyelids lowering further, irises shining dreamily. Ben relished the feeling he had missed for a week, kissing the raven for long enough that when Ben pulled back, Kevin's eyes were fully closed.

Sitting up, Ben stroked off stray fringes from the raven's forehead, and planted a kiss there as well.

"Goodnight, Kevin."

Ben fetched a blanket from his bedroom, which he then laid atop the soundly sleeping osmosian.


The next morning...

"So you actually came at around midnight?!" chuckled Gwen as she laid a plate of fresh pancakes on the dining table. Kevin nodded in reply, fishing out one pancake.

"But unfortunately, I spaced out from exhaustion; so I couldn't fully let Benji know how happy I was coming back to earth!"

Saying thus, Kevin leaned towards blushing Ben who sat beside him, but was suddenly interrupted by Gwen who snapped, "No dirty romancing at the table!" brandishing a forefinger at them.

Both the boys rolled their eyes at the same time, making Julie laugh and almost choke on her pancakes.

And they all tucked in.

Unlike Julie, Kevin and Gwen, Ben had eggs and bacon. When asked why he preferred a different meal, he answered, "I just feel like having meat."

Ben stabbed at the beacon and stuffed a whole lot into his full mouth.

The three raised an eyebrow in surprise.

"Woah-woah WOAH! Slow down, Tennyson; don't pig out!" said Kevin grabbing Ben's wrist before more beacon made its way into the over-filled mouth.

"Whauh! Lemme eaauh!" Ben spoke with his mouth full.

"Fine! But finish the bunch in your mouth first!"

Ben nodded, chomping quietly.

Kevin looked at the girls as if for explanations, "It's like as if he hasn't eaten for days!" and then a sudden thought struck his head. He turned to the chomping brunette, "Have you been skipping meals, Ben?!"

But Gwen answered that, since Ben was too busy eating anyway, "No, He's been eating well. A little too well."

Then Julie leaned in and whispered to Kevin, "But he seems to have developed a like for meat. A weird like, that is."

Kevin looked dumb-founded.

Poor thing, Kevin thought, he's trying to fill his sexual appetite with his real one!

Gwen suddenly frowned at him, hissing, "Is that all you ever think about, you pervert?!"

"Wait, she can read minds now?!", Kevin blinked at Julie.

Julie nodded solemnly, "You missed that on your week-long absence. Shes mastering the ability. But its use is limited, though effective. So you better watch out."

Gwen gave him a death glare, which he chose to ignore by concentrating on his pancake. From the corner of his eye, he could see Ben gulping down a glass of orange juice.

I'll make it up to you tonight, babe. I promise!

-End of chapter-


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