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Chapter thirty three: Baby Bump

For the first few days, Ben continued to live normally. Carl and Sandra did not seem to find anything odd about their brunette son. Since a week had passed, the two obnoxious relatives, who had come to stay over, had returned to their country.

Carl and Sandra did have a rather sparse conversation about bringing Ben home.

"Honey, isn't it time Ben came back here?" Sandra mused one day, as she folded the laundry with her quick skilled hands. Her husband sat across the living room, reading a newspaper.

He merely hummed absentminded, as he turned a leaf and continued to read. Sandra shot him a glare which did not reach him given the large newspaper.

She cleared her throat, and he lowered the newspaper, looking at her, "Yes dear?"

"Ben. I was speaking about Ben coming back to live here with us?" she raised a yellow-ocre eyebrow.

"Oh," Carl looked at the ceiling and then at his wife, "Well, what's wrong about him living with his best friend?"

Sandra continued to fold the blue shirt, "Well, actually there is nothing wrong about it... although I am quite worried about that ruffian being parentless, I hope he is not a negative influence on my boy..."

"No, I doubt that," Carl shrugged, "Dad did tell me he's a good guy, and despite his orphaned state, he is quite responsible. Besides, Ben has already been staying there every-now-and-then, and have you noticed anything weird about him?"

"Not really," she answered, placing a manicured finger on her chin.

"See? No biggie!" Carl smiled as he returned to his paper.

Sandra gave out a sigh, "Honey, are you telling me you are not missing your son's presence?!"

Carl lowered his newspaper again, but this time his face sported a look of faint indignance.

"Nonsense, Sandra! How can you say that!" he looked at her calmly before continuing, "Our son is turning seventeen soon, and after that he will be eighteen. Don't you think as flexible parents, we should let him be away from home more often, rather than tether him under us? He is growing up, and we must give him that freedom, or he would get used to our protection and then he might not be able to face the world when we are no longer with him!"

"But what if in the 'freedom', he forgets us altogether?!" Sandra huffed, being the ever-concerned mommy. Carl gave her a long look, so she turned away, "Well, I suppose that was a stupid question, huh?"

Carl nodded in reply.

"But Carl,..."

And Carl stood up, putting his paper aside and walked up to her, "Sandra, we raised our son teaching him the value of love, friendship and family. I am sure no matter what way he grows or what path he chooses, he will not shun us or forget us. Even with his saving-the-world business, he never has ignored us, has he? He loves us and respects us, and being our son he will continue to do so. He is special, isn't he, Sandra? We must give him that freedom."

Sandra looked at her husband thoughtfully, and then sighed in defeat, letting her blonde head fall on his shoulder, "I suppose so..."

Carl smiled, stroking her back, "We must. And since he is a special kid, we must be his special parents. Besides, he has Dad with him to take care of him; and you know he saves the Universe pretty damn well, right?"

Sandra nodded as she gently clutched the white fabric of his shirt.


First month:

Ben stood in front of the full length mirror in the bedroom. He had taken off his jacket, his black shirt and his pants. He stood sideways, and pressed his hands behind the base of his spine, pushing out his flat tummy. Probably, he was inspecting for any visible bulges.

Kevin walked in, sipping a soda, nearly dropping the can when his tawny eyes caught the sight of his feminine male lover wearing only a pair of black boxers and flaunting his feminine masculinity of a body in front of the mirror.

Kevin blinked. Blood drained from his brain and shot for the south.

"What are you doing?" he asked icily, his eyes unable to remove themselves from Ben's small boxer-sheathed behind.

Ben jumped, obviously not having realised the Osmosian's presence. Turning around, he bestowed a happy grin on the struck raven. It just flipped Kevin's tummy further, stirring the butterflies there that had been slumbering.

"Oh hey, Kevin! I was just looking for any bumps, that's all!"

Kevin nodded, biting his lower lip, and walking over, he sat at the edge of the bed, folding one leg over the other, "You know it's too early, right? It's like what, the second week?"

Ben shrugged, returning to the inspection, pouting as he concentrated on the image copying him on the crystal-clear mirror, "Yeah, but I have these weird feelings that the baby's moving in there. I just hope it's not visible or mom and dad would notice."

"Uh-huh," tongue poking the inside of his left cheek, Kevin nodded only paying half the attention, his eyes still rapturously captured by the derriere, "You know, you're torturing me in the process."

Ben turned around, his jade eyes wide in concerned confusion, "Huh? Torturing?"

Kevin forcefully willed himself to move his brown eyes from the butt, to the cherubic face, as he spoke bluntly, "You remember what Doctor Sands told us?"

Doctor Sands sighed as he spoke, "I do have a small bad news, Kevin," at which the raven and brunette recoiled a little fearfully.


"Well, from the second week onwards, the two of you cannot have sex."

"WHAT?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" Kevin stood up, his hands slapping on the table, his eyes wild. Sands looked calmly at Ben, who caught Kevin's waist and tugged him down, to his chair. Once seated, Kevin groaned as he raked his fingers through his black hair, "Oh cmon! Not again! I just get the liberty after the virus drama, and now THIS?!"

The doctor smiled apologetically, "Ah, I am sorry for you, Kevin, but since Ben's pregnancy is a rare and special kind, we cannot risk the factors. Even though the foetus is developing at a rate faster than a human's, there is chance that copulation will damage it. The stress on the body during copulation can harm the child as well. I am really sorry, but you will have to wait another three months till you can ravish Ben with your sperms again."

"Three months?!" Kevin groaned, his eyes rolling back in his eye sockets, and Ben gave out a squeal when the Osmosian, and the chair he sat on, flipped backwards on the floor.

Kevin sighed. Ben had daintily pressed his finger to his chin, and gave out a giggle, "Oh yeah, that we can't have sex?"

"Yeah, that," Kevin grumbled at the nasty concept of it, toying with the soda can, "And with you walking around like this," he brandished his soda can at the slim brunette's lack of proper covering, "It's really hard work to keep off from throwing you on this bed right here, and taking you, now, on the spot."

"Oh?" Ben looked down at himself, and chuckled mirthfully at his near-to-nude-ness, "Sorrie!"

Seeing Kevin's dark look as the brown eyes stared at the wall rather than at him, Ben sighed, "I bet you're comparing this situation with what you had to face when I was a Vulphorous?"

Kevin's eyes snapped back to him, "What, so now you read minds too?!"

Ben gave out a silvery laugh, his hands on his effeminate hips, his shoulders shaking, legs parted. Once he was done laughing his head off, he then looked at Kevin whose eyes were on Ben's hips. Then his green eyes noticed Kevin's folded legs that probably hid a tightness caused by the brunette.

Kevin didn't notice the alluring grin Ben gave his way. Walking rather slyly up to the sitting raven, making Kevin look up from the torso, Ben stood right in front of him, and grinned down at him, his green eyes flashing like pools of poison, "Hehe, I can't read minds, but..." he bent a little, placing his hands on either of Kevin's shoulders, while the raven looked up at him in awe-inspired curiosity.

"... But I can tell, when it comes to you, Kevin."

Kevin absentmindedly smacked his parched lips.

Ben leaned more forward, the heels of his palms digging into Kevin's shoulder in a hint for him to ease back. Kevin let himself be pushed back and he lay down, while his legs unfolded themselves and were still dangling off the edges with feet planted on the floor.

Ben climbed on him on all fours; palms on the bed on either side of Kevin's head; knees on the bed on either side of Kevin's waist; not removing his hypnotising green eyes from Kevin's brown ones as he spoke, "And look on the bright side, Kevin," he salaciously placed one hand on Kevin's pecs, "Unlike when I was a Vulphorous, we can kiss and stuff. It's just like," his hand trailed lazily down the chiselled muscles, watching the look on Kevin's face change in deepening lust, "...its just like sex that's without sex but only foreplay."

Kevin's lips twisted into a pleased smirk, even as his eyes clouded with desire, "True..." his hands twitched from his sides to grip the small petite frame, but he kept them restrained for some masochist reason that washed over him. Yeah, Ben easily messes up his desires.

"So let me be of service to you, to make up for all the torture,..." the brunette's voice whispered from above him, his breath gently ghosting over his face. Ben's full lips pushed out to make the most deviously seductive smile Kevin had seen in his lifetime.

"Woah..." Kevin breathed, his eyes almost wide as he gazed at the brunette. He had been worried what the new hormones were doing to Ben during his pregnant condition, but now he realised whatever they were doing, bring it on!

His thoughts then exploded to bits of nothingness when the slim fingers of Ben's roaming hand hooked into the waistband on Kevin's jeans, thumb precariously rubbing over the prominent bulge under it.


Gwen happily walked up to the bedroom door of Kevin's room. As she approached it she heard some sounds from inside, but chose to ignore it. Unwittingly, she pushed open the door.

"Errrkkkk...Aaahh... fuck, Ben!..aahhh..."

Her jade eyes widened in shock of the spectacle, the colours draining off her face to replace it with deepening shades of red. Her hand slapped to her mouth at her first live view of a blow job.

Ben removed his mouth from you-know-where, turning his drooling face to the door, as did Kevin (who had gone half blind and really breathless) raised himself on his elbows to look at the door.

Gwen's eyelids twitched. "Ubb, uhh, ukkk... ss-sorry, I mean, I didn't, I shouldda knocked, I udhhh... sorry!" she stammered, quickly slamming the door shut and pressing her back to it from the outside, taking deep breaths to calm her racing heartbeat. She didn't know whether she was more disgusted because it was her cousin and her ex-boyfriend, or excited because she was a yaoi-fangirl.

Looking rather petrified and thrilled, she stared off into space, letting her burning cheeks cool themselves. Then, shuddering gently, she walked away a few metres, but froze when she heard Julie come up the stairs, from the opposite side of the corridor. Spinning around on her heels, Gwen's mouth fell open when she saw Julie with her hand already on the door handle of the raven's bedroom, obviously unaware of what was on the other side.

"No! Julie stop!" Gwen jumped, grabbing her best friend by the pink sweater-clad arm and pushing her against the wall, and pressing smack against her in the effort to deter any more movements.

"What?! I just wanted to see Be-" Julie started, but Gwen put a finger on her own lips and shook her head whilst whispering, "No, you better not go in there!"

"But wh-" and Gwen interrupted her again, mouthing the word 'fellatio' at which, the Asian's brown slanted eyes went as wide as their tiny size could, and her pink rose-bud lips turned into a cute 'o'.

Gwen pulled back, and they looked at each other's red-stained faces. And the next moment, they burst into hushed giggles of gossipers, holding each other's hands. The excitement of having caught two guys doing 'that' was more, than the disgust of having caught two persons doing... 'that'.

"Oh, not fair! You got to see!" Julie pouted, at which Gwen felt guilty, "Oh cmon, not like I chose to!"

"But you did see!" Julie pouted further. Gwen chewed her lips in thought, as Julie scrunched her eyes cutely, wringing her fingers in a 'pretty pleeeeease' fashion.

"Oh, ok!" the rosette gave in. Turning to the bedroom door that hid the devilishly thrilling scene, she braced herself, and placed her right hand on in. Chanting a spell under her breath, a swirl of soft pink light formed around her palm and she removed her hand away slowly. The whirlpooling swirl turned in an oval shape and revealed what was happening within the room. Like, in live.

"OH MY GOD!" Julie gaped.

Now that her friend had a moment's peep, Gwen scrunched her right palm into a fist and the oval shape disappeared. Turning to ask Julie the opinion, Gwen's eyes went wide to see Julie slumped on the floor in a faint.


Towards the end of First month :

Ben smiled as he sat up from his short afternoon nap. Yawning like a bear, he happily trotted off the bed and walked into the bathroom to wash his face.

He hummed softly as he rolled up the sleeves of the grey sweatshirt of Kevin's which he wore, that was too sizes too big for him. Exactly why he had chosen it, of course, given it was large and warm, and smelt of Kevin. It was more than enough attire for bed, so much so that he had worn nothing under it but his boxers.

He turned on the faucet and cupped his hands under the steady strong stream, and splashed the water onto his face like he had seen models do in face-wash commercials. Grinning at his drenched reflection of a face, he turned off the faucet and absentmindedly grabbed the towel he knew was there all too well. Wiping off his face, he stood back and looked at his face in the mirror again.

Somewhat of a glow on his face told him he was his usual self. Although, his lips were fuller than usual, but that could just be Kevin tugging on them with his own, all the time. And his greens eyes were same, although Ben suspected his eyelashes were growing a little longer, but that could just be his overboard imagination. But the rest of his face was normal. Cheeks that were so used to blushing all the time. A nose that when he scrunched, Kevin said, had made his heart wring when they had been just frenemies. Perfectly angled cheekbones, not-too-clefted jaws, small ears, bratty brown hair that Kevin loved to slick back and at times ruffle, both equally.

Ben hummed again. Everything about him had 'Kevin' written all over it. And he was happy about it too.

A soft but strained exhalation startled the hero. It was not himself; it came from his right. Turning, Ben blinked to see a Kevin stand in the shower, leaning against the white tiled wall, feet crossed at the ankle, with a white towel draped suggestively around his waist. Ben tried not to fancy was what underneath it.

"Hi," Ben smiled, as if trying to say 'you didn't scare me.'

Kevin gave him a wide grin, "Hi, to you too."

"Hiding in the shower? What are you, a pining schoolboy?!" Ben chuckled, putting his hands at his hips smartly.

Kevin's eye flashed dangerously, even as a smirk leaked into his grin, "Naw, I was just finishing up a nice shower, when Sleepy-Head decides to freshen up. I gotta admit, you are way cuter when you don't even try to be."

Ben peered at him with one green eye, pouting. Tilting up his chin at him vainly, Ben spoke, "Well, I can be cuter if I want!"

"Oh, please no...," Kevin sighed, placing a wet palm on his wet bare chest where his heart beat, ",...there's only so much that this guy can take before you kill him with your cuteness..."

Ben grinned eagerly, reaching out to him, "C'mere, you charmer!"


Kevin grinned.

Given the fact that he could never be in Ben's presence without either suffocating him with kisses or grinding him to the walls; he liked how they stood now, in front of that full mirror again, Ben standing in front of him, back pressed to his chiselled chest, small ass to his groin. Both of them spent a quiet time simply gazing at the shiny reflective surface that showed them clearly from top to bottom; the difference in height, the difference in muscle density, Kevin's pale skin to Ben's tanner one, the black mane and the brown locks, deep chocolate brown eyes half lidded in satisfied passion and contentment, and glittery green eyes wide in joyous curiosity. Large muscular arms wound gently around the slimmer form with the hands locked at the tummy, while thin bony hands clutched the bigger wrists softly. The taller teen's chin propped on the smaller shoulders.

Kevin's hands ever so slightly happened to brush over Ben's tummy, and he shifted in alarm. Ben looked over his shoulder, to see Kevin looking down. Ben looked down too, "What?"

"Look! Its visible!"

Surely, the slightly awkward bulge was visible through Ben's shirt. Even without a question, Kevin's hand pulled up the hem of the black shirt to Ben's collarbones. Peering over Ben's shoulder, he grinned, "Well, wouldjya look at that! The kids growing up!"

Ben laughed gently, and then scrunched his nose, "It's moving again!"

"Really?" Kevin mused in fascination, wondering what it was like to be a guy carrying a child. "Does it hurt?"

"Nope," Ben answered peacefully, "I suddenly just thought... would it be a boy or a girl?"

"I dunno; males have both the X and Y chromosomes; so if my X bonded with your Y or the other way around, we'd have a son; and if my X bonded with your X, we'd have a daughter. So, both genders are equally possible."

Ben chuckled in reply. Kevin raised his eyebrows, his face moving as Ben's shoulders moved while he chuckled. "Whats so funny?", Kevin asked, looking back at the mirror and admiring Ben's cute face.

"You just sounded like Gwen!"

"Oh, the horror," Kevin smirked, rolling his eyes. A few moments of silence later, Ben asked, "What would you prefer?"


"I mean, a daughter, or a son?"

Kevin chose a few moments of pensive thought. Then he answered, "I dunno; whatever gender it is, it's my child and I will just love it all I can."

"Just your child?" Ben looked over his shoulder, shooting him a long look of slitted green eyes narrowed in a glare.

Kevin giggled nervously, "Oopsie, I meant our child...I guess I should give you credit for the job of carrying it, right?"

"Ya think?!" Ben snorted, making Kevin lean in and kiss him on the cheek. Ben felt much better then.

"However..." Kevin mused, making Ben look over his shoulder again, and he opened his mouth to ask 'what about?' but he stopped when Kevin lifted his Omnitrix-wearing wrist. Careful not to touch the gadget as such in case he erupted into a mutant like last time (from which Gwen had rid him difficultly but successfully), Kevin poked on the top to wake it from its sleep mode. Blinking a green that radiated in the same hue as the green eyes staring at what Kevin was doing, the raven called out, "Omnitrix, activate internal scan of host."

Ben blinked. The Omnitrix answered back coolly in Ben's voice, "Initiating bipolar internal scan."

Kevin snickered. He always thought the Omnitrix sounded sexy with Ben's voice like that. Made him glad he was not paraphilic or he would have somehow managed to morph it into a humanoid and fucked it senseless. Yikes.

"Internal scans complete. Awaiting instructions to proceed." The voice spoke again, making Kevin grin at his perverted thoughts.

"Output result of scan," Kevin ordered, while the wielder himself stared between the two like a child watching a tennis match.

"No health hazards found. No fatal DNA sequences found. One underdeveloped organic form found. Awaiting instructions to proceed."

Kevin tightened his lips, at his kid being referred to as an 'underdeveloped organic form' but being the factual person he was, he knew that the Omnitrix was absolutely right.

Kevin caught Ben glancing at him. He nodded, "Yup, that's our baby growing in you." Ben's face lit up in a big smile.

"Is it a boy or a girl?" Ben asked eagerly. Kevin sighed. Being just a sixteen year old teenager who had as much love for biology as he had for history, (which was nil, by the way), Kevin understood that Ben would keep forgetting it was too early to predict, although this was a supernatural foetus.

"Want me to ask your Omny-poo?" Kevin grinned, making Ben pout at the name. Kevin took that as a 'yes' and turned to the hand he held near his face.

"Omnitrix, activate gender analysis of underdeveloped organic form."

"Initiating gender analysis." Again, Kevin's perverted mind ticked and whirred, stopping only when he realised that Ben seemed to have guessed what the raven was thinking.

A few seconds later, the Omnitrix spoke coolly, "Gender analysis failed. Unable to indentify gender due to multiple DNA barring. Scan recommended to a later time. Awaiting instructions to proceed."

Kevin turned to Ben with a smooth smile, "Now, do you believe me?"

"Unknown command." The Omnitrix answered, making Kevin roll his eyes at it, "I wasn't talking to you!"

"Unknown command." It repeated, making Ben laugh. Kevin rolled his eyes again, tapping the top of the gadget making it fall asleep as a hypnotist puts his patient into a slumber.

"So, as I was saying... ?"

"Yeah, I get it now, the kid's not grown up yet, and the 'multiple DNA thing' is probably all the DNA sequences protecting the child from the scan because the scan may be dangerous to it,'" Ben sighed, leaning back against the strong body that held him gently but firmly.

Kevin chuckled, nuzzling against the slim neck, "Now you sound like Gwen."

"Oh, the horror," Ben replied smartly. Kevin released his fingers from around Ben's Omnitrix-wrist and caught the brunette's chin instead. Angling it towards him in a convenient position, Kevin kissed him. Ben kissed him back lovingly, while they maintained their pose of ass-to-groin, infront of the mirror that reflected their passionate act without a snitch. For a moment, their pose resembled that of Jack Dawson's and Rose DeWitt Bukater's from that famous Titanic scene, where they stood at the tippity-top of the ship's nose.

Sniffling from behind the door, which was cracked open a teensy bit for them to peek, Gwen and Julie watched, and listened to, the soon-to-be-daddies.

"Aw, they're so cute together, I could die!" Julie sniffled again, clutching tighter to Gwen's arm. Gwen nodded, brushing a tear off under her lashes, "My thoughts exactly! We'll spoil our god-baby to death, Julie; yes we will!" her eyes sparkled in affection as she continued to stare at a sight she never would have even dreamed to happen several months ago when Kevin stepped out of a green Camero, appearing for the first time in five years, with a taught look across his bad-boy face. Or when Kevin had replied to Ben's hand, outstretched for a shake, with a cold glare of negation.

"Life and love, both change like tides," Gwen mused quietly.

Meanwhile, Kevin lifted his lips off the full ones when he detected from the corner of his eyes a slanting shadow, appropriately two, moving on the floor. Smiling, he lifted his head off the smaller shoulder while Ben looked up as if to demand why he had broken the kiss.

"Alright girls, that's enough snooping for one day, come out; we have stuff to discuss!" Kevin called out over his shoulder. Ben looked surprised as he craned his head in the direction Kevin was looking. Two figures slid into the room with sheepish looks on their faces.

"Hehe... sorry," Gwen giggled, and straightened the white collar of her shirt. Julie bowed in her traditional Japanese way of an apology.

Kevin laughed at them, waving his hand forward, gesturing them to quit the apologies and come over. Ben turned, pulling the hem of his black shirt lower, blushing, "I think I should wear some pants for a change..."

"Well, thats what you get for always taking them off!" Kevin laughed, "Especially not caring when you have two peeky owls and one hornatious partner!"

Gwen grinned in agreement. Uttering a Latin spell, she merely swished her glowing hand, and the blue jeans that sat on the bed flew magically to Ben, and the next moment, Ben was wearing them even before he could blink.

"Cool!" he stared down at himself.

"Coming to matters," Julie spoke, making the three turn to her sincere and solemn face, "Now that the baby bump is visible, shouldn't we inform Max?"

Gwen nodded, turning to Kevin, "And then go to Carl and Sandra."

Ben tensed gently from Kevin's casual hand-around-waist grasp. Kevin cuddled him closer, "What, you scared, Tennyson?"


Max, Ben and Kevin stood calmly in the dining room. A single counter separated it from the kitchen. Sandra and Carl stood in the kitchen side, while the other three stood in the dining side, with the counter between them.

Carl and Sandra would at times glance at Kevin, who despite his 'roguish charm', evidently haloed a glow of mature austereness, rather than the bland 'dont-give-a-fuck-about-nothing' sort of look that teenager usually give in serious matters. Ten points to Levin!

The two Tennyson parents had been delighted when their son showed up in their doorstep, unfazed by the oddly rare fact that he had buttoned his green jacket at the tummy. But their glee turned to poorly disguised worry when Max's mountainous form stood behind him, and Kevin's brawny muscled structure stood to his left side. Like sentinels protecting a fragile glass sculpture prince.

And now, in the house, there was just an awkward silence.

"So, dad, what's up?" Carl asked Max, scratching the back of his neck, nervously. Sandra bit her lip, "I hope it's nothing serious, like that world is going to end or a meteor is going to strike; and my baby boy needs to risk his ..."

Ben blushed, "Mom, please!" and Kevin fought a smile so badly, he nearly growled.

Max laughed, "No, no, Sandra, it's nothing that horrible. Just that we need your permission as Ben's parents to let us take him off Earth for a bit."

"Outside Earth?" Sandra looked wide-eyed. She contrasted her family with a typical average normal one, where usually the grandparent asks their sons and daughter if they could borrow their grandkid for a camping out city.

Carl spoke, "What's happened?"

"Nothing much," Max shifted on his feet, considering it not very role-model-ish to be lying to his grown-up son and daughter-in-law, "Ben needs to be present for this very important and secretive mission, and we need him outside of Earth for that."

"Can't it be done from here? You're a Judge Plumber, aren't you?"

"I think you mean 'Magister'," Max corrected Sandra, "And no, unfortunately, we need to take Ben over there. It's a planet a bit far off Milky Way Galaxy. Important hero-stuff."

He watched the two, who obviously unfamiliar with the alien world, were absorbing the information, and hence easily buying it.

"Ben's going alone?" Sandra asked, at which Carl shook his head, "No, honey, clearly he said 'we' and 'us', meaning he's going too, right, Dad?"

"Yes, of course, I have to," Max nodded. He knew that as a part of the plan, while Ben andkevin remain hidden in the protected Levin house, he would have to remain on hiatus to pretend to be off Earth.

"How long will he be there, hanging in space?!" Sandra put her next anxious question forward. Kevin nearly wondered whether having parents was as troublesome, but he quickly cleared his mind.

"Sandra..." Max sighed with a smile, "Firstly, Ben will not be 'hanging in space' if that's what you fear, and secondly,... um, he will be gone for two months." Exact amount of time for Ben to birth the child.

"Two months!" the two parents gasped. Sandra then looked lost as she spoke, "Ben's high school starts next week! He will be missing all his studies! As much as we are proud he is saving the world for us, I don't want him to lag behind educationally!"

Carl nodded in agreement.

Ben spoke this time, "Mom, it's ok! Gwen and Julie offered to take down the notes and stuff for me," which was true in every word of the two loving soon-to-be-god-mothers, "And with their help, I'll catch up with my studies in no time! You know how brainy Gwen is and how good Julie is at teaching!"

Sandra nodded off in a haze, probably still contemplating sending her baby boy into the never-ending abyss of the Universe. Pity she never knew how many times he had been there without her permission; frolicked and shook hands with Death, Fear and Fate; and returned in one piece.

"Mom, I'll be ok," Ben spoke softly in a reassuring tone. Carl and Sandra smiled, before the smile just fell off the woman's face as she realised something, "Wait, Gwen and Julie aren't accompanying you to Space?"

Max replied, "No. Its Ben's presence that's necessary there, Sandra. So, it's just me, Ben and Kevin."

At the sound of the last name, the two parents flicked their eyes to the tall raven, who gave them his most polite smile, without making himself look like an idiotic dork at the same time. Carl nodded at Kevin in acceptance. Sandra blinked at him a moment longer without saying anything. Kevin realised that a lot of things were whirring and gearing inside the woman's head. She was maybe even analysing his friendship with Ben, the distance he stood from him, the way they spoke to each other or as such, enough to consider whether he was a problem to her Benny boy, or not.

Kevin thought, Benji probably inherited her thinking sense.

She narrowed her aged eyes ever so slightly at him, such that no one except the recipient would notice.

Or not.

"So, you guys agree with me going?" Ben asked in anticipation. They had to agree, or he would be forced to have Gwen knock them both out and spell them with a Forget Everything Spell or Obey Me Spell or something.

Sandra looked at Carl, her face tensed and clenched, probably going to voice her anxiety. Carl however, gave her a long cool look as if to remind her their conversation days ago.

He is a special kid. So we must be his special parents.

Sandra understood. Her face cleared, as she turned to her son with a pleasant smile. Kevin internally commented that she actually looked pretty smiling like that.

"Well, since Dad is with you, and you have Kevin as well," she glanced at the ruffian who reflected the blank look back at her, "I think, Carl and I agree you should go."

Carl nodded, wearing a similar smile. This time, for half a second, Kevin was suddenly struck with the resemblance of the way the man's lips formed his smile, with how Ben used to. The raven quickly regained his balance in the next half second.

"Aw; mom, dad, thanks!" Ben beamed, reaching out to touch both their hands in appreciation. He did want to hug them so bad, but he feared that if he did, they, especially Sandra, would feel the bulge growing in him. No, not the one he got in his pants when he saw Kevin, but the one he had on his stomach.

And so he couldn't hug them. Carl and Sandra merely took his lack of a hug as the usual teenager's want to keep a space of privacy as they grew up.

Smiling, Max sighed, "Well, then, Ben is going to get packing today. I have to go as well, a few things to take care you see," namely preparing the Plumbers Kids for their patrol and managing Gwen put up the protective invisibility spell for Kevin's home, "So, shall we, Ben?"

Ben nodded, before gingerly kissing each of his parents on the cheek. Sandra stroked him on the head, saying in her motherly way, "Now be really careful, don't exert too much of yourself, ok? Keep your guard up and be a wary of everything. And remember, peace is much better than violence!"

Ben sighed, "Yeah, if only the aliens knew that too, it'd be a whole lot easier."

Although her advice was not of much use considering he was going to give birth to a child rather than to a war, he still kept her words in his heart for the next time Vilgax, or such, decide to drop in and serenade through Bellwood with alien invasions.

Soon, the three hero figures walked out of the Tennyson home, and into the green Camero parked outside.

"Why do I feel a bit guilty?" Ben muttered to himself.

- End of Chapter -

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