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Guy slowed down as the village came into sight. He landed on the soft earth with a gentle thud.

There had been times during the night when Rose had twitched or sighed, but other than that she had slept peacefully during the entire trip.

He lept over the tall fence made of massive logs with ease, landing silently on a roof. Nobody noticed him as he sped towards the far ends of the village.

He landed soundlessly at the doorstep of his home. "Its been a while..." he mused to himself as he walked inside and gently shut the door behind him.

Rose muttered something softly in her sleep and shifted. He set her down on his bed, tilting her head so that her wound was facing up. He gently removed the bandage he had tied around the wound, lifting her head a bit, trying not to wake her up.

The cut was just above her ear. He brushed her hair away from the wound and inspected it. It was about an inch or two long, and had begun to form a scab. He grabbed a box of medical supplies from his closet. Years of training had made him a decent nurse, what with all the cuts and bruises that came with it.

"I told you not to do it..." He mused as he cleaned the cut. "But you just had to go and be a hero. Why?"

He placed a square of gauze neatly on her wound and began to wind a bandage around her head, taking care to not get her hair caught.

"You knew it was a suicide mission... why would you throw your life away like that?"

Cutting off the excess bandage, he placed a clasp on the end and neatly finished dressing her wound. He gently placed a pillow under her head, a thousand questions about the mysterious gypsy swarming in his mind. But they'd have to wait. He brushed her hair out of her eyes and left, closing the door as quietly as possible.

He took a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to concentrate on his meditation but finding it surprisingly hard to do.

Try as he might to clear his mind, thoughts uncontrollably popped into his head. And strangely they were all about...

"Hey, so who was that girl you brought here yesterday?"

Guy jumped a little at the sound of the unexpected voice. He got up and looked at the visitor with his trademark scowl.

"Its very rude to barge into somebody's home that way, Ibuki."

She rolled her eyes and gave him a mocking frown. "We're ninjas. Its what we do for a living, dummy."

He grit his teeth a little and stared her down. "How did you know about Rose?" He growled.

Ibuki's eyes opened with excitement. "Oh, its HER?! That gypsy lady with the weird glowing things?" She started to look around the room. "Is she here? Is she dead? Did they hire you to assassinate her? What did you do with the body? Oh man, I sure hope you didn-"

A hand clasped over Ibuki's mouth before she could finish. "Be quiet! Ibuki, this is VERY serious. You can't let ANYBODY in the village know that she's here. Promise me that you won't let it slip."

She gave a little nod and he let her go. "Good. Now get out." He went back to the center of the room and sat down, closing his eyes and trying to clear his mind.

He sat there for a few minutes, breathing slowly, until he finally hung his head and sighed. "What do you want, Ibuki?"

She dropped down from the ceiling and landed on her knees, her hands clasped together in front of her face. "PLEEEEEASE tell me what happened!"

He looked at her for a few second and then put his hand over his face. "I'm not going to get rid of you if I don't tell you, am I?"

"Nope." She smiled. Guy resisted the urge to pick her up by the scruff of her shirt and fling her out the window. Still, he felt it might help calm his mind if somebody else knew. He sat up and thought back to the last few days.

"After assuring that Seth was defeated" He began, "I noticed that Bison hadn't been seen or head from for a while. I found him in the outskirts of the Aokigahara forest. He had injured Rose badly and was about to take her to some unknown place. I managed to save her, but I had to let Bison get away. She's recovering at the moment. I need to know what information she has on Bison so he can be eliminated as soon as possible." Guy looked up at Ibuki, who was looking more alert than ever.

"Ooooh. So That's why you have her here." She nodded, stroking her chin thoughtfully. "Still, I have a little question." She said, giving him a sideways glance.

He got up and walked towards his room, wondering how Rose was doing. "And what would that be?"

"How did you know where to find Bison?"

He stopped and turned his head to the side. How HAD he known? Now that he thought of it, he'd traveled directly to the forest without even knowing if Bison would be there.

"I..." He said, his voice trailing off a bit. "I don't know. I had a hunch, I guess."

Ibuki tilted her head and gave a little smile. "A hunch, huh?" She got up and skipped over to Guy, giving him a pat on the back. "Well, I'm bored now. I'll be off! I'm sure you have a lot of things to take care of. Training, boring ninja stuff, your extensive sneaker collection..."

He turned around to give her a rap on the head but she had jumped out the window, her giggling as she bounded onto a tree branch and disappeared into the dense forest that hid the village.

He shook his head and turned back to the door. Just as he was sure she was gone, a kunai with a note attached to it lodged into the doorframe.

He looked out the window ruefully and opened the note. It read:

Heya! Hope Rose gets better soon! Your secret's safe with me!

Don't do anything I wouldn't do! ;D

-Love, Ibuki.

Guy felt his face heat up as he balled up the note and threw it in the trash. He'd have to remember to smack Ibuki upside the head next time he saw her.

"Why would she ever think that we'd do something like that? I mean, we're... she's not..." he thought, realizing that he was having a hard time opening the door.

He stopped himself, took a deep breath, and knocked gently. "Rose?" He said, "May I come in?" There was no answer. "Ah... still asleep..."

He opened the door quietly and knelt by Rose's side, inspecting her wounds and changing any bandages that had to be changed. She seemed to have moved in her sleep because her hair was mussed up over her eyes. He felt the tug of a smile as he reached out to brush a lock of hair out of her face.

He stopped himself an inch from her face and slowly retracted his hand. "What are you doing?" He chided himself, gazing at the floor. He pulled his arm back and got up, setting his face back into its regular stern self.

As he left, a rustle of sheets and a little sigh made him turn around a little faster than he would have liked. "Mmmhn... what... what happe..."

Rose rubbed her eyes and stretched, looking at her surroundings with a sleepy yet bewildered expression.

"Wha... G-Guy?"

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