Warning: Slash! Smart! Darkish! Strong! Harry. Basically harry is going to be out of character.

Parings: Harry/Sebastian

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A warm breeze swept through the large field making the various flowers and grass sway, the sun unhindered by clouds shone brightly down upon the earth warming it to just the right temperature. One lone tree stood bravely in the field being the only shade available for the young boy as he slept against it. A slender leg covered by black pants was pressed to his lean white cloth concealed chest while the other lay peacefully on the ground. His face was one of complete calm as soft breaths came from slightly parted lips a slight smile on his elfin features.

Startlingly green eyes that seemed to glow snapped open moments before a crack resounded throughout the field disturbing the peace. Though his face was calm and didn't show emotion one could see the annoyance in the boys eyes as he turned toward the figure that was standing a few yards away.

"You know very well not to disturb me at this time Severus. What is it that you want?"

Severus' hands clenched to fists though his face showed nothing as dark almost black eyes locked with his own, silent fury swirling in the depths.

"The Dark Lord has requested your presence Lord Potter."

A finely sculpted eye brow rose slightly as the young lord accessed the man in front of him, eyes showing amusement at the older man's anger. He knew very well that Severus would not speak against him, though his clear dislike for his rivals look alike was very obvious.

"Hmm? What ever for?"

"He did not say Lord Potter, but he did mention he wanted you to come immediately."

The young lord sighed in exasperation before in one fluid and graceful movement he stood, appearing to be roughly between 5 and 6 feet tall, unfortunately shorter than most male teenagers his age. Raven locks that framed his face shifted gently as he glanced up to the cloudless sky seeming to be lost in thought.

"Very well."

At the clear dismissal Severus bowed slightly and disappeared in as quickly as he came if not quicker, clearly wanting to be rid of his company.

"How troublesome."

Bare feet hit the marble floor as Harry strolled down the hallway undoubtedly at ease and in no hurry as he walked through the Castle like house, not even glancing at the expensive paintings that were passed. He stifled the urge to growl in annoyance at The Dark Lords paranoia, really, one would think after finally taking over the magical community and riding of the 'Dirty Blood' within it he would just leave the Muggles alone.


Instead of just keeping a distance from the Muggles so that they wouldn't even get a so much as a sniff that magic was even moderately real, like he would do, The Dark Lord wanted him to find some psychotic angel and eliminate it.

An angel!

He was far from not believing that angels were real since Vampires, werewolves and the like were real why not angels? What troubled him was that not only were angels supposed to be pure beings from heaven, defiantly not psychotic, but he guessed since they were basically made by God would deem them as very powerful. How in the world was one to go about killing an angel? He didn't doubt his power, since he was the right hand man of The Dark Lord, no what he doubted was how to defeat it. Why was it always him who did the odd jobs?

Harry stopped at a large window overlooking the property; he brushed his hand through his ear length locks in thought trying to form a plan, if he remembered correctly there was a retired grim reaper somewhere around London called the Undertaker who could possibly give him some leads on this angel. Harry resisted the urge to dance in glee at the prospect of his job getting easier, this was one of the reasons why he was on The Dark Lords side, instead of rejecting anything that seemed 'dark' like the light, his Lord simply accepted everyone as long as they didn't go on any killing sprees and start slaughtering the wizarding folk.

Shaking his head to stop his inner ramblings, he really did that too much; Harry reached forward and opened the window enjoying the warm breeze that came in.

"Haa… I guess I should get going…"

With that Harry promptly jumped out the window before disappearing in a loud crack.

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