Soul Searching

by Quillusion

Here is a brief summary of the story, for those of you who can't decide whether or not you want to go to or Whispers to read it. Like all summaries, the challenge is to give readers an idea of what to expect without ruining the plot; I would rather fall short than go over, so here it is. This story contains romance, intrigue, some physical conflict, humor, and adult material. I do hope you choose to read it! --Q

Molly Weasley is ill, and her son Ron has found a way to help her. But he needs Hermione Granger's help, because it involves a potion he doesn't know how to make. But the main ingredient in the potion- part of a human soul- is hard to come by, and when she sets out to steal it from Professor Snape's storeroom, Hermione sets in motion a chain of events that will take her from the dungeons to the Burrow and beyond, to Stonehenge and to the very stronghold of Voldemort himself, to learn about the strength that wells from the bones of the earth- and from the heart of a man who believes he has little left to give.