Soul Searching

by Quillusion

August 31, 2003

Greetings, gentles all!

Thank you for stopping in to read Soul Searching! The work is, in fact, complete. Due to the ratings issues on and the rather patchy application thereof, I have long since removed most of Soul Searching from this site and have loaded it myself in two others. I am now removing the last chapters of it from and posting this in its place to redirect you. I have heard from many people wanting to read the entire thing over, or looking for the end (or the beginning) and I would like to make it fully available once again. For those of you who have also been looking for The Gift Horse, it can be found at WIKTT below and will likely be added to as well. Please review at these sites, or email me at quillusion to let me know what you think!

The first site is , where the story is posted in its entirety as it appeared here on as I wrote it. Formatting seems a little different due to the use of Storyline software, but the story is there, complete with a couple of errors in the text I haven't fixed yet. :-) It has come to my attention that a fully written out URL flags some kind of filter and does not get posted on , so type the usual http in front and then paste this in: ?no=7111 There are no 'w's in front of it. This is the URL listed in the summary.

The second site is Whispers, WIKTT. The site does seem to move a lot, and many people have reported difficulty getting onto it, but it's there. The URL, at least at the moment, is (thepotionsmaster dot net / whispers / story dot php ? no = 111 again with no 'w's or spaces.

I'm working on my own site at .net but haven't got it up yet. Stay tuned!

Also, there is a discussion site called Secrets and Lies which has most of the fic, but not all of it. It doesn't appear to have been updated in a while. Further, the posts are in two-chapter blocks, and the disclaimers don't all parse properly with the chapters. But the meat is there. It can be found on geocities with the addition of /visit_ to the end of the usual address for geocities. won't let me load the beginning of this URL.

Thanks to everyone who has read, reviewed, and encouraged me. If you like the story, please do tell me. I have works in progress but haven't mustered the energy to polish and post; reviews have a way of sparking the remaining fire back to life. Email with questions or comments to quillusion .