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"Allen-kun!" Lenalee called, running to hug him with tears in her eyes. "Allen-kun, you're back."

"Lenalee." Allen smiled. "I'm back." He whispered, so only she could hear him.

"Che." Kanda scoffed.

"Yeah, nice to see you too, BaKanda." He muttered.

After finding a spot where they could rest for a while, Allen went over to see Lenalee. He had missed her most, seeing as she never called him Moyashi or anything of the sort.

"Allen-kun!" She smacked the side of his face. "We… we thought you were dead!" There were tears going down both sides of her face as she remembered how she felt when she had heard. "And then the Noah, Tyki Mikk, he said you weren't… not yet, but we still wouldn't see you. How do you think that felt?!" Allen could feel teardrops running down his own face, too. "But, you're back, Allen-kun! You're back…"

Allen pulled her into a hug. "It'll be alright, Lenalee. I'm here now."

Then, this giant pentacle appeared on the ground and it pulled Lenalee and Allen into it. Lavi slipped into it, and pulled Krory into it with him and Kanda ran into it, with Chaoji following behind. (A/N: I think that was the order… haven't watched it in a while.)

They all fell and landed on top of Allen, who was currently trying to protect Lenalee from the merciless bodies dropping from the sky.

"What just happened?" Lavi asked, his brain trying to process what was happening.

"We fell through a hole in the ground, baka usagi." Kanda che'd him

"Get off me, lero!" an exploding mad pink umbrella was squashed on the ground.

"It was you!" Allen, Lavi, and Krory accused Lero.

Before they could yell any more accusations at Lero, a giant purple balloon of the Millennium Earl appeared.

"Welcome to my lovely Ark, Exorcists!" it said. "I hope you can enjoy your stay here because it won't be a long one. This ark will be destroyed in about 3 hours, and there is no way out!" It started cackling madly, and then popped

"Hello, Exorcists." Tyki said as he magically appeared out of nowhere.

"Swirly glasses!" exclaimed Allen, Lavi, and Krory. Tyki was in his white form so they didn't recognize him, at least not as a Noah. They more or less recognized him as the guy that Allen had cheated a while ago in poker, after they had met Krory.

"Eh, is that my name?" he asked, a bit confused. Then, he started transforming into his Noah form. His glasses slid through his head and landed on the ground, while his skin turned an ashen color with cross marks on his forehead. "Let me formally introduce myself then. I am Tyki Mikk, Noah of Pleasure, although you probably already knew that."

To say everyone was a bit shocked would be an understatement. To add to their confusion, he pulled out a bronze key. "This key will take you out of this ark. It is the only way. Just put it in any door and it'll lead you to the top, and Road's door." He threw the key to Allen, who caught it. "Good luck, shounen." And then he disappeared into the ground.

Eventually, after much discussion they had decided to trust him. Everyone except for Kanda. But, then again, Kanda didn't trust anyone, so it's nothing new.

"Rock, paper, scissors!" That was how they were deciding on who would put the key in a door. Allen lost because, well you can't really cheat in rock, paper, scissors, now can you?

He put the key in the nearest door, and it promptly burst into a different pattern, with light blue in the background and rainbow and butterfly designs.

"Stop standing around and get your ass through the door, Moyashi." Kanda scoffed.

Allen's face dimmed a bit, which was quite the feat as he was already quite down from losing at rock, paper, scissors. Somehow, Kanda always managed to ruin his day with that name he'd given Allen. "My name is Allen, BaKanda!"


"Oh, sorry, I forgot you just can't remember it, can you?"

"Stop fighting you two!" said Lenalee.

Kanda and Allen glared at each other for a bit after, but finally, Allen gave in and opened the door.

They entered a room with rocks littered in random places, and they were big rocks. The ceiling was a dark blue with stars and rainbows on it, and the walls had the same pattern. Closer to the exit, the Noah of Wrath, Skinn Boric stood, looking a bit bored.

"I'll take him." Kanda said immediately. "He's been after my general." He stated, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"I'll stay too!" Allen offered.

"I'll be damned if I get stuck here with you, Moyashi." Kanda scoffed, unsheathing Mugen. (A/N: I really love having Kanda scoff.)

"Oi, Yuu-chan, don't be like that!" Lavi said, worry sounding through his voice.

"Mugen, activate." Kanda said, not listening to him at all, but instead running his fingers along the blade.

"K-kanda?" Allen asked, also very worried sounding.

"First illusion: Hell's Insects!" And he sent them after the other exorcists.

"Kanda, you demon!" Allen and Lavi yelled at him "I don't care anymore! Let's just leave his sorry ass behind!"

"Uhm, you guys, Kanda's just-" Lenalee tried saying, but he cut her off with a sigh.

"And now you're just gonna sigh at us?!" Allen and Lavi yelled together again. "Come on you guys, let's go."

They went through the next door, looking behind at the first friend they would have to leave behind.

"He'll be alright; do you really think Yuu-chan would just die on us like that?" Lavi consoled Lenalee who was having considerably more regrets about leaving him than the rest of the group did.

"You'll see, Lenalee, in a little while, Kanda will be walking through that door, but we have to keep moving on." Allen did a better job at making her feel better.

And so the dwindling group of exorcists (and Chaoji) left Kanda behind to deal with Skinn.

"Finally, they're gone; I thought they would never leave. So, Exorcist, which of us will be going through that door?" Skinn asked, finishing off a piece of candy.

"Who can tell?" Kanda replied, to softly for the muscular Noah could hear.

"What was that?"

"Nothing." Kanda scoffed.

"Do you like sweets, Exorcist?" Skinn asked.

"As a matter of fact," a small smirk took a liking to his face. "I hate them." He told the Noah coldly.

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