Chapter Three

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Allen opened his eyes slowly, blinking at the people surrounding him. Lenalee, Lavi, and Chaoji all came into focus slowly, with obvious concern on their faces. But he wasn't looking for them. No, he was looking for a certain Noah, Road Kamelot. Why? Because he was having mixed feelings on the slight-bodied girl, unsure of whether he hated her or not. Yes, he'd hated her completely, or at least he had thought that for about the longest time, since he had met her in fact. However, something had changed within him, and he was quite unsure of how he felt. He needed to talk to her. So bad, that he could even feel a dull aching in his head…or was that this Noah that seemed to be taking control of him slowly? Oh well, he had no way of finding out.

"Hey, welcome to the living again, Moya-" Lavi started to speak to him, in his usual manner before he had noticed Allen's eyes.

"Allen-kun…your eyes." Said Ms. Obvious, Lenalee.

"My…eyes?" Allen asked, deciding playing dumb would be better than telling them that he was going to be taken over by a Noah at any given moment.

"They're golden!" Chaoji nearly screamed, looking ready to cry.

Look up, Allen~ He then heard, a voice inside his head that sounded strange, almost melancholy. You'll find what you're looking for~ He suddenly also had an extreme urge to look up towards the rafters, which he did, his bright eyes resting on a slight-bodied figure he immediately recognized as the Noah of Dreams, Road Kamelot.

"Road…" He said breathily, releasing a breath he hadn't realized he was holding.

He supposed that she could tell she was being sought, as she commanded Lero to take her down to the Exorcists waiting at the floor. "Looking for me, Allen?"

"As a matter of fact, yes I was, Road." He spoke coldly, as if trying to reassure himself he still had no feelings except hate for the girl in front of him except for hate. "Why did you…kiss me?"

"Because, silly, I wanted to~" She practically sang, her voices ringing in his ears, making his cheeks flush slightly.

"And here I was, thinking that the only thing you ever wanted to do was torture and murder innocent humans." Said Chaoji, oblivious to the fact Allen was silently in a form of bliss as he slowly realized his own romantic feelings.

"Perhaps that's what I'm doing now, you'd never know." Her tone was cold, however her own eyes, that matched Allen's for the moment betrayed her.

Yes, this is good~ Keep up the conversation, my host~ Allen was truly scared of his own mind, having no idea what on Earth this Noah was even talking about. Does it approve of not of his feelings for the girl Noah, was it simply using this to take him over? Again, he had no idea. None whatsoever.

"Road…why are you doing this to us?!" Spoken by Lenalee, her emotions for her friend overwhelming, and Road stood there, looking a tad dumbfounded.

"Why, Lenalee, didn't I explain this to you already? It's fun, and I wanted to. I bet even if you wanted to do something, you wouldn't, because of your overprotective brother, Komui, is it?"

"He has nothing to do with this…"

And in the midst of this argument between the two girls, Allen was battling his inner demon, the 14th, also known as Neah. He was simply confusing Allen. Extremely confusing to say the least.

"Will you two just stop?! We're all having crises right now, ok!" His confusion had finally found his temper, causing him to flip on the company surrounding him.

"Allen…kun…" Lenalee was the first to speak, but still only slightly out of shock.

Allen looked slightly horrified at himself, as well. "I-I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me…"

"Oh, Allen. Don't let the voices get to you." She smirked, then floating over to Tyki. "Shall we continue what you came here for, brother?"

"Shounen," Tyki started, pausing slightly for dramatic effect. "Welcome to the Ark, once again."

"And what a welcome indeed, Tyki Mikk." Allen stated.

"Oh Shounen, don't be like that." Tyki smirked slightly.

"Oh? And what am I supposed to be like, then? Am I supposed to just, love you all or something, now?" He gritted this angrily through his teeth, but everyone noticed how he slyly averted his eyes from Road.

"Ne, Allen, why don't you just have a seat?" Road giggled as she gestured to the other end of the overly long table.

His glare at the floor softened slightly as he looked up and pulled out chairs for the other three in his company first, before sitting himself down at the very edge, seemingly to be as far away from them as possible, or maybe to be able to look at them?

"So how about we talk a bit, first? Get to know each other better? Road giggled, from behind him, where she definitely was not just a moment ago, making them all jump. Except for Tyki, of course. Then, she practically jumped Allen from behind, hugging him tightly as she giggled.

He pushed her off coldly, glaring at her as she hopped up to sit on the table in front of him. "I believe we already know each other quite well, it's not needed." And to answer this, she simply smirked.

"Oh, but Allen, you see, we want to know more about you~"

Lenalee, who was clutching at her dress and staring at her knees until this moment, suddenly popped her head up at this. "What could you possibly want with him?!"

"You would think it's quite obvious by now." She smirked, not even looking at whom she was addressing, but began to trace around Allen's eyes.

While they were all distracted by what Road was doing with Allen, Tyki smirked from the other end of the table, letting a few Tease out, and the butterflies went and set down on the tops of the three chairs opposite him. All but Allen, who had none on his chairs, looked up at them fearfully. Allen noticed this, then activating his Innocence, he pushed Road out of the way gently and stabbed one of the butterflies with a single claw.

"Tyki Mikk. I suppose I should warn you… If you try to hurt any of my friends again, I'll have to kill you." He spoke up, glaring at the Noah he spoke to. He then started to run down the table, his feet surprisingly not slipping on the slick tablecloth.

"I have nothing against you, Shounen."

"ALLEN!" Lavi yelled, standing up to chase after him.

"Don't interfere, Bookman" He heard, from somewhere up in the air, looking up to realize it was Road. "Tyki likes Allen, too."

"What..?" He asked, confused.

"Let's play, Bookman~" She said with a sick smile on her face.

"It's time for our final hand, Shounen" Tyki said, his ever-present cigarette hanging out the side of his mouth as he grinned.

Lavi looked around where he had been transported to with a quizzical look on his face. The checkerboard-like floors then had a figure that looked like Road slightly pop out. He hit her on the head a few times with his hammer Innocence. "Oi, where am I?"

"Why, you probably think I transported you to another place, don't you? If that's the only of my powers you've heard about then you're probably thinking that, yes?"

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"I 'transported' you to my own world, another dimension. I am the Noah of Dreams, am I not? How boring it would be if dreams could only take place in the known world." The Road figure giggled insanely, but it was just as she normally would, actually.

Lavi had a slight look of realization. "So when are you going to some out of that board and fight me?"

"Hm? I'm not going to be your opponent." He heard a strange, sucking noise coming from behind him. "He is."

Lavi turned around to see…another…him? "Me?"

Road giggled again, sinking back down to the floor.

((A/N: I'm not going to write the rest of Lavi's fight it doesn't really go with the rest of the story, and I'm lazy. So yeah, just remember what happens in the canon storyline, because that's all it would be.))

Allen practically rammed into Tyki's shield with his Innocence, being flung slightly into the air as he came back down to put another blown against him. However, he found himself against the ground, and Tyki was in the air, smirking.

"What are you thinking, Shounen?"

"I'm sad, every time we meet…you seem more and more human." He put out his Clown Belt and pushed up to where he was level with Tyki. "I wish all our battles could be harmless games of poker." He lashed out with his arm again, being met with Tyki's shield yet again.

"Too bad about the kid with the eye patch." Tyki smirked, "But you'd better worry about me." He then sent out Tease, but they were quickly stabbed through with Allen's Clown Belt.

Tyki then sent a crashing blow against Allen, and they were both vaulted outside the tower. "Try not to fall, Shounen."

"Be quiet, Tyki Mikk." He followed this comment by another blow, which was still taken by Tyki's shield. He started to realize that he was the only one being hurt in this fight, so he decided to use his Innocence as body armor against the Noah's attacks.

"Is that armor covering you? You look more like a white demon than a clown, Shounen." Allen saw a strange, pinkish lightning forming around Tyki's hand. "I'm going to enjoy breaking you…again."

A large, pink and black wall of energy formed, which slammed against Allen. He started having flashbacks of the night his arm had been torn off my this same Noah. "No…" He put his clawed-arm against the force, putting all his will behind it. I'm…not going to run! He thought to himself.


"Crumble to dust, Allen Walker!" Tyki said, with a sick grin.

Everyone could hear it, except Lavi, of course, and Lenalee spoke up first. "Allen..?" And her question was answered when Allen was limply flung into the box that she was in with Chaoji, making a large dent.

Allen looked at her, blood flowing from a fresh head wound, and his eyes were closed in pain. When he opened them, however, she noticed the were golden again. And the small grin on his face made it apparent. This was not Allen Walker.

"Hello, my dear brother." He said as he looked at Tyki.