The Damned

Chapter 1: Lust for Blood is a Sinful Vice [preview of the first chapter. see update 8/06/12]

"Be quiet you fool!"

"Why? What's up?"

"I said shut the fuck up…"

Across the street were two of them. They were the most hideous of abominations. Their skin oozed of pus, and the dried blood of previous victims flaked off their scarred cheeks.

No god was malevolent enough to bring such a creature to life.

No devil could have conjured up a beast more unholy than the devil himself.

It was a nightmarish demon cast into only the most frightening of nightmares.

"Well that's just great, they're blocking our path up the street."

"What should we do?"

"Kill the bastards of course."

Across the street from them, a katana was unsheathed. A beautiful blade forged from the purest of steel. Its radiant mirror-like finish gleamed of metallic perfection. The blade was flawless and untainted… unlike the individual who was wielding it.