O-kay, everybody! Time to begin the story I've had planned for a while. This first one's pretty short, but they always are. Here we go!

A Dimension of Giants? A Mysterious Door Appears.

Dimalanta Household

The sounds of wood clashing rang from the backyard of the Dimalanta home as Mason Dimalanta and Sheila Frantic clashed wooden blades against the other. It was a beautiful summer's day, so the two best friends were spending it doing what they loved: playing with each other. A cold, refreshing Purple Flurp sat on the table beside them as they rapidly swung their toy weapons. "Ye'll not get yer hands on THIS loot here, Captain Raccoon!" Mason exclaimed, trying to sound like a pirate.

"Arr, that's what ye think, but I'll be makin' ye walk the space-plank, scurvy dog!"

"Aw, not the space-plank." Mason moaned.

Inside the home, Yin Dimalanta smiled as she watched her son play with his best friend from the kitchen window, doing dishes. "Awe, aren't they adorable, Matthew?" she asked her husband, who sat at the table, reading a newspaper.

"Hehe. They're like a mini me and Marine."

"True. Good thing THAT didn't happen, though." Yin said, wiping her hands dry. "Still, with a friendship like that, you know they'll end up dating soon enough." The Chinese woman walked away afterwards.

"Whoa, save that for the teen years, Yin." Matthew chuckled.

At the same time, Dillon York and Leanne Grayson were also over, sitting on the living room floor and battling in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with Dillon's socks kicked off on the floor. The male shadowbender was unable to focus as a bunch of flies were buzzing around him, and he was trying to swat them away. As a result, Leanne was able to beat him and win the battle. "Hoo-hoo, yeah!" she fist-pumped.

"Ah man! Mason really oughta do something about these flies." Dillon whined, trying to smack them away. "What's their deal?"

"Probably because of how much your feet smell. You really oughta keep your shoes on." Leanne suggested.

"No way. My feet get real sweaty. In fact, just last week-"

"O-kay, don't need to hear any of that. Anyway, at least Ash is taking care of 'em." The two looked behind them as Leanne's shadow was trying to snap the flies in her hands and also eat them.

"Boy, shadows have weird appetites. Where is Mason, anyway?"

"Oh, he's outside, playing with Sheila again."

"Man, those two cannot stay away from each other, huh? Why don't they just confess already?"

"Because Mason is too shy. Even though they're just as obvious as your parents. Anyhoo, wanna keep going? Charizard is TOTALLY gonna kick your butt!"

"Not if good old Lucas has anything to say about it!"

Outside, Mason and Sheila kept powerfully swinging their wooden swords at each other before Sheila was able to make Mason's fly right out of his hand. Mason watched it fly off before Sheila swung her leg and kicked Mason off his feet, afterwards tipping her sword at him. "And ta Sheila go the spoils, eh?" With that, she took the Purple Flurp can and twirled it around before cracking it open, proceeding to have a sip. She then walked over and placed a foot on Mason's chest, holding him down as she said, "But as an act of good will, I present to you a gift." The wereraccoon reached into her back pocket and pulled out her own can. Mason smiled as Sheila stepped off of him, allowing him to stand up. "To best pals." She smiled, tossing him the can.

Mason cracked the can open and touched it to hers as he repeated, "To best pals." Both friends then proceeded to have a drink. When they finished, they both released loud burps at the others' face. The two of them then joyously burst into laughter.

Unknown Location

A team of human construction workers tirelessly sawed down trees in a forest and scared away animals. From the darkness of her quarters, the mysterious female being angrily watched this happen through her crystal ball. "Uugh! LOOK at those humans! Do they not care for ANYTHING?"

"Hmm, they are quite a sticky sort of bunch, aren't they?" the butler asked.

"I've waited long enough! It's time to drop the first of my Minish Doors!"

"Oh, well, that should make for some fun." The other lady said, still polishing her nails. "Turn them all into bugs so that other people will step on 'em, right?"

"Er, something like that. Anyway, I only have one, so let's start off small. Eee hee hee! Small!"

"Why not this happy couple?" the butler asked, showing the image of Mason and Sheila in the backyard on their crystal ball. "Nobody seems to be watching them."

"Ooooh, it's that raccoon girl." The goddess growled. "I HATE that raccoon girl! It's just so disgusting to see the result of a HUMAN mating with a creature of the earth. Drop the Minish Door on them NOW, Arlon!"

"Right as you say, Mistress Viridi." The eyes of the butler glowed a bright red as his blue-lit finger gently pressed a small button.

Dimalanta Household

"So Mason, didja hear?" Sheila asked as the two sat at their backyard table. "Planet Vaporia's started their own Kids Next Door! We should totally check it out, Mate!"

"Mm, I dunno, Sheila. My dad told me about that place, and, it sounds kinda scary."

"Ahh, that's what it used to be, eh? Where's your sense of adventah?"

"Mmm…" Mason still looked unsure.

As Sheila tilted her head back to have another drink, her eyes widened at the sight of a glowing green meteor in the sky. She wiped the soda from her mouth and asked, "What's that?"

Mason's eyes also widened at the meteor. The strange object fell faster toward the earth and crash-landed in the forest area, several feet from their house. "It… landed in the forest."

"Well, let's go check it out!" Sheila yelled, already dashing into the forest. "Er, Sheila? Wait!" Mason quickly ran after her.

Mason kept after his raccoon friend past all the trees before finally bumping into her from behind as she was staring at something. Mason stepped beside her, and both stared curiously as some strange double-doors stood before them, decorated with odd, forest-like designs. "Whoa… what is it?" Mason asked.

Sheila carefully stepped closer to the door, reaching out to touch it, and the doors suddenly slid open as her fingers were inches away from touching it. Mason stepped closer as well, their eyes transfixed on the swirling green portal that waited inside. "Blimey… it's some kind of portal." Sheila said quietly.

"I wonder where it leads…"

"Well, only one way to find out. Le's go in, Mate!"

"Hold on!" Mason grabbed Sheila's arm to keep her from going further. "We don't know what this is, Sheila. It could be dangerous."

"Danguh? Oi LAUGH at danguh! HA HA HA HA!"

"Eh hehe. Still, I have a bad feeling. I mean, doorways don't usually fall from the sky and contain swirling portals. What if it leads to some sooper hazardous dimension?"

"And what if it doesn't? Either way, oi'm checkin' it out!" She was about to step in again.

"Sheila," he held her back, "I REALLY don't think we should-"

"Ah, come on, Mate, what's the worst that can happen? We get lost inside some parallel universe with no way of comin' back? This could be the discovery of the century! Oi've GOTTA see it!"

Mason released a long sigh of defeat. "Well… then I'm going with you." He decided, taking her hand.

Sheila smiled at him and nodded, "Even bettuh!" The two faced ahead at the strange vortex and sucked in a breath of anxiety. Without another second to spare, the two stepped inside, and the doors closed behind them.

The two stood in the middle of a vast, infinite plain of the swirling greenness, wondering where they were. "So… where is this?" Mason asked, his voice echoing.

"Maybe there's some kind of a secret entrance." Sheila whispered.

"Either way, this is making me dizzy. Let's find wherever this leads and head back ASA- Whooooaaaa…" The entire dimension began moving around in a slow, wavy motion.

"Oooof… I'm gettin' sick, Mate…"

"We shouldn't've had that… Purple Flurp… Ulp…"

Back at the house

Yin gathered some clothes into a laundry basket and held it up as she saw Haruka walk by her room. "Oh, Haru? Could you go outside and ask if Mason has any dirty clothes lying around? I'm about to do some laundry soon."

"Sure, Mom!" Haruka smiled before hurrying to the backyard.

Unknown jungle area

Mason and Sheila had finally made it out of the vortex, holding their heads dizzily as their bodies were bent over a little. "Man, oi'm feelin' woozy…" Sheila groaned.

"We shoulda waited till our stomachs settled." Mason said.

"Oi, what is this place?" The two looked up and viewed around the mysterious jungle. They appeared surrounded by towering, green trees, as well as even larger trees, which had normal-colored brown trunks.

"Are we in… some kind of jungle?"

"Well, I was right, all roight. This place is a BEAUT! Jus' look at all the places we could set up totally ripper treehouses!"

"I dunno, Sheila, I feel like there's somethin' very familiar about this- WHOA!" Mason yelped and grabbed Sheila's arm at the sight of a tremendous ladybug several feet away.

The polka-dotted bug looked in both directions before flapping its wings and taking off. "Aw, STREWTH! Didja see how BIG that thing was, Mate? !" Sheila asked excitedly. "It coulda 'ad us for DINNUH!"

"Yes, it could've. I think we should head back, Sheila." Mason suggested, slightly shivering with fear. "Who knows what else is lying in this jungle."

"Ah, come on, Man, we only just got here! We gotta explore MORE of this jungle!"

"N-No way, Sheila! I'm gettin' out of here!" The Dimalanta boy hurriedly ran back toward the doorway. He tried sticking his fingernails in the gap, but despite all his efforts, it wouldn't budge open. "Oh no! It's stuck!"


"Huh? What was that?" Mason asked frightfully.

"It sounded like Haruka." Sheila replied.


"But why would Haruka be here?"

"Oi dunno. Le's go look for her." With that, the two friends ran in the direction of the voice.

Real world

"Masooon?" the poisonbender child called, walking into the forest. "Mom needs you for somethiiing."

Jungle area

"Oi! 'arukaaa? Where ARE you?" Sheila yelled out as the two approached an enormous brown wall of bark, which was the root sticking out of an even bigger tree.

"You think she's up here?" Mason asked.

"Le's find out." The duo then began climbing their way up the massive root, which wasn't too hard, seeing there was a lot of spots to grab or stand.

"MASOOON?" the voice grew louder.

"Yeah, I think she's up-" But before Mason could finish, just as they reached the top, a gigantic shoe stomped down on the root, causing a tremor that made the two drop and scream on their way down.

As Sheila shook her head from the drop, the raccoon girl looked up and gasped widely at the being before her. "Oi, look a' this." Mason looked up as well, his mouth growing just as wide.

Standing on the tree root was a massive Haruka, hundreds of feet taller than they were. "MASOOON? Mom wants to know if you got any dirty UNDIES."

"Ohh…" Mason blushed in embarrassment. "B-But what happened?"

"Oi, she's bigger than my HOUSE!"

"She's bigger than a lot of houses…" Mason stuttered with fear. "Sheila… you think that door shrunk us?"

"Ah, come on, Mason, doors don't shrink you. Oi'm actually startin' to think the entire world grew."


"LOOK OUT!" Mason cried, the two jumping out of the way before Haruka stepped on them.


"We gotta get her attention!" Mason decided. "Fly us up there!"

"Erm, okay!" Sheila wrapped around Mason's arms and began rapidly spinning her tail, slowly flying them up higher toward Haruka's face. "Oi, blimey, she's so big." Sheila panted, struggling to carry Mason up. "Oi wish we brought along some jet shoes or somethin'."

"Just a little bit farther, Sheila." As the giant girl stood in place and tapped her foot in thought of where Mason might be, the two eventually flew close enough to her face. Mason began yelling, "HEY! HARUKA!"

"OI! 'ARUKA! OVER HERE!" Sheila began yelling.

"Huh?" They somehow caught the girl's attention. Haruka faced ahead and took notice at the two before her. "EW, BUGS!" Without giving them a chance to escape, the goth girl clapped her hands together, smashing them inside.

When she reopened her hands, the two dizzily shook their heads as Sheila dropped both of them to the ground below. The two barely recovered as they held their aching heads. Haruka held her hands open and aimed down at them as she echoed, "Time for some poison." A tremendous cloud of purple gas emerged from both her hands and flowed down to Mason and Sheila.

"Quick, counter!" Mason gasped, the two immediately throwing their hands up and releasing green gas directly upward, able to hold the purple gas back and shield them. Unfortunately, the two were struggling to keep away Haruka's much-bigger gas, and the purple pushed through. The two quickly held their breaths as Mason grunted, "Play dead." The two kept their mouths and noses shut as they dropped to the ground in a dead fashion.

After a few minutes, the purple smoke cleared away, and the two squinted their eyes open. Their eyes and mouth widened with horror as Haruka's foot hovered above them. "Gotta make sure they're dead!"

"HARUKA, NO! !" Mason cried.

Without hesitating, the Dimalanta girl stomped her foot on the two and twisted it along the ground. "There! That should do it." The blue-eyed girl then proceeded to walk back for her house. "MOOM, I couldn't find Mason anywheeere…" The child walked away, leaving only a shoeprint in the mud.

And that's our story, Mason and Sheila are dead. NAW, naw, just kidding! So yeah, our new mysterious villains decided to test their new weapon on them. Next time, we'll try and find a way out of this mess. Later.